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 home of happiness Court Experimental School 403 Zou Wenli

  I in the second grade, had a deep summer, and a group of children with a cell having a great time,
everyone's faces are hung sweetly smiles.
  we met by chance, a small park in the community, although small, but still fun. Only play for a
while, we put people in the park attracted over, they looked at me and play seemed very happy.
We've been everywhere with full harmony and joyful atmosphere.
  rapidly shifted our location, like to infection as the work of the whole world so that the world is
full of this kind of harmony, allowing the transmission of unfettered joy (at the time were full of
innocence, do not know how big the world, is to take also take endless).
  very late at night, and we are very sleepy. We have an appointment tomorrow at the same time
still meet here, the common transmission joy. Soon went home, we must never forget that a good
time, sweet sleep.
  year later, we are immersed in the joy of the game that, but we grew up, the game is no longer
required to make yourself happy. Soon, we never see each other, and also feel very stupid idea
, however, see a news broadcast when many countries and regions, because they can not get along
and war time, it would be a good time, and faster speed transmission into our mind: to all over the
world before the atmosphere will not be in a war, but also nice to have a harmonious home that
  we hate war, do not want war deprive us of our yearning for peace of mind the world's people, let
us pick ourselves up again to defend the peace is satisfied more delicate flower, it blooms again, as
we create more harmonious home!

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