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									Applications at a glance
This table provides a quick overview of our broad range of hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids. It is a non-exhaustive indication of major applications
in which ExxonMobil performance fluids are being used. If you need more information such as product specifications or other available grades,
please contact your nearest ExxonMobil Chemical sales office. We are actively working to define the appropriate end-use applications which will
be used in the framework of the REACH regulation.

                       ExxonMobil                                                                                                          APPLICATIONS
                       SOLUTIONS            Adhesives          Agro chemical     Cleaning               Coating                 Extraction processes    Household             Metal working       Polymerisation      Printing             Non-VOC @ 20 °C

                                            Silicone mastic                                             Construction            Oilfield chemicals      Consumer product                          Other processes                          according to
                                                                                                                                Fuel additive                                                                                              Solvent Emission

                       Isopar™              Silicone mastic                      Metal                  Decorative                                      Air freshener         EDM                 Polymerisation      Liquid toner         Isopar N
                       • Very high purity   Isopar P                             Isopar H               Isopar H                                        Isopar M              Isopar   L          Isopar Range        Isopar G             Isopar P
                       • Virtually          Isopar V                             Isopar L               Isopar L                                        Isopar V              Isopar   M                              Isopar H             Isopar V
                         odourless                                                                                                                                            Isopar   N                              Isopar L
                                                                                 Dry cleaning                                                           Polish                Isopar   P

                                                                                 Isopar H                                                               Isopar L              Isopar   V
                                                                                 Isopar L
                                                                                                                                                        Insecticide           Evaporative oil
                                                                                                                                                        Isopar L              Isopar H
                                                                                                                                                                              Isopar L

                       Exxsol™              Adhesive           Insecticide       Metal                  Decorative              Oilseed                 Hairspray             Anti-rust           Polymerisation      Blanket wash         Exxsol   D220/240
                       • Low odour          Exxsol DSP Range   Exxsol D60        Exxsol   D180/200 SP   Exxsol D40              extraction              Foaming gel           Exxsol D40          Exxsol Isohexane    Exxsol D180/200 SP   Exxsol   D100
                       • Low aromatic                          Exxsol D80        Exxsol   D60           Exxsol D180/200 SP      Exxsol Hexane           Norpar 5 S            Exxsol D60          Exxsol Hexane       Exxsol D60           Exxsol   D120
                         content            Silicone mastic                      Exxsol   D80           Exxsol D60                                      Exxsol Isopentane S                       Exxsol Heptane      Exxsol D100          Exxsol   D140
                                            Exxsol D100                          Exxsol   D100          Exxsol D100             Pharma                                                            Exxsol Isopentane
                                                                                                                                                        BBQ lighter
                                            Exxsol D120                          Exxsol   D220/240      Exxsol D120             extraction                                                        Exxsol DSP Range
                                                                                                                                                        Exxsol D60
                                            Exxsol D140                                                                         Exxsol Hexane
                                                                                 Blanket wash           Concrete                Exxsol Heptane          Insecticide                               Water treatment
                                                                                 Exxsol D180/200 SP     de-moulding                                     Exxsol D60                                Exxsol D80

                                                                                 Exxsol D60             Exxsol D100                                     Exxsol D80                                Exxsol D100
                                                                                 Exxsol D100            Exxsol D140                                                                               & D100 S
                                                                                                        Road marking                                    Exxsol DSP Range
                                                                                                        Exxsol DSP Range                                Exxsol D30
                                                                                                                                                        Exxsol Isohexane

                       Nappar™              Adhesive                             Metal                  Road marking                                                                              Polymerisation

                       • High solvency      Nappar 6                             Nappar 10              Nappar 6                                                                                  Exxsol DHN 50
                       • Low aromatic

                       Varsol™                                 Varsol 60         Varsol Range           Bitumen                                         Varsol Range          Varsol Range                            Varsol Range         Varsol 120
                                                                                                        Asphalt                                                                                                                            Varsol 140
                                                                                                        Varsol 60
                                                                                                        Varsol 80

                       Solvesso™                               Solvesso 200 ND   Solvesso 150           Industrial              Oilfield refinery                                                 Foundry resin                            Solvesso 200
                       • Pure aromatic                         Solvesso 150 ND                          Solvesso 150 &150 ND    chemical                                                          Solvesso 150 ND                          & 200 ND

                       • High solvency                         Solvesso 100 S                           Solvesso 200 & 200 ND   Fuel additive                                                     Solvesso 200 ND
                                                                                                        Solvesso 100            Solvesso 150 & 150 ND
Application specific

                       Escaid™                                                                                                  Drilling mud oil        Portable heater       Aluminium rolling   EPS                 Offset
                       Exxon™ CF & CFX                                                                                          Escaid 110              Exxon CF Range        Somentor Range      Polyurethane        Heatset
                       Exx-Print™                                                                                               Escaid 120              Exxon CFX Range                           Exxsol Pentane      Exx-Print Range
                       Exxsol™ Pentane                                                                                                                                                            Range
                       Somentor™                                                                                                Metal extraction
                                                                                                                                Escaid Range

                       IPA/MEK              MEK                                  MEK                    Industrial              De-waxing               De-icing                                                      Ink jet
                       • High purity                                             IPA                    MEK                     MEK                     Window cleaner                                                MEK
                       • IPA Pharma                                                                     IPA                                             Rubbing alcohol

                         complies                                                                                                                       IPA                                                           Wetting agent for
                         with EU/US                                                                                                                                                                                   offset
                         pharmacopoeia                                                                                                                                                                                IPA

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