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                                     Why Conserve?
                                     This fact sheet provides an overview of why water conservation is important for
                                     our region, our environment, for future generations, and for your pocketbook.

                                            Watersheds: The Source of Our Water
                                            The region’s fresh supply water comes primarily from two sources: the Cedar

                                            River Watershed and the Tolt River Watershed, both located in eastern King
                                            County. The watersheds are large, uninhabited areas of land that gather and
                                            store rain and snowmelt. Year-round, 26 cities and water districts (see back of
                                            this sheet) rely on a limited supply of stored water from these two sources to
                                            meet most of the daily needs of business, government, institutions, and 1.3 million people
  S AV I N G WAT E R                        in our region. In addition to providing clean, clear, reliable drinking water, the watersheds
                                            also provide habitat for fish and wildlife.
   PA RT N E R S H I P

                                     A Finite Supply
                                     Around Puget Sound, you don’t need to go very far before running into a source of water.
                                     However, our supply of clean drinking water is limited. Taking actions to use this
                                     precious resource wisely will ensure that we all have enough fresh drinking water for
                                     ourselves and future generations.

                                     Water for People, Salmon, and Other Creatures
                                     In the Cedar River Watershed alone, over 60 animal species rely on water to sustain life.
                                     With some salmon species now listed as Endangered Species, it is important for each of us
                                     to take steps to ensure their survival. Water conservation helps achieve that goal by
                                     making sure the needs of people do not have to compete with the needs of fish.

                                     Supply vs. Demand:
                                                                                                           How to Conserve Water
                                     A Growing Population                                                  • Install a 1.6 gallon toilet
                                     In our region, it rains a lot more in the fall, winter,               • Buy a water-efficient
                                     and spring than it does in the summer. People use                       washing machine
                                     water in the summer for activities such as watering                   • Repair leaks
                                     the lawn/garden and washing the car. Every year,                      • Reduce water use in the
                                                     place to ensure that the amount of
                                     planning                         yard and garden
                                     melting snow and water in the watersheds will be                      • Wash Full loads
                                     sufficient to meet water needs until the rains return                 • Shorten shower time
                                     in the fall. Year-round conservation helps guarantee                  • Reduce faucet water use
                                     there will be enough water for everyone, all year                     • Don’t waste water outdoors
                                     long. Since 1990, conservation has helped reduce                                                                                                    206-684-SAVE (684-7283)
 Printed on paper made from 100% recycled fibers and including 30% post-consumer waste.                              For TTY assistance please call 206-233-7241

                                     the amount of water each of us uses every day. Continued efforts in water conservation
                                     will help assure water supplies through 2010 and beyond.

                                     Delaying the Need for                                      It’s in Your Hands
                                     New Water Supplies                                         We all make decisions about how
                                     Conserving water now can keep down the costs               much water we use. Every person
                           TM        of developing new sources of water. Conservation           in the region uses an average of
                                     stretches our water supply, helping our region             over 80 gallons of this precious
                                     sustain us during the long time-frame it takes to          resource each day. Be careful
                                     develop new sources of supply.                             about your use of water by using it
                                                                                                wisely, and help conserve whenever
                                                                                                and wherever possible.
BY Y OUR L OCAL                         It’s About Money, Too
W ATER P ROVIDERS                       Water conservation can help in the pocketbook. Many of the simple actions you can
Cedar River
Water & Sewer District                  take such as using water wisely outdoors and taking shorter showers are free, easy to do,
                                        and save you money. Other actions such as buying a resource-efficient washing machine,
City of Bothell
                                        installing a low-volume showerhead, or a water-efficient toilet will cost you money
City of Duvall
                                        up-front but will more than pay for themselves in just a few years (much sooner in the
City of Mercer Island                   case of a new showerhead).

Coal Creek Utility District          What Global Warming Has to do With it
Highline Water District
                                     Global warming is the warming of our earth due to the burning of fossil fuels. Human
King County Water District No. 20
                                     activities such as driving automobiles and generating electricity from coal or natural gas
King County Water District No. 45
King County Water District No. 49
                                     contribute to global warming. Scientists have shown that the Earth’s climate is getting
King County Water District No. 90    warmer due to global warming, but there continues to be dispute over what the future
King County Water District No. 119   will bring. The uncertainty of the consequences of global warming provides an additional
King County Water District No. 125   reason to conserve water. Temperature increases in the atmosphere can impact the
                                     amount of snow and rain falling on our mountain water sources. Since our water supply
Northshore Utility District
                                     relies on the collection of snow that melts throughout the spring and summer, any
Olympic View
Water & Sewer District               increase in the rate the snow melts could result in less water for our region during the
Seattle Public Utilities             critical summer months.
Shoreline Water District

Soos Creek
                                     About the Saving Water Partnership
Water & Sewer District               The 18 local water providers listed on this page are working in partnership to help all of
Woodinville Water District           us conserve water. Each of us uses water a little differently; some of us water the lawn,
                                     many of our homes have water leaks, even more of us have old toilets that use more than
                                                     flush. The Partnership offers educational
                                     1.6 gallons programs, financial incentives
                                     and special promotions to help make everyone aware of their own particular opportunities
                                     to conserve.
                                     Thank you for everything you’re doing to conserve water. For more information, please
                                     call (206) 684-SAVE (684-7283) or visit

                                                                                                                                      #82333 10/02

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