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2010 Aerobics World Championships Finals - Day 1 Individual Women


Aerobics is with "aerobic exercise" feature of the exercises, that is the accompaniment of music, able to exercise the whole body fitness. It must also be a continuous exercise for at least 12 minutes or more. Aerobics is an exercise intensity are appropriate gymnastics, very suitable for heart and lung function and muscle strength gradually increased, while ensuring that nutrients aerobic respiration, to avoid the body's "burning" waste.

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									2010 Aerobics World Championships

Finals - Day 1

Individual Women

RODEZ (FRA), FIG Office, June 20, 2010: After Nanjing (CHN) in 2006 and Ulm
(GER) in 2008, Brazilian Marcela Matos Lopez took her 3rd consecutive world title in
Rodez. Her competition was tough and came primarily in the form of Italian Giulia
Bianchi (2nd) and the indefatigable Angela McMillan (NZL) in 3rd.

In 2009, Marcela also took home the Gold medal from the World Games in
Kaoshiung (TPE).

A little farther on in the ranking, Spain’s Sara Moreno was hard put to hide her
frustration when she finished in 4th, just 5 hundredths of a point ahead of China’s
Huang Jinxuan, whose sense of artistic expression did not go unnoticed.

1. Marcela Matos Lopez BRA 21.800
2. Giulia Bianchi ITA 21.350
3. Angela McMillan NZL 21.250
4. Sara Moreno ESP 21.100
5. Huang Jinxuan CHN 21.050
6. Cristina Simona Nedelcu ROU 20.600
7. Denitsa Parichkova BUL 20.450
8. Roypim Ngampeerapong THA 20.200

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