Gemini Writer Instructions by jasminebyrd


									                 Gemini Writer Instructions
The Gemini paperless electronic writer will automatically connect to your
software program (CAT software) if you have made the correct selection for the
writer. Once you set up your program with your name on the directory (in either
ProCAT, GlobalCAT, or CATalyst) and select a writer and a port, that information
is stored in the program and you will not have to set it the writer again. Your
writer is most likely connected to Com Port 1. If for any reason

Select the BOLT Baron Transcriptor X from the writer selection list (not Gemini)

These writers have no memory. They can only be used for writing realtime. The
green light is always on when there is power going to the writer, and once you
connect within a software program, the red light goes on to indicate that a
connection has been made.

If you have an assignment to write a file to disk and then READ it into the
computer, you will have to:
       a) read the instructions for reading steno notes from a writer into your
             CAT software so you can learn and understand the process, but..
       b) hook up in realtime and then turn off your screen so it is as if you were
              writing only to the writer.

If you have any difficulty, please 1) write a big note and tape it to the computer
indicating clearly the difficulty you have had 2) contact Vykki Morgan to report the difficulty (and/or put a note in my Inbox in
the lab.)

Please be careful around this equipment! Remember to log off, push in your
tray, lower the tripod if necessary, carefully put the writer as far under the table
as possible, push in your chair, and check your work area to see that it is back to
how it should be. Please leave the monitor on and the computer on but logged

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