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					Migration Instructions
These instructions will walk you through the steps needed to migrate two major tools from
WebCT to T-Square.
Part I – illustrates how to move content modules
Part II – illustrates how to migrate tests.

Part I – Content Module Migration
This process involves WebCT, a migration utility written by CETL, and T-Square.

   Export a WebCT module using the export feature in WebCT,
   open the CETL Content Migration Tool,
   navigate to the exported zip file and
   finally import the modified zip file into Sakai.

       Inside WebCT:
           1. In your WebCT course, click Manage Course or Control Panel.

                                      In Designer
                                      Click either
                                       Control Panel
                                       Manage

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          2. Click “Export Content” either on the Manage Course part of Control Panel

                                                          After clicking “Control Panel” you
                                                          will see five columns of options.
                                                          Depicted here is the “Manage
                                                          Course” options.

                                                          Click “Export Content”

               Or click “Export Content” from the “Manage Course” option.

                                                               Manage Course options
                                                               (full description).

                                                               Click “Export Content.”

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          3. Select a content module from the drop down list.
          4. Export and download to your hard drive (this can be done as one option)

                                                           Be sure to select the option
                                                           button as well as choosing a

                                                           Dropdown list of course

                                      Select the “Download….”
                                      option to save time. If your
                                      security settings do not
                                      allow this as one action, it
                                      will after the first module.

                    End of WebCT export steps.

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                Steps Inside the Sakai Import Utility Tool:

            1. You will need to download a zip file to your hard drive and unzip it.
            2. Navigate to the Sakai Import Utility in the ContentMigration folder
            3. Open the Sakai Import Utility.

The Import Utility only
has this one screen.
Once you select the
zip file, everything else
occurs in the

Read the four data
points carefully.

                                               Currently (May, 2007) this is the
                                               only button you need to push.

            4. Click the “Select WebCT zip file” button to browse to the file you exported from

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    5. The conversion will take place immediately. The converted folder will be saved in
       the same directory as the original file with the same name but with an extension
       (the word “modified”).

    6. You will get either a “Success” message or a fairly explicit error message for why
       the import failed. Call Stephen Rehberg in CETL at 404-894-7569 for interpretation
       and resolution of any such error messages.

    7. You will need to navigate into the “modified” folder.

                                                      There may only be the xml
                                                      manifest file and one folder. It
                                                      really depends on the structure of
The folder may contain other folders,                 the original quiz.
sometimes with the name “Resources.”
The names of the folders are not
important. Zip all the files and folders.

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   8. Select all the contents. (Ctrl+A)

   9. Zip the selected contents (right click). The new zip file will be the one you import
      into Sakai.

                         End of Import Utility steps.

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Steps inside T-Square (Sakai):

   1. Open your Sakai course
   2. Click on Modules
   3. Click on Manage

                                            Author view of Modules. Note also the
                                            Manage and View links. Sometimes you
                                            may also have a fourth “Permissions”
                                            link to the right of Manage.

   4. Click on Export/Import

                                                          Manage button or link.

                     Click the Export/Import link.

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   5. Click the browser button

                                                         Export/Import screen.

                                                         Click the Browse button to find
                                                         the modified zip file.

   6. Navigate to the converted zip file

                      Note the last final ends in .Modified_03-20-07_10_23-AM.zip.
                      You file will end in a similar suffix allowing you to determine
                      the most recently modified file.

                      Select the correct file, the click the “Open” button. Note: you
                      button may say, Import, Add, Save.

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   7. Click the “import” button

                                                          Back in Sakai, click the import
                                                          button/link once the correct file
                                                          name shows in the data field.

Imported Module in expanded view:

                                     Uploaded module with eight pages. This is
                                     the “View” screen which approximates a
                                     student perspective of the module.

   8. Repeat steps 1-14 for each module.

                           End of Sakai Import steps.


it is faster to export all the WebCT modules one right after another than to do them one at a
time. However, it is advisable to do one or two as outlined above until you are comfortable with
the process.

One you are comfortable with the process, if you have converted several WebCT files, then you
an import them one right after the other quicker than going through the whole process from

If you do not do much migration, then it is advisable to follow the simple steps 1-14 above. Even
doing them without shortcuts, you should be able to export, modify, and import a file in only a
couple of minutes.

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Part II – Tests and Quizzes
Overview: This process involves Respondus (GT has a site license, and the license, installation
and program itself are in the course 225 Best Practices>Resources), a migration/conversion
utility written by CETL, and T-Square. The Respondus materials have to be behind a password
to comply with our site license. When you login, go to MyWorkspace>Membership>Joinable
Site>then join 225 Best Practices.

    Import one quiz from a WebCT course using Repondus (there are short-cuts that will be
    illustrated later)
    Export it from Respondus as an IMS TQ1 XML file.
    Open the Test/Quiz Converter
    Convert the XML file(s) and save.
    Import each quiz in T-Square using the Test and Quizzes tool.

    Caution: there may be shorter means from importing quizzes, but they either import every
    question as an essay question which needs to be changed one at a time, or they seem to
    import questions when, in fact, they do not.

    Steps -- Inside Respondus*

    Retrieving Quizzes:
    1. Open Respondus

                                                                   Select WebCT;
                                                                   CE 3x – 4x
                                                                   from the drop
                                                                   down list.

Click the Create
button after
choosing a

    2. Select “WebCT 3-4x” as the current personality (Respondus jargon)

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   3. Create an empty Respondus file

                                                                 Of the main tabs across the top
                                                                 Start, Preview & Publish and
                                                                 Retrieval & Reports are the only
                                                                 ones you will use.

   4. Click the “Retrieval & Reports” tabs at the top of the screen to retrieve questions (quiz)
      from a WebCT course\

   5. Click the “Retrieve Questions” option on the left. You cannot skip this step.

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                                                           On the Retrieval & Reports tab, click
                                                           the WebCT Server dropdown list to
                                                           choose or create a new server

Make sure you select
the “Retrieve
Questions” options
or you will have to
start this phase over.

              a. First time users need to set up a WebCT server connection.

                                         Choose – add new server – and follow the
                                         explicit instructions within Repondus.

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         b. Follow the Respondus steps to identify and connect with your WebCT server.

                                                                       Take your time and
                                                                       follow the
                                                                       instructions for
                                                                       steps 1-3.

                                                                 Step 4 on this page is a
                                                                 name you create for
                                                                 yourself. In nearly every
                                                                 case you will only be
                                                                 working with one server
                                                                 name it anything you like.

                                 User name and Password along with the remember my User
                                 Name and Password option are important. If you do not have
                                 Responduus remember this data you will be typing it in over
                                 and over. If you are sharing a copy of Respondus. have it
                                 remember your name and password, but before you leave
                                 change the setting back.

   6. Select your WebCT course

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   7. Select one WebCT quiz

   8. Name the Respondus file that quiz will saved as (step 4. on this screen)

                                                                 You may be wise to
                                                                 include the date of
                                                                 the retrieval along
                                                                 with make the name
                                                                 meaningful. If
                                                                 several people are
                                                                 using the same copy
                                                                 of Respondus,
                                                                 naming something
                                                                 Quiz 1 will probably
                                                                 overwrite someone
                                                                 else’s work.
   9. Click the Retrieve button.

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   10. Time Saving Tip: (After completing the whole procedure through at least one, when you
       get to this part, repeat steps 4-7 for every quiz in that course or courses giving each a
       unique and easily identifiable name. This will save you significant time later.)

   Exporting Quizzes from Respondus:
   1. Go to the Start tab in Respondus
   2. Change your current personality to “IMS QT1.1”

   3. You will be warned that your current file is for another course management system
      (personality in Respondus) and give you the option of changing to the current file type
      based on the choice you just made. Change types by clicking the “OK” button.

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   4. Select “replace current file” to over store the older version (of 10 seconds ago) with the
      new file type. The name will be the same as you named the retrieved file in the steps

   5. Select the Preview/Publish tab in Respondus main tab

   6. Click the “Save as QTI XML” button on the left

                                                                   Four steps all at once.
                                                                   1. Click the Preview &
                                                                      Publish tab.
                                                                   2. Click the “Save QTI XML
                                                                      File” option on the left.
                                                                   3. Select the “QTIXML file”
                                                                      option under File
                                                                   4. Click the Save as button.

   7. Select the “QTIXML file” under file format as is the figure above. (There are only two
      options; the zip file option does not work).

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   8. Be certain to save the file somewhere logical for you and where you can retrieve it in the
      next sections.

      You will get a confirmation message once you save. Double check the file and folder

   9. Time Saving Tip: (After completing the whole procedure through at least one, when you
      get to this part, repeat steps 3-8 for every quiz in that course or courses giving each a
      unique and easily identifiable name. This will save you significant time later.)

            End of Respondus retrieve and export steps.

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   Quiz Converter Migration Utility
   1. Open/launch the Quiz Converter from the nzipped folder labeled “Quiz Converter.”
   2. Double click the “QuizConverter.exe” file (ignore the other files). This utility is written in
      Python and it needs to operate with a certain number of Python files which are all on the
      CD. The converted files will be stored on your C:\ drive.
   3. You will see a black c-prompt type of screen for a few seconds before the Drag and
      Drop screen pops open.

                                                                         Ignore this screen it
                                                                         just leads to another
                                                                         more inviting interface.

   4. When the “Drag and drop” window opens, you can select and drag and drop all the
      exported Respondus files onto this screen. No limit but I would be prudent.

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                                                                      Two files to be
                                                                      done at once.

                                                                      Just click the
                                                                      “Convert” button.

   5. Click the “Convert” button

   6. You will be told to store the converted files in a special folder on the C: drive or have a
      chance to type in another folder.

   7. Click the second “OK” button once your folder is selected.

   8. Conversion is nearly instantaneous.

                             End of Quiz Converter steps.

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   Inside T-Square (Sakai)

   1. Open a browser and login to T-Square

   2. Click on the Tests and Quizzes tool (or add it through Site Info > Edit Tools)

   3. Click on the Import link

                                            Import button in the main
                                            or “Assessments” view.

   4. Click on the Browse button

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   5. Navigate to find your first converted quiz file, select it

   6. Click the Import button and wait.

                                  Name of XML file and path are displayed after
                                  selecting in the prior screen capture.

                                  Click the Import button.

   7. If the import is successful, you will be returned to the Author view of the assessment list.

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                                            The Assessments will show
                                            your new imported quiz.

                Note: if you import the same quiz more than once, or two
                quizzes with the same title, T-Square will add an extension
                number to the title of the quiz rather than overwriting it.

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   8. Click on the title of the test to proof the test questions quickly just to make sure they all

   9. If the test does not have a title, then click the “Settings” link below the missing title.

   10. Open the Assessment Introduction setting options.

   11. Name your test.

   12. Repeat steps 3-12 for every quiz you converted.

Tips on migrating quizzes:
   1. Following the instructions through completely for one or two quizzes.

   2. Prepare to take the shortcuts available in Respondus.
         a. Retrieve all your quizzes at once
         b. Export all your quizzes in one session

   3. Convert multiple quizzes using the Quiz Converter.

   4. If you have a student assistant or TA, they can do the Repondus part without knowing
      anything about WebCT or T-Square.

   5. Call CETL for any additional assistance.

                         End of T-Square import steps.

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Ordering Respondus.

Stephen Rehberg in CETL chose to use Respondus as an intermediate step from WebCT to T-
Square for several reasons.
   1. It could bring one quiz at a time, and with the time constraints that seemed a more
      prudent route than trying to convert the full quiz package that WebCT exports with all
   2. It was very familiar to him and inexpensive.
   3. There was no direct route between the systems.

You can order Respondus for $79.00. A department shouldn’t need more than one or two
copies on a central location or laptap.

Go to repondus.com

The following is a screen capture from that site.

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