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                   MONDAY, MAY 18, 2009 -7:00 P.M. SCHOOL BOARD MEETING
                              MIDDLE SCHOOL LIBRARY-MINUTES

1) Call to Order: Superintendent Bradley called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

2) Roll Call: Members present: Howard Kruschke, Scott DeGross (arrived 7:20), John Hueg, Kirk
   Lyksett, David Olsen, Jeff Redmon (arrived 7:15), and Kay Zwald. Also present:
   Superintendent David Bradley, Principals- Steve Sanders, Scott Woodington and Glenn
   Webb. District Office personnel- Jen Kirkham, Darlene Mikla; Staff: Nicolas Been, Zach
   Turpin, Dan Murtha, Greg Green, Shirley Arneson, and interested district residents.

3) Report of Meeting Notification: Superintendent Bradley reported that the meeting was
   properly notified.

4) Election of Board Officers: Superintendent Bradley called for nominations for school board
   officers for the upcoming year.
        Motion Director Hueg, 2nd Director Olsen to nominate Director Howard Kruschke for
           board president. Motion Director Hueg, 2 nd Director Lyksett to close nominations.
           Unanimously carried. Upon unanimous voice vote Director Kruschke was elected
           president. Superintendent Bradley turned the meeting over to President Kruschke.
        Motion Director Olson, 2nd Director Hueg to nominate Director Kirk Lyskett for board
           vice president. Motion Director Hueg, 2 nd Director Olsen to close nominations.
           Unanimously carried. Upon unanimous voice vote Director Lyksett was elected vice
        Motion Director Hueg, 2nd Director Lyksett to nominate Director Jeff Redmon for
           board clerk. Motion Director Lyksett, 2 nd Director Hueg to close nominations.
           Unanimously carried. Upon unanimous voice vote Director Redmon was elected
        Motion Director Lyksett, 2nd Director Olsen to nominate Director Scott DeGross for
           treasurer. Motion Director Hueg, 2 nd Director Zwald to close nominations.
           Unanimously carried. Upon unanimous voice vote Director DeGross was elected

5) Highlight on Youth:
   a) Gail Colligan, Chemical Health Prevention Specialist, Youth Service Bureau – Ms. Colligan
      described her credentials and duties in the SCC School District. She provides individual
      counseling, co-facilitates other alcohol and drug dependency groups, and offers
      education and information to staff, students, and parents. She is at the SCC district two
      days per week starting February, 2009.
   b) Spring Sports Report – Nicolas Been, Athletic Director, gave a spring athlete progress
      report. He reported on a successful spring sport season which included:
       Softball – Dunn-St. Croix Conference champs
       Track and Field – Host the Dunn-St. Croix Conference meet
       Baseball – Successful season with high enough numbers to have three teams.
          Golf – Successful season

       The Board congratulates all the spring athletes and hopes their season ends on a
       successful note. We would like to thank all the coaches, volunteers, and parents for
       their continuing support.

6) Public Comment: President Kruschke called for public comment from the floor with the
   following response:
    Tom Gillis –asked the school board to reconsider the hiring of a new science teacher
       without SCC experience over a candidate with SCC coaching experience.
    Andrea Hartline and Sara Liddle – asked the school board to consider the addition of a
       financial planning class.
    McKinsey Larson – asked the school board to consider the addition of seat belts to the
    Abby Heimel – outlined the benefits of the math resource room added to the high
       school this year.
    Steve Zerwas & Annie Sukowatey – asked the board to consider the replacement of
       faucets at the high school.
    Jesse Krizan and Casey Perry – spoke to the advantages of the ITV courses to students,
       but the difficulty with some of the equipment.
    Kristine Kattre – asked the board to hire students in the summer school program after
    Amanda Matacynski – asked the board to pay at least ½ of the cost of the advanced
       placement tests.

7) Communication and Visitors:
   a) Thank yous - President Kruschke circulated thank you notes from staff members.
   b) Communication for Board – President Kruschke had received a letter from the School
      District of Kettle Morraine asking the SCC district for support in their efforts to remove
      six policy items from budget consideration by the WI. Joint Finance Committee.
   c) President Kruschke read a thank you note from Hailey Rock and her family thanking the
      school board for their support of the girls’ co-op hockey program. Hailey played her
      freshman year with the Fusion hockey team which won the state WIAA Championship.
      The Board would like to congratulate Hailey and her teammates for this
   d) Presentation by 5 th – 10th Grade Math Teachers – Essential Learning Outcomes – SCC
      high school instructor, Zach Turpin, and middle school math teacher, Dan Murtha,
      outlined the work the grades 5-10 SCC math teachers have completed where they
      identified the Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) that they want all students to know in
      the math curriculum. The Board thanked the teachers for their report and pledged their
      support for this program and efforts to improve math education at SCC.
   e) Instructional Improvement Process –Anne Wallisch (CESA 11) outlined to the board her
      work in area school districts in writing grants and facilitating curriculum improvement.
      Ms. Wallisch has presented a three year plan to SCC school district for improvement in
      teaching and learning. Ms. Wallisch and SCC Curriculum Coordinator, Shirley Arneson,
      have guided the math teachers and will continue with other areas of the curriculum.
8) Treasurer’s Report:
   a) Financial Reports: District Accountant, Jen Kirkham, highlighted some of the budget
      numbers shown in the year-to-date budget summaries.
   b) Board Treasurer, Scott DeGross, read the treasurer’s report with a balance of
      $1,124,294.59. Motion Director Hueg, 2nd Director Zwald to accept the treasurer’s
      report. Unanimously carried.

9) Consent Agenda: Motion Director Redmon , 2nd Director Lyksett to approve the consent
   agenda (Unanimously carried):
   a) Approval of Minutes of Preceding Meeting – April 20, 2009
   b) Approval of Payment of Bills
   c) Approval of Resignations:
        Tonya Schmidt                   Community Ed Asst. Director         5-1-09
        Luke Fritsche                   C-Team Girls’ Basketball Coach      6-5-09
        Andy Johnson                    JV Wrestling Coach                  6-5-09
        Dan Rudd                        8th Grade Boys Basketball           9-1-09
   d) Approval of Contracts:
       Luke Fritsche                    Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach     9-1-09
        John Tackmann                   High School Science Teacher         8-24-09
                                        8th Grade Girls BB, Asst. JH FB
        Joelle Miller                   HS Instrumental Music Teacher       8-24-09
        Brianne Mehlos                  Elementary Counselor                8-24-09
        Chris Buckel                    Boys’ Golf Head Coach               9-1-09
        Dan Rudd                        C Team Girls Basketball             9-1-09
10) Administrative Report:
    a) Good Things Happening at St. Croix Central- The monthly Good Things Happening at SCC
       listing was presented to the Board.
    b) Student Enrollment Update- Superintendent Bradley presented the monthly student
       enrollment report to the Board which showed a decrease of 2 students over last
       month’s report and a loss of 5 since the start of school.
    c) Building and Food Service Reports- Principals Sanders, Woodington and Webb reported
       on the various events happening in each building. President Kruschke noted the food
       service report.

11) Old Business:
    a) Consideration of Contracting for Energy Management Service – Motion Director
       Redmon, 2nd Director Zwald to award a contract to McKinstry Essention, effective
       6/1/09 and renewable on a yearly basis, for consultation services for energy
       management. Unanimously carried.
    b) Consideration of Amending Contract for New Pupil Services/Special Education
       Director/Psychologist to 2 Years – Motion John Hueg, 2nd Jeff Redmon to amend the
       contract of Joseph Greget to a two year contract 09-10, and 10-11 to coincide with
       other administrative contracts. Unanimously carried.
    c) Superintendent’s Performance Review and Professional Growth Process – President
       Kruschke distributed copies of an evaluation process for the superintendent which
       outlined evaluation of six standards. Board members discussed the standard. Board
       members will do individual evaluations and then submit one board evaluation of the
    d) SCC Strategic Plan
       i) Education- Report on Teacher Professional Development on May 13, 2009. –
            Superintendent Bradley reported that the day went well for the teachers.
            Administrators are still looking at difficulties incurred by parents with child care.
       ii) People and Stakeholders- Update on New Staff Hiring. President Kruschke
            commented that he felt hiring practices were more uniform and successful after the
            board/administrative training sessions regarding staff hiring.
       iii) Community Outreach- Superintendent Bradley reported on the last
            Board/Superintendent Advisory Committee Meeting that took place earlier that day.
            Guidance Counselors Stuessel and Brossmer reviewed their programs at this
            meeting. He felt that the committee and their work was very successful.
       iv) Facilities- Director Hueg reported that they had arrived at a facility useage plan for
            the elementary school for the next two years.
12) New Business:
    a) Consideration to Amend HRA Death Benefit Language for SCC retirees – Motion Director
       Redmon, 2nd Director DeGross to amend the HRA death benefit language in the Mid
       America contract to follow IRS Revenue ruling 2006-36. Unanimously carried.

   b) Request for Short Term Borrowing – Motion Director DeGross, 2nd Director Hueg to
      authorize short term borrowing of $300,000 for cash flow purposes from June 2 to June
      15, 2009. Unanimously carried.

   c) Review and Recommend Meal Prices – After review of SCC food prices and fund balance
      – Motion Director DeGross, 2nd Hueg to keep lunch price tickets at their present rate for
      the 2009-10 school year. Unanimously carried.

   d) Review of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) for St. Croix
      Central- District Accountant Jen Kirkham reviewed the amount of additional funding
      available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. SCC has been
      notified they will receive $250,000. This money has been designated as special
      education funding and guidelines have to be followed regarding supplanting issues. 50%
      of the new funds will be used to offset needed transfers from the general fund which
      will free-up $150,000 for other uses. The focus will be on professional development for
      teachers. This grant just covers the 2009-10 school year and application will have to be
      completed prior to July 1, 2009.

13) Important Upcoming Dates:
   a) May 22, 2009 – 2009 Graduation at 8:00 p.m. at the SCC High School
   b) May 25, 2009 – Memorial Day – No School
   c) June 5, 2009 – Last Day of School for Students
   d) June 6, 2009 – Teachers’ Last Day
   e) June 15, 2009 – SCC School Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the MS Library
14) Convene to Closed Session: Motion Director Hueg, 2nd Director Lyksett to convene to Closed
   Session. Unanimously carried with roll call vote.
   a) RE: WI State Statue 19.85 (1)(c) Support Staff Negotiations
   Time: 9:50 p.m.
15) Return to Open Session: Motion Director Lyksett, 2nd Director Olsen to come out of closed
   session. Roll call vote with all members voting aye. Unanimously carried.
16) Announce Any Action Taken in Closed Session if Appropriate: No public announcements of
   Closed Session action.

17) Adjourn: Motion Director DeGross, 2nd Director Olsen to adjourn. Unanimously carried.

Time: 10:16 p.m.

Jeff Redmon, School Board Clerk

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