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Dear Prospective Sponsor,

It is with great pleasure that the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) presents you with the sponsorship
opportunity of the year. The ACHA is the largest collegiate hockey league in the United States and one of the world’s
best. Currently, the league serves over 350 teams from across the nation, with a membership of over 8,000 players
competing in three men’s divisions and two women’s divisions. As proven, we have one of the most efficiently and
successfully run organizations in the country and continue to lead the way for collegiate hockey.

The ACHA dominates the collegiate hockey market by providing the largest number of teams that players can choose
to play for in over 30 states. Not one of the other leagues in North America can offer as many options in so many
different parts of the country. This is the fundamental reason why the ACHA is such an attractive option for competitive
hockey players. As we continue to develop a strong reputation for housing competitive hockey in the United States, we
are now receiving invitations from teams in other hockey markets worldwide looking for the chance to compete against
our finest. This naturally creates an opportunity for our player membership to rise to the occasion and be the best not
only domestically, but to showcase their talents on the international stage. Our staff operates on a totally volunteer
basis committing their time and energy to each and every player who can learn the benefits of hard work, fairness and
team play in a competitive environment, while exposing our players to different world cultures.

In the winter of 2007, the American Collegiate Hockey Association will assemble the first ever Division 2 Select Team,
which will be comprised of players from both the United States and Canada and will be selected from the over 145
colleges and universities that are members of the Division 2 community. From December 27, 2007 to January 4, 2008
this team will participate in four games against squads from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic in
front of sell out crowds of 3000-5000 fans at each venue. This experience will be the opportunity of a lifetime for the
players chosen to represent the Select Team and will ultimately provide our players with an environment in which they
can become better students, better athletes, and ultimately better people.

Hockey is embedded in the heart and soul of all of the members of the ACHA Division II Select Team. We invite you to
help promote our passion through your corporate sponsorship. Ice hockey is an expensive sport primarily due to the
cost of the ice, officials, equipment and team travel. Thus, we actively seek sponsors who believe that athletics provide
a setting in which young men and women may grow into responsible citizens. As a sponsor, your company will receive
a tax receipt for your charitable donation as well as recognition in the Select Team Guide and on the team website. In
addition to supporting the social and athletic development of today' young student-athletes, your sponsorship will
create positive visibility for your product or service while demonstrating outstanding citizenship within the community to
your customers, staff and suppliers. We thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Mike Radakovich                                                                                       Paul Hebert
Commissioner                                                                                        Vice-President
ACHA (D2)                                                                                              ACHA (D2)

       ACHA D2 Select Team – 80 Rotterdam Drive – Glenmont – New York – 12077
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