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									Video: World Geography: Canada
     The Atlantic Provinces
What 2 Watch 4
1. What are the four relatively small Atlantic
   Provinces of Canada?
2. What are the Atlantic Provinces also called?
3. What word refers to navigation or commerce
   on the sea?
4. What are the major industries in Canada’s      (3:02)
   Atlantic provinces?
5. What percentage of the fish caught in
   Canada are from the Atlantic Provinces?
6. Who were the people from Scandinavia that
   landed on what is now Newfoundland around
   the year 1000 AD?
7. What were the French mainly interested in
   from Canada?
Video: World Geography: Canada
    Quebec’s French Culture
What 2 Watch 4
1. How large is Quebec compared to the rest of
   Canada’s provinces?
2. What kind of culture is in Quebec?
3. What was the region that is now Quebec once
   called by Jacque Cartier?
4. What was the name of the war that Great Britain    (3:58)
   defeated France in 1763 for control of what is now
   called Quebec?
5. What is Canada’s only province that is dominated by
   French language and custom rather than English?
6. What is Quebec’s capital city?
7. Many people whose first language is French believe
   that Quebec must do what if their heritage is to
Video: World Geography: Canada
What 2 Watch 4
1. What is the 5th largest city in North
2. What is the capital of Ontario?
3. What is Canada’s second largest province?
4. What is Canada’s capital city and what
   province is it located within?                 (3:37)
5. What is a series of locks and canals that
   creates a shipping lane between the Great
   Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean?
6. What is Canada’s largest city?
7. According to this video, what is the world’s
   tallest free standing structure on land?
8. What is the Canadian side of Niagara Falls
       Video: World Geography:
        Canada’s Breadbasket
What 2 Watch 4
1. What are Manitoba,
   Saskatchewan and
   Alberta called together?
2. What are the largest cities
   in Alberta and Manitoba?
3. What percent of the wheat
   grown in Canada is from
   the Prairie Provinces?        (4:31)
4. What fraction of Canada’s
   wheat comes from
   Saskatchewan alone?
    Video: World Geography:
 Canada’s Gateway to the Pacific
What 2 Watch 4
1. Most of Canada’s trade with Asia and the
   Pacific Rim goes through which city’s port?
2. Where does most of British Columbia’s coal
3. What fraction of British Columbia is covered
   by forests?                                        (3:48)
4. What are some of British Columbia’s leading
5. What creates a relatively mild climate in
6. Why can ships dock in Vancouver all year
   long, but they can’t in other parts of Canada?
7. What fraction of the total population of British
   Columbia lives in Vancouver?
Video: World Geography: Canada
The Northern Territories
What 2 Watch 4
1. What percentage of Canada’s people live in Nunavut, (4:07)
   the Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory?
2. What is a treeless plain in an arctic region where little
   vegetation grows and is covered by snow most of the
3. Where do cars drive during the winter in Canada’s
4. What is the average summer temperature in
5. Why were settlers first attracted to the city of Yellowknife
   in the early 1900s?
6. What is the Aurora Borealis also known as?
7. What territory was created by Canada’s government out
   of the eastern side of the Northwest Territories in 1999?

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