Examination of English grammar: syntactic functions of adverbs in English Examination English by fdjerue7eeu


									Examination of English grammar: syntactic functions of adverbs in English Examination English

 college entrance examination in English grammar Adverbs
 college entrance examination in English grammar: English adverbs syntactic function
 1. As adverbial
 Lookatthephotocarefully . a closer look at this picture.
 You'redrivingtoofast. You drive too fast.
 2. Used as a predicative
 Themeetingisover. The meeting was over.
 Isanyoneupstairs? Upstairs was it?
 Istheradioonoroff? Radio is open or closed in?
 NB In normal circumstances, when not used as a predicative use of adverbs and adjectives, as
can be Thewomanisbeautiful. But without Thewomanisbeautifully. Can Theclothfeelssoft. Can not
say Theclothfeelssoftly. Predicative adverbs in English as the main is the location of the adverb
form and shape of certain prepositions with adverbs, and can only be made later for a linking verb
predicative, but not for other predicative made after a linking verb, as can be Heishere or
Heisabroad, but can not say Heseemshere or Heseemsabroad.
 3. For object
 It'shotinhere. It was very hot inside.
 It'snotfarfromhere. Not far from here.
 I'llstayathometonight. Tonight I will stay at home.
 NB The object of the use of adverbs as very limited, usually only used as a preposition object,
and only some of that time and place of adverbs and adverbs are different with different
characteristics, such as here and there can be and along, around, down, from, in, near, round, up
and other preposition used together with prepositions to, but usually do not, stand, do not say
cometohere, gotothere etc. (Note: fromheretothere is the exception), while the table locations are
adverbs abroad only with the prepositions from used together with other prepositions 连用 not.
 4. As the greatest of
 Askhimin, please. Please tell him to come.
 Wemusttrytohelphimthrough. We must try to help him through.
 Sorrytohavekeptyouupsolate. I'm sorry, you can not sleep so late.
 NB In general, can be used as a predicative adverbs are used as the greatest of:
 Hewenttoseeherbutfoundthatshewasout. He went to see her, but found she was not at home.
 Hewenttoseeherbutfoundherout. He went to see her, but found she was not at home.
 5. Used as attributive
 Thepeopletherewereveryfriendly. Where people are friendly.
 Doyouknowthepeopledownstairs? You know who you downstairs?
 Theshopsaroundareverycheap. Something very cheap store nearby.
 NB In normal circumstances, the adverb used as attribute is always placed after the noun is
modified, if placed before the modified noun is usually regarded as adjectives, such as
theupstairsroom and theroomupstairs have said "the room upstairs "But the former upstairs front
for the adjective; latter upstairs rear, for the adverb; Again theabovepassage and thepassageabove
can be said that" the above paragraph, "but above the former front, the adjective; the latter above
rear, as adverbs.
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