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									                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

Position: Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist


The role of the Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist is to provide support by handling daily clinical
procedures, caring for animals and assisting the Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians in
their daily tasks.

Main Duties

   •   Perform administrative and reception duties such as answering the phone, booking
       appointments, checking in and out clients, receiving their payments, receiving
       shipments, etc.
   •   Handling, restraining and caring for animals undergoing treatment and surgery
   •   Performing various daily office maintenance tasks such as cleaning the floors and cages,
       keeping the reception area clean, etc.
   •   Providing animals with regular and medicated baths
   •   Assisting veterinarians with animals before, during and following surgery, preparing
       surgical equipment, administering and monitoring anesthetics and cleaning up after
   •   Producing radiographs, collecting samples and performing other laboratory tests to assist
       in diagnosis of animal health problems
   •   Administering medications and treatments under direction of Veterinarians and
       Veterinary Technicians
   •   Providing wound and bandage care
   •   Conducting specialized procedures such as nail trimming
   •   Counseling clients on animal health care including nutrition and home care
   •   Assisting Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians with animal dentistry
   •   Performing other duties as required in ensuring the clinic is running smoothly.

Skills Required

   •   Completion of a Veterinary Assistant diploma
   •   Experience working in a veterinary clinic is an asset
   •   Demonstrated excellent organizational, communication, interpersonal and time
       management skills.
   •   Ability and comfort with computer based veterinary clinic software and programs


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