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									                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

 BANNER NUMBER: A00031, A00037 and                  DATE:            September 11, 2003
 TITLE: Manager, Facilities Services                DIVISION:        Finance
                                                    DEPARTMENT: Facilities Services
 CLASSIFICATION: Grade 6                            REPORTS TO:      Director, Facilities


Under the general direction of the Director, Facilities Services, this position is
responsible for the facilities services of the College. The Manager plans, administers,
develops, implements, maintains and evaluates the facilities services provided to the
College community. This includes providing leadership, direction and advice to
administrators, faculty and staff.

Facilities Services specifically include: Health and Safety, Catering and Food Services,
Parking, Security, Mail Services, Shipping/Receiving, Telephone and Voice mail,
Building Services, Cleaning, Space Allocation and Room Bookings, Room Rentals,
Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Building Renovations,
Landscaping Maintenance and Emergency Preparedness.

The Manager acts as Fire Director and is required to be on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, in case of emergency.


This position is accountable to the Director, Facilities Services for:

1.       Providing facilities services to the College including:

     •   providing effective planning, management and maintenance of the College’s
         physical plant including space planning, renovations, leaseholds and
         improvements and cyclical maintenance;

     •   administering College contract services for parking, security, cafeteria, cleaning,
         landscaping and building maintenance. This includes all functions of contract
         provision from tendering and selection to monitoring and ongoing evaluation;
     •   administering facilities services such as telephones, space allocation, mail,
         shipping and receiving, mechanical, electrical and building maintenance, at all
         College campuses and select off-site locations;

     •   providing a safe working and learning environment for students and employees.

2.       Planning, designing, developing, implementing, administering, maintaining and
         evaluating facilities related systems for all areas of the College (e.g., facilities
         inventory system, room booking system, work order system, etc.)

3.       Tactical and operational plans for Facilities Services, and providing input into the
         Department’s and Division’s strategic and operational plans;

4.       Budget development and management for areas of responsibility;

5.       Providing advice, information and support to all areas of the College with regard
         to facilities related issues including providing input into the business plans of
         College departments to the extent that these plans have implications for Facilities

6.       Managing the human resources assigned to the Facilities Services Department.

7.       Acting as Fire Safety Director and being available, on call, 24 hours a day in case
         of emergency.


1.       Provide management, training and guidance to Facilities Services Personnel as
         required. Creates and maintains a team-oriented environment to ensure that all
         services and work are completed and the department is able to provide
         maximum service to the College.        This includes recruiting, selecting and
         evaluating staff using methods that are consistent with College policy and the
         terms of existing collective agreements. Administers the BCGEU Collective
         Agreement and represent management in the grievance process, as appropriate.

2.       Provide leadership, training and guidance re facility issues as required to
         administrators, faculty and staff.

3.       As part of the Facilities Services Management Team develop policies,
         procedures and internal controls to ensure compliance with Government and
         Ministry regulations, Worker’s Compensation Board and College policies. This
         includes dealing with management at all levels, faculty and staff and ensuring
         consistent treatment for all.

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4.       Recommends creative solutions to a variety of issues and conflicts including
         working collaboratively with managers and employees to promote proactive,
         problem solving approaches to facilities issues.

5.       Develops and implements strategic and operational plans for areas of
         responsibility and participates in the preparation of the Department’s and
         Division’s strategic and operational plans.

6.       Prepares, recommends and approves expenditures from the unit budget,
         monitors budget and expenses for the unit and provides input into the
         Department budget.

7.       Negotiates, on behalf of the College, contracted services for Parking, Security,
         Janitorial, Food Services, HVAC., Maintenance, Landscaping, Renovations, etc.,
         and manages these contracts to ensure they are meeting the needs of the

8.       Develops and maintains the College’s Health and Safety Program. Acts as
         College liaison with the Worker’s Compensation Board and works with the Health
         and Safety Committees to ensure a safe working and learning environment for
         students and employees and to determine training requirements for employees.

9.       Allocates space for both internal and external users. Develops and maintains
         space plans to ensure availability of appropriate space to accommodate College
         strategic plans. Works collaboratively with administrators, faculty and staff to
         assess space needs and arrive at satisfactory outcomes.             Works with
         administrators to ensure an equitable distribution of space to all College

10.      Represents the Department and the College on internal and external committees,
         as required.

11.      Manages and administers services for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning,
         and electrical systems on both campuses, including inspections, preventative
         maintenance, cleaning, adjustment, repair and replacement of energy systems.
         Maintains equipment records for scheduling of maintenance, ordering of repair
         parts and optimal utilization for resources. Monitors systems performance with
         continuous attention to malfunction and repair needs.

12.      Develops plans for the “Cyclical Maintenance Submission” through consultation
         with College departments and utilization of consultants. Implements and tracks
         all cyclical maintenance budgets. Prepares annual budgets for maintenance or
         replacement of equipment and supplies.

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13.      Negotiates contracts for building renovations, extensions and minor new
         construction. Act as construction Project Manager for these projects to ensure
         work is adequate and according to building costs.

14.      Assists with the development of capital budget projections for Five Year Plans,
         Major Project Developments and Emergency Projects.

15.      Updates and maintains the facilities inventory system in accordance with
         government requirements.

16.      Recommends interpretations of local, provincial, federal regulations/bylaws/
         building codes and their possible impact on the overall College operations.
         Makes recommendations with respect to College policies and procedures that
         are consistent with legislation, and other College policies.

17.      Assumes the duties of other management positions in Facilities Services as and
         when required.


1.       Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in a related area.

2.       Demonstrated facilities management experience at a mid to senior level in a
         large business or post-secondary educational setting including experience in
         supervision and administrative management.

3.       Demonstrated ability to design and deliver personalized training                           to
         administrators, faculty and staff as required in areas of responsibility.

4.       Demonstrated decision-making capacity together with an ability to ensure
         effective decision-making within a collegial environment.

5.       Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communications skills together with
         proven experience in resolving conflict.

6.       Demonstrated ability to lead and support the work of others.

7.       Demonstrated experience in establishing and maintaining effective working
         relationships with employees at all levels of the organization.

8.       Training experience and current knowledge of issues and regulations in the
         areas of violence prevention, Health and Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

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