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					Writing college entrance examiners about the restrictions and freedom of Composition

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 college entrance essay about the restrictions examiners and free

  a proposition , there are restrictions; to express their true feelings, they should fly soul; is writing,
always with presentation skills. What are the limits essay exam? Candidates enjoy the kind of
freedom? How to make the organic unity of the two?
  selection of examination has its many rules of the game, since their composition in which, of
course, subject to some restrictions. This is all the candidates have to face reality.
  CMA has requested syllabus requirements of the composition is mainly embodied in the
"consistent" and "Health", "substantial", "fluent", "full", "standard" words on. "Consistent with the
meaning of problems" is the most fundamental, because the test to eliminate the residential
structure, relay cropping, copying and other injustices;, "mentally sound" is a prerequisite for
spread of civilization; "informative" is the need for expressing emotions; "language fluent" in
order to prove the use of native language proficiency; "writing rules" to make people read.
  proposition of restricted materials, Ye Hao topic Ye Hao, half of Proposition proposition Ye Hao
Ye Hao, text, graphics Yehao both mean restrictions. In addition, the request is limited precautions.
After 2002, subject material, such as the requirements of text, said: "Maybe not everyone will run
into this life and death choices, but everyone often encounter, see, hear touch hearts to make a
choice thing. Then , how we choose it? they should make a choice? "Here are two question marks
not only gives us the scope of the restrictions, also pointed out the selection of ideas.
  score with details such as sub-base level and development level to the sub, the amount of space
to meet the provisions, no title to the offense, not to write essay format, the text does not appear in
their name, school name, etc..
, of course, rules are not immutable. Environment is now writing some changes quietly. An essay
in a language proposition "and the most dynamic minds in the" title. Where the mind moving?
One innovative. Over the years the language of questions, no major changes based on some of this
year, followed a year is normal. Only essay in the greatest change, from the perspective of change
can be said that a sample essay for one year. Level in the development of this syllabus also
emphasized the "new clever idea." Second, almost human, that is, candidates have to say about,
enthusiastic can express, felt can be made close to real life and understanding of the level of
candidates, will not let candidates difficult. Therefore, both candidates have mentally prepared to
face new proposition, nor fear of strangers and a loss.
  writing score in addition to the binding rules by the score, the community must not underestimate
the role of public opinion, public opinion in writing on the theme of the first two years and
appears to set the hollow, pseudo-holy, pattern had a slight tendency of many words. Present a
variety of training is always chasing the previous year's running hard to avoid the mindset that if
some of the successful candidates in previous years writing copy experience, I am afraid to be
ineffective. Others with Xiang Yu, Wang Zhaojun, and other historical figures for materials
received high scores, then you may make people annoyed; others use parallel lay out the language
or the form of Stories has won acclaim, you may be unintelligible to use. The development of
society in transformation, composition and evaluation of propositions is true, the candidate should
be familiar with the rules, but you should be familiar with specific rules, rather than simply the
  rule is a big free space, which we do not see or will not be used.
  theme should be determined to respect my feelings
  face of a proposition, we first understand the constraints in the premise should be wide open the
door to his soul, released for a variety of feeling, seize one of the most things as the core theme of
the article. Certainly does not evade from the life, social, philosophical, historical, future, etc., to
think sublimation. It should be noted not because the "mentally sound" and deliberately
overstating, not because of fear that they write very mediocre and deliberately novelty. "Health" is
for "sick", "vulgar" is concerned, it's the bottom line is not appreciated against the laws,
regulations, and deviated from the moral thing. The face of "quality of life of their own night," this
topic, it was fun to write to demand knowledge, it was fun to write the development of expertise,
some independent thinking of the beauty of writing, it was a sincere friend to write, no doubt these
are healthy. Parents also write avoided watching TV, Internet; someone to write the helplessness of
loneliness, stress and lack of expression of learning to communicate with all your troubles, it is
reflective sympathy. Of course, these feelings are healthy compared with the preceding, there is no
better or worse. However, if you write non-smoking, drinking of the music, comment the low
score is only itself to blame. In 2001, there were candidates with "good faith" stories, "I" married
four beautiful wife, and later because "I" lack of faith, they have betrayed the "I" Finally "I"
understood to be as honest truth. Theme is acceptable to ridicule material is too, too low score is
also a matter of course. "Profound conception" is the goal that everyone wants to be with the
proposition that it is not intentional and the other candidates against that obtained, and it depends
on the long-term accumulation and the correct way of thinking. Such as the "find themselves" the
subject was thought to "discover their own abilities is not difficult, can the social environment,
habits often times people involuntarily, it is difficult to display their talent," the depth, of course,
good. But most people will only recognize "a great space for their own abilities, to fully tap the
display, can create amazing value" or "see Bieren easy to find their own difficulties, people should
by all means self-contemplation." Most people in this conception is entirely possible, no need to
worry about crashes.
  selection may "think a Thousand Years, the heart You climbed"
  full content is clearly central to the performance of, or under specific topics should be rich
material. Writing Test selection is the most free paradise, a paradise on candidates in the talent
show fully reflect cultivation. Own experience, daily feelings, reading clinics, anecdotes, the
immediate reality, and future development, positive negative, ancient and modern, maxims and
aphorisms, metaphors ... ... as long as the data is consistent with the theme, we have as much to
take from the memory warehouse out, and then select the most expressive and fresh tissue to the
article being.
  presentation can be, "depicting the love of"
  what language? Choose what style? What materials selected? First, under the proposition, second,
their habits. "Try," "spiritual choice" for the narrative, "good faith", "rules" for discussion, which
is read from the proposition. But it is not absolute, good topic of discussion could "mind the
choice of" delightful and engaging, narrative's also good to let the "rules" flower. In addition to
discussion, beyond the narrative that the mainstream style, indeed necessary, diaries, letters, fables,
news, fairy tales, drama, novel, Stories, etc. are also available. But remember: If you fancy does
not stick to the contents of the form, then surely self-defeating. In language, nature, popular,
smooth itself is beautiful, elegant and may result in pursuit of gorgeous mouthful, obscure,
weighing every word is unnecessary. Raised on the idea when one must choose the material, two
to arrange the order.
 composition seen candidates experience and guidance of the class read the article than more than
writing, so some people are really facing some loss of the exam. Here, then added three points and
hopefully help you out.
 high score or not to pursue all (54 points) and even full marks (60 minutes) composition. Writing
guide are now out of Jiaoren fight, in fact out of control in general less than 5 ‰, how can
everyone get? Is also a marking pen scores were rare things. Most people between the scores at
40-50. If you usually have not had any color on the composition, then the standard set in 45
minutes or so on it. That was consistent with the meaning of problems, and have true feelings,
have their own language style of the article, this article "accidentally" may get hold of it high
 second is that if you suffer from a lack of materials to highlight their own habit. You do not like
sports? As you like sports journalist, Syria sports, sports meetings, meaning as long as the relevant
question is like. You do not like to hear × ×'s songs? View × × book? Internet-loving you ... ... you
can be their own experience and feelings in this regard with the proposition linking to worry that
the poor contents Evans exhausted it?
 third spot writing can
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