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					English learning needs of English

  English language learning needs
  study in everyday English, we often hear the discussion on learning methods. Some people say
that English learning is a slower effort, there is no short cut, it needs to continue to pay a down
hard. This view is certainly justified, but we must see any objective reality has its inherent
regularity. As long as we continue to integrate the practical English language learning, master
them, Using a variety of scientific methods, the purpose of learning English will surely reach.
  listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation in English of the five components, which are
both connections and differences between a whole, but the common foundation is the part of the
  recitation of words to achieve the goal is to master the pronunciation, spelling and meaning, that
sound, form, meaning. For some basic vocabulary to master the English language learners, this
goal will require revision. You can see from the various domestic popular draw little knowledge of
English tests that they are standardized tests - standardized mean? It means the answer of course,
the answer need to write just to write it in English significantly reduced the need to do little circle
to select the contents of the correspondingly increased, and some even choose the whole article.
Pen to paper to write the contents of the general only "writing", and "translate" the two, but
compared to other test items in terms of their demands are not high, we can by virtue of their
possession of basic vocabulary, plus specialized training to accomplish this goal. In other words,
to master some basic vocabulary later when we learned the words, you do not need to remember
its spelling deliberate manner, while only need to remember its tone and meaning. Only in this
way, we will study and practice more in line with the requirements of English language
examinations to recite word for the meaning and sound, we can also use some scientific methods
to do. We can be roughly divided into two groups of English words: local words and foreign
words. Local word is derived from the British Isles, the letters spelling within the five simple
words; foreign words is constantly in the history of the evolution of English among the incoming
non-local terms, their numbers must now account for English vocabulary Most, but mostly
compound words. Intermediate level of English language learners master the vocabulary now has
been with almost most of the local vocabulary, they are facing is how fast memory word outside
the compound. Compounds has its own distinct characteristics, that they were mostly "prefix +
stem + suffix" composite structure. The main stem and the prefix that the meaning of a word and
logic, while the suffix is a word part of speech major, said. According to statistics, the composition
of the English vocabulary, there are probably about 500 different prefix, stem and suffix,? From
them, a few to several hundreds of thousands of foreign words in English. The English common
words contained in the prefix, stem and suffix, but also the total amount to one hundred, one
hundred and ten thousand, five hundred to one and the hundreds of thousands, this is how
  combination of letters and in addition to composite structure in accordance with English words
and memory, we also promote the use of associative and comparative methods. Under certain
conditions these methods tend to be word memory the most effective and rapid way, and once
established, "link", life will never forget. Lenovo law is in accordance with known conditions,
learners can do all aspects of the word memory to getting from here, outside to the inside of the
reasonable association. Such as the "STAMP" We just need to remember the word "stomp" the
meaning, we can naturally associate to "cover postmarked", "stamp", "chop", "logo, feature",
"type" and many other meanings . The contact is stamped his feet and has a similar action covered
postmark containing all under attack with force and composition, as for other logical significance
can easily be introduced. Situation like this there are many in the English vocabulary. Comparison
is for a particular word, we are in memory when it should be associated with confusing words or
parts of speech brought together the various changes in form of memory, from general to specific,
pushed by the known unknown This can be done both to grasp the meaning and pronunciation, but
also to grasp the difference between their specific usage.
  for an English learner is concerned, the English word if he can do without real understanding, see
the form Concert, it can be said that he already has a certain number of words, in addition he also
needed a flexible mind and hard the spirit of learning. Ingenuity can make a person do the process
of learning English replicability, realize the law, the spirit of hard work to learn and can make
something of this law and continue to improve the continuity of listening, speaking, reading,
writing and translating these five kinds of basic skills in English, listening to the key is not to wear
a headset, but rather how wear, wear long. Some people are listening to Ray ducks, not only into
the ear into the brain; some people only three days of fresh effort, over time the headphones on I
do not know where, and these adverse tendencies need to overcome our attention. Listen to pay
attention to the persistent and authentic imitation, this will lay a good foundation said. First of all,
his style is derived from the imitation of the.
  is in close contact with the hearing, but the gist of it and hear it just the opposite: it is that you
dare to open your mouth, loudly, even if it is full of mistakes express your thoughts. Mouth the
more the number of English mistakes will make you less and less. Listening and speaking to note
the accumulation of some good with some typical usage is from the continuous accumulation of
normally come. Listen to and say another thing in common is that they have to master the correct
pronunciation of the word and standards-based voice tone, and only diligent imitation, practice
can ensure that you continue to learn a native of the original English.
  key to reading "jump", is that you dare to skip your current reading level a notch higher to read
the article. Here, English is reflected a person's courage and determination: the beginning of the
jump, you may encounter unexpected resistance and combat. But if you insist on doing it, and so
in the end, and English will give you the deserved rewards. When you re-read anti-back just
recently read your article, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that
  is your typical American as a leisurely read the newspaper in the town gossip of course, have to
have the jump certain conditions and proficiency, do not have the conditions have been eager to
jump or not to have the jump conditions are not right. As to the specific conditions of what is
needed to achieve proficiency in what you need to read our own practice in light of their own
situation constantly trying to find out.
  written text is only that of expressive form, a person's spoken well, his writing ability is
definitely not low. Speaking and listening with the same need to persevere. Because you not only
improve their English level, but also in the exercise of expression.
  translation is a combination of read and write, a person's ability to translation is built upon the
ability to read and write. But this does not mean that a person's ability to read and write very high
capacity of his translation will certainly be very high. The key to translation practice, because in
addition to understanding and expression, the translation also contains a lot of skills, but these
skills do not translate through the specific practice is difficult to grasp.
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