Chemistry is a chemistry experiment-based science experiments

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					Chemistry is a chemistry experiment-based science experiments

 chemical experiment is based on

 Fun Introduction to Nobel's father was the invention of an able home, go for chemical research,
in particular, like the study of explosives. Affected by his father, the Nobel childhood showed
tenacious and fearless character, he often went with his father Experimental explosives.
 1862 summer, he began studies on nitroglycerin. In an experiment carried out dynamite
explosion occurred, lab bombing without a trace, 5 assistants were all killed, with his youngest
brother did not escape. His neighbors out of fear, have also accused the Government of the Nobel,
has since been allowed to experiment with the Nobel in the city. But the Nobel indomitable, he
moved to the outskirts of Lake in the laboratory aboard a ship to continue to experiment. After a
long research, he finally succeeded in solving the explosives detonated, and this is the detonator of
the invention. It is the Nobel Prize in science and a major breakthrough on the road.
 Nobel Prize is a peace-loving people, he said "War is terror in the terror of all crime in the most
serious crimes." He hoped that the explosives used for mining and road construction, rather than to
destroy and kill people.
 Nobel Prize is considered the highest honor for scientists. But China has not a Nobel
Prize-winning scientist? Would like on you, let us work together!

 extra-curricular development of chemical in the United States
 chemistry can specific, good shape, the image of man perceived, intoxicating stuff everywhere.
Chemicals, chemical products, color state, such as the luxury of diamond crystal, the United States,
such as sapphire blue vitriol, mercury free and easy, such as pearls, bright soft acrylic and shape of
a red orange eggs of urea Huanglv Qing blue-violet, different styles. Chemistry teaching model,
chemical experimental apparatus, chemical production equipment, its symmetrical shape, color
harmony, the right proportion, combined scattered and, invariably show the beautiful shape, gave
the maximum enjoyment of the people the United States.
 chemical substance is a product of chemical change, chemical substances are chemical changes
in the United States and the United States to achieve the ultimate performance. The beauty of the
performance of chemical change in the process of color in its Myriad, strange deep, numerous
changes in the good image and there are rules of the internal results. Colorful fireworks festival;
beautiful color photos of the colors, lifelike; about to put out the charcoal in the set of cylinders
filled with oxygen in the resurgence of death, and a dazzling white light. Chemical changes such
as these bright colors, enormous, beautiful and magical.
 where there is life there are always chemical. Chemistry and Chemical products in human life
play an important role, not only embodies its own practical America, but also reflects the people's
pursuit of beauty. People pay attention to clothing the United States, use of synthetic fibers,
synthetic dyes, nylon, polyester, artificial leather, etc., people pay attention to food nutrition,
focusing on the deployment of a variety of nutrients, the absorption of trace chemical elements. In
order to beautify the environment, people with an array of plastic products, plastic flowers and
lush seasons, in particular, made of multicolored lights, together with that emitted bursts of air
freshener fragrance really intoxicating. All in all, no chemical chemical products not practical to
bring the United States. As technology develops, people's desire to pursue the U.S. chemical
industry will lead to new materials, new product after another, to further develop practical beauty
of Chemistry and Chemical products effectiveness.
 we should strive to develop their own good at finding problems, willing to study the problem of

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