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									Carrying a philosophy of question in a language to recite dictation test questions Overturning

  Questions in the exam to recite dictation
  "language curriculum standards" in the objectives, stresses the "broad understanding of the rich
Chinese culture to absorb cultural wisdom. concern of contemporary cultural life, respect for
diverse cultures, learn from the excellent culture of human nutrition "," enhance cultural taste and
aesthetic taste. "poem recited text dictation question as carrying this concept of question.
  look at the past three years, the language in exam questions, recite dictation Questions in the
following main issues:
  1, a direct-type dictation title
  This is a conventional type of dictation question, but also "the mechanical type dictation
question", which require candidates to write the famous article specified in the terms of the motion
masterpiece, or the last sentence of the next sentence, the following sentence on the sentence, or
write out the two middle. This is the lowest in a class of difficult problems, there is also a district
in the exams and all kinds of questions.
  Example: Xiandi not in consultative Chen Yi Chen dirty ,_______,________________. when the
world just. ("Look at Several") (Beijing in 2003 exam)
  Second, understanding-based dictation title
  dictation topic in the Questions in the proportion is growing. It's more difficult question than the
slightly larger direct-type dictation, flexibility is also strong number. Because it used to rote way
of deepening the detection step. Candidates must not only accurate, the original master, but also
on the text content of a certain understanding. But its answer is still unique.
  case of: "Look at Several" in the performance of Zhuge Liang, "Chongrubujing" The statement
is :________________.( exam in Chaoyang District in 2002)
  "moral support from many Unjust," summarized the decision of the three wars conditions and
relations between sentences are :________________.( Xicheng District in 2001 exam)
  3, migration-based dictation
  title such practice is new kinds of questions, the requirements of the candidates is relatively high,
it the writing of the accumulation of the classroom to link lead from the inside, the focus on
migration and pay more attention to test the flexibility and comprehensive. Candidates only have a
certain knowledge of when the reserve can be leisurely. The answer is rich and varied such
  case of: we learned the ancient poems, many poems written to the "month", such as "moon other
branches frightened magpie", please re-write the two with "month," the
poem :________________.( Dongcheng District in the 2001 exam)
  case of: "Rain" is the ancient poet's common features, such as "Weicheng Zhao Yu-eup, like dust",
please re-write the two with "Rain," the poem :________________.( Dongcheng District in 2002
  4, the use of problem-based dictation application
  lies, is a major feature of language learning, dictation question is no different. Only true test of
flexibility in order to accumulate toward the understanding of the content. The use of dictation on
the multi-type setting specific context, need candidates with Lenovo, the accumulation of storage
in search of them filled out just the right statement. Emphasis the use of such practice is a
combination of knowledge and ability, due to limited context, the answer is often of limited scope.
  cases: the breaking up, we may be little opportunity to meet again, but _______,_______, as long
as our hearts forever, why should they care about the hills and across it? (In junior high school
textbooks in school than fill in the blank verses) (2001, Chaoyang District, exam)
  case of: friends are, if you borrow Wang Wei's "to persuade more to make a glass of wine Jun,
west, sun off for no reason" and that two lines off, then the slightly sad, then borrow Wang Bo,
"Du Shu state government for a third term" in the verse, "" to express a kind of heroic sentiments.
(2001 Shijingshan District in the exam)
  5, the simple appreciation of type dictation such practice problems
  focus on the candidates feelings, attitudes, focusing on play to their initiative, examine their
initial appreciation of Ancient Man . There is no fixed answer to such practice, with candidates
their own preferences in selecting poetry statements to answer. Such practice is more open and
  case of: you in Class, or extra-curricular must have studied, or read some verses describe the
ancient spring, please write your favorite 2. (2002 Shijingshan District in the exam)
  dictation topic regardless of sub-types are based on memory accumulated for the fundamental,
and then to be understood on this basis, application, appreciation. The Questions in memory will
help young people in the heyday of their own ethnic language and culture since the construction of
the pyramid, and a lifetime.

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