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									           Bujumbura, Burundi
        C.R.I.B. Project Proposal

In Partnership with:
A.R.M. International
Be A HERO – General Information
Head Office:              #6 – 1155 KLO Rd., Kelowna, BC Canada
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Registered Charity Number: 87886 5609 RR 0001
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Wesley and Stacey Campbell, founders of Be A HERO, have a long history of
working for mercy and social justice globally, speaking at 40 conferences per
year. They have played a major role in other mercy organizations, which have
collectively helped many thousands of the worlds less fortunate. These authors
of four books, including Wesley’s most recent, “Be A Hero – The Battle for Mercy
and Social Justice”, have also produced 22 CDs, are members of the teaching
faculty of the Wagner Leadership Institute, and sit on various Boards. Wesley
and his wife Stacey live in Kelowna, BC with their five children.
Overview – Be A HERO

Be A HERO is a registered Canadian Charity with a mandate to educate, inspire,
equip and facilitate people of all ages to challenge them to “Be A HERO” to the
1.2 billion children at risk due to poverty, homelessness, child labour, slavery,
sexual exploitation, aids and plagues, and war. In partnership with proven,
seasoned organizations we fight to save dying children by sponsoring orphans;
building orphanages and schools; developing micro-enterprises; advocacy;
prayer; and arranging “Hero Holidays” for people to see first-hand the desperate
situation that many of our world’s children live in, and to help at an orphanage or
other mercy project.

Be A HERO was conceived to meet the need for a strategy to connect thousands
of people who have a heart for 'children at risk' to the ground-level organizations
who are actually doing the work – running orphanages and schools, rescuing
children from slavery, feeding the poor. Many times, people have a desire to do
something to help needy children, but have no idea how to go about it. Be A
HERO provides the compassionate with step-by-step directions on how to gather
those in their sphere of influence and, together, do something life-saving and life-

Be A HERO is structured in such a way that 100% of all donations for children’s
homes or projects goes entirely to the designated project. This is possible
because we have businessmen that specifically fund the administrative costs,
staff and overhead, so that every dollar that is intended to help a child at risk can
go directly to the need. We can issue tax receipts for both Canadian and US

ARM International

ARM is a registered charity with bases in the U.K., Africa, America, Rwanda,
Uganda, Kenya, and Senegal. It has a board of trustees.
David Ndaruhuste founded ARM in Great Britain in 1994. He died in a plane
crash in Eastern Congo in 1997 and was succeeded by Edmond Kivuye, the
International Director, based in Burundi.

The organization particularly targets the poor and most marginalized section of
the society with an aim of achieving lasting and sustainable development of the
people by improving their basic living standards, through delivery of health and
education services as well as income opportunities.

Primarily the national directors in each country run ARM- they decide what is
needed in their area and design and manage projects to meet the need.

ARM’s Medical Role
Among the countries where the organization exists, it is in Burundi where the
ARM is most active. The ARM-Burundi was approved and registered by the
Burundi government in 1996 though its activities began much earlier. ARM-
Burundi is an active partner of the Government of Burundi with whom it
cooperates widely in social welfare, medical issues, building programs and
supports through humanitarian assistance and socio-economic development. It
is particularly active in the provinces of Bujumbura, Gitega and Kayanza. In
education, the organization owns and runs two schools in Bujumbura.

The ARM-Burundi is a major player in the area of health. The organization
possesses medical facilities officially authorized by the Ministry of Health (MOH).
The MOH recognizes the strength of ARM in the field of medical care and this
has been exemplified by requests by the MOH for the organization to run more
health units in the country on its behalf.

The ARM is a regular participant in forums for health providers. The organization
has at various times in the past associated informally with WHO, UNHCR, Red
Cross and UNICEF.

The medical care provision of ARM is based at its two clinics: Jabe Clinic and
Rohero Clinic both of which are in Bujumbura.
ARM’s Educational Role

In order to increase the access to quality primary education and to improve the
ability of vulnerable groups to undertake activities that meet their basic needs,
ARM has established two schools in Bujumbura, one using a Burundian
curriculum and another using the British curriculum.

The results and benefits from those schools are: the provision of affordable and
quality education for children in the community as a means to reduce poverty

ARM’s Community Programs

The ARM-Burundi is actively involved in various rehabilitation and reconstruction
programs in the country. Community development programs are also provided in
some areas especially for the pygmies. ARM, through its partnership with other
NGO’s, provides specialized monitoring support in various rehabilitation and
reconstruction programs such as:

   •   Construction of schools
   •   Construction of refugees’ houses
   •   Building water points

Compassion and care is extended to the people living with HIV/AIDS, this is
being done by services extended through ACVS (its project devoted to AIDS

ARM provides care to orphans at its orphanage in Bujumbura, which is run by
Christine Chapman, under the project name of “Children Rescued in Burundi”
(C.R.I.B.). CRIB was started to help orphaned children at the onset of the war in
Burundi in October 1993.

Burundi History and Overview

Burundi is a central African nation with a population of approx. five million people.
It is situated right in the center of the Great Lakes region. Its bordering countries
are Rwanda and Congo. It is estimated that in the first week of the outbreak of
war approximately 150,000 people were massacred. It seems the world never
got to hear about this until war broke out in our neighbor’s country of Rwanda in
April 1994 and it is estimated that over 1 million people were killed in that

Burundi is a country still at war. The fighting has continued over the last 10 years
with many more people being killed and others running for their lives with the
result that the land is filled with many homeless, parentless, displaced people.

Approximately one fifth of the country is made up of orphaned children and of
that number it is estimated that about 600,000 are AIDS orphans, the remainder
are war orphans. There are many refugee camps that have been set up to give
some shelter to this vast displaced people group. C.R.I.B. has gone into these
camps, taking humanitarian aid and identifying those children who were
suffering, the youngest and most traumatized (those unable to stand in a feeding
line or hold a porridge cup and been left to die on the vast rubbish tips) and
rescued them.

The first C.R.I.B. house was set up and established by C.R.I.B’s founder and
director, Christine Chapman. It is a fact that young babies and children who are
badly traumatized by the war do not so well in the camps and many die. Our aim
has been to reach out and help this demographic group and up to very recently,
we were the only organization who were rescuing and taking in babies (the high
price of baby milk powder in Burundi being one of the main reasons).

The C.R.I.B Charity

                             Christine Chapman:

Christine is a qualified nurse and midwife from Great Britain where she practiced
and in 1990 came to Burundi. She was sent out by Cheam Community Church
as a missionary to establish a maternity clinic and dispensary in a rural mountain
area of Burundi. After a productive three years, war broke out and the work in the
hill country was brought to an abrupt stop and Christine was evacuated to the city
centre of Bujumbura. It was here that she rented her first small home and began
working amongst the displaced peoples in the refugee camps. These camps
varied in size from two thousand to twenty thousand people. The need and plight
was immense.

As war continued in Burundi and neighboring countries, people would flee for
their lives picking up living babies from among the dead and would find their way
to the camps. Unfortunately young children, unable to stand in a feeding line or
hold a porridge bowl were frequently left on the rubbish heap to fend for
themselves. It was during this time that Christine would make choices as to how
best she could use her skill and limited resources. She felt that her ministry could
be most effective with the small babies. Hence the birth of the first C.R.I.B. house
in 1993.
The work continued to grow, and became effective in the following areas: Small
babies, badly traumatized children under 6 years old, older children with younger
siblings, and children with physical injuries.

In June 1994, Christine moved to a bigger rented house. The work developed
and now she had 17 babies under the age of one year old. Between 1994 and
1996 Christine rented another two houses. Also at this time the World
Emergency Relief bought the large house
Chrissie was renting and they were able to build an all-purpose baby unit in the
grounds of her house with funds from an anonymous donor. The work continued
to grow, and she now has five houses and 50 children in her care. All the houses
are situated within two minutes walking distance from each other in an area
called Kinindo, 2 miles outside the city centre.

The country still has internal fighting breaking out every so often which affects
their lives and the safety of the children and so they feel there is a need to create
their own safe village environment.

The Situation to Date

~Land owned and purchased outright with a plot nearly two acres in size. A.R.M has
already built the security wall around the site’s perimeter, as well as a toilet and shower
block. This is the site of House 2 and the new construction is taking place here.

~48 orphaned children in care.
~Over 25 staff not including guards and cooks

~5 houses (2 are owned, 3 are rented)
~ Primary school which A.R.M. owns and runs
~Secondary school which A.R.M runs but the premises are rented
~9 seat mini bus
~15 seat mini bus
~1 Hylux truck
Current Needs

The original plan was to build 2 x two-story houses, each with 8 bedrooms. This
type of facility would be able to accommodate children, house parents, and
workers. It was decided because of space and economy, to join the two projects
together and build one larger 14 bedroom building, divided into two units; one
side for boys and the other for girls.

On the top floor of each unit there will be 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a sitting
room. On the ground floor there will be 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a sitting room
and kitchen area. Each of the upstairs bedrooms will have 2 sets of bunk beds to
accommodate 4 children per room in 3 of the rooms, with 2 housemothers in the
other room.
The downstairs bedrooms, on the boy's side, will have 2 sets of bunk beds to
accommodate 4 children per room.

The girl's side will be arranged in the same way, with one of the downstairs
bedrooms accommodating 2 special needs children and a house girl. A large
covered balcony surrounding the houses will be used for communal activities and
a dining area where they will all eat together.

Cost to Date at the New Project Site
      - $10,000.00 USD was used to build new toilet block and showers fully
      - $15,000.00 USD was used to build the security perimeter wall and clear
      the ground site.
      - $70,633.00 USD spent on new building including plans, soil studies,
      permits, taxes and start of construction (see photos) $70,633 US to date.

Total Amount required to complete the children’s home: $125,635.00 USD
Funds donated to date:
- Donations from Hope for the Nations, Be A HERO, and the UK total $60,567.00
- $9,000 is due to arrive from Todd Bentley ministry, Fresh Fire, for construction.
- $9,000 is due to arrive through Hope for the Nation from private donors for

Total still to raise: $47,068.00

The New Project Benefits
1. This project will decrease the overall running costs by two thirds.
      (Not having to pay rent, less duplication of staff)
2. It will provide better supervision and parenting for the orphans by creating their
own micro village.
3. It will give a better stable family environment.
4. Property ownership gives more stability rather than in renting properties.
5. Home ownership allows the houses to be decorated in a more personal way.

   Over the last ten years C.R.I.B. /ARM have had funding and gifts coming in
 through Partners, Child sponsorship, and churches and other benefactors. This
situation continues to be the same and stable. As this new project will reduce our
         current yearly budget we do not foresee future funding problems.
100% of all funds donated for this project will be applied directly to the
project. Be A HERO does not keep anything for administration. Be A HERO is
able to do this because the Hero Partnership and Pillar Program participants
designate their donations specifically for administration.

If you would like to contribute towards this project, we can accept donations by
cheque or by credit card.

If you wish to sponsor one of these children, please complete the attached Gift
Form and fax, email or mail it to our office. A partial sponsorship, which
contributes towards the food, shelter, and clothing costs, is $33.00 per month. A
full sponsorship is $63.00 per month, which also contributes towards the medical
and education costs for the child. The payment options for child sponsorship are:
     • 12 post-dated cheques or one cheque for the year
     • authorization for credit card withdrawals, either monthly or one amount for
        the year
     • automatic withdrawal (please attach a VOID cheque

Please make any cheques payable to “Be A HERO”, and mail them, along with a
completed Gift Form (see last page) to:
2304 N. 7th, Ste L, Bozeman, MT 59715

In Canada:
#6 – 1155 KLO Rd., Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X6
Note on all correspondence “C.R.I.B. Burundi”

You will be sent a receipt for income tax purposes early in the following year.

For information on other Be A HERO projects, please visit our website at
                                                 Be A Hero Gift Form

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I would like to pay by:
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 of the transaction. Options are 5th, 20th or the 30th.

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