2008 Hubei College Entrance Examination: essay writing typo to points Hubei by fdjerue7eeu


									2008 Hubei College Entrance Examination: essay writing typo to points Hubei

  Hubei College Entrance Examination Writing
  four-point syllabus changes in
  outline of this year's national college entrance examination language proficiency requirements,
test in form, consistent with last year, enabling candidates to ease Note. CMA has the following 4
points over last year change:
  1. "Expression of language knowledge and the comment" title, the memorization required "①
memorizing the pronunciation of Modern Standard Chinese; ② memorizing the shape of modern
Chinese characters", 2:00 were removed last year's "common" restrictions (expressed as the
Mandarin last year used the word commonly used Chinese characters).
  The changes mean candidates will have to increase the amount of literacy, though not test
complex, difficult, partial, strange words, but the test may increase the difficulty.
  2. In the "expression of application" in the "language precise, clear and vivid, concise, coherent,
appropriately," the last one from last year, transferred to the penultimate paragraph, and based on
last year add "accurate, clear and vivid" representation.
  This shows that in this year's college entrance examination in the trial highlighted the exact
problem, and strengthen understanding of the test. Join the "vivid" word will be examined up to
language literacy levels. This requires candidates to broaden their horizons into the contemporary
clear when reviewing the material, and this was exactly the same concept of the new curriculum.
This not only reflected in the title in imitation of sentence, also in writing, reading Title.
  3. In the "famous literary sense and Famous" of the memorial, ① The foreign memorizing
important writers and their times, and representative of the country. Last year, the two statements
is expressed together as a more concise, do not involve substantive changes.
  4. In the "writing" of the test requirements, this year has an asterisk Notes: 1 point deducted for
each spelling, repeated do not count. Proposed outline for the first time entrance points to the
typos, writing specifications to guide candidates.
  review of the proposed second round of review should continue to consolidate the same time,
outstanding issues to be tackled one by one, to master the skills of.
  1. Language based multiple-choice questions. ① voice recognition reading, memorizing the two
title characters in mind the number of training, as long as the accumulation of place, not when we
look back, to solve this problem easily. ② idioms clearly in the use of its general usage, some of
Judgments in dual-use of idioms to note. ③ wrong sentences. Wrong sentences to memorize six
kinds of types: word order wrong, with wrong, incomplete or redundancy composition, structure,
chaos, signifying unknown, illogical, etc.. ③ topics punctuation rules in use in the clear.
  2. Classical reading. Classical Chinese first to review based on the books, do textbooks notional,
past and present different meaning, fixed format, including the move, intended to move, the
moving comb so use some of the induction. Entitled to nearly two years of college entrance
examination this, in addition to make sense of meaning, the sentence will be translated, but also to
analyze the content of classical Chinese and classical Chinese in general to analyze the author's
point of view, attitude. Review needs to do proper title, language sense, summed up the law.
  3. Poetry appreciation. "Three Views" is to see topics and authors, see themes and genres, see
note. "Four Steps" is the first step to distinguish the body (question) cut, the second step to
understanding mood, the third step approach to discernment, the fourth step to chew words.
  4. Language (subjective question). The topic this year will test many aspects: the expression of
accurate, clear and vivid, concise, coherent, decent. Content will be diverse, but must stress the
practice, as in previous years, award requires candidates to write words, couplets, words such as
public service ads, which require candidates to pay attention to attention when the review of life,
the real tools to play the language function, when expressed paying particular attention to this new
  5. Composition. February tone language test exposed the problem-based is not strong and
moderation should be paid attention. In recent years, college entrance essay writing return to the
limited material, examining the topic more difficult than in the big topic of composition.
Composition of moderation must strive to "meet the meaning of problems," one should pay
attention to materials, keywords, straighten out the logic, figured out the problem intentions. And
to read to casual working requirements, choose appropriate style. This article comes from [the
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