Ying Guo 60 years to see changes in writing doggerel doggerel Ying Guo by fdjerue7eeu


									Ying Guo 60 years to see changes in writing doggerel doggerel Ying Guo

 welcome change in the National jingle writing

  ** County in Henan Province tuankou, Fan Lou, Cai Chuang, Meng Ying unite the community
residents, spread some "oral literature" - rhymes, sentence length ranging from purely verbal, read
rhythmic content is widespread interest in things. Do not look down upon these rhymes, it's sense
of the times it is also very strong, recently I collect and record some of the rhymes, to give readers
dwellers from the motherland 60 years of great change, to see changes in marriage, rural youth.
  cock marry, marry a dog with a dog, marry pole Kangshang go. Before the liberation, as the old
millennium ethics of feudal society, to bring the rural women, the spirit of heavy yoke, young men
and women can not own marriage, there is no freedom of choice. Founding of New China, the
implementation of the "Marriage Law", gender, marital autonomy, to fundamentally change this
situation. Epidemic in Henan Opera "handsome young man", "Li Shuangshuang" Most rural youth
loved the concept of inequality of marriage completely broken.
  nose paste rather marry the city, village to village cadres are not married. The early sixties, the
rural economy is very difficult, lack and want, at least the material is difficult to protect. Large
differences in urban and rural life, married into the city, at least you can mix a public account of
the grain supply. Therefore, the objectives of rural young women in mate choice, focusing on the
city as a means of livelihood.
  Third Plenary Session of the spring, has brought great changes to the rural areas, young love and
marriage in the jingle, it becomes quickly: "First, car-based, second, Chuk Yuen big, small white
face three to four To squeeze the pen "so-called" car-based "refers to a bike," Chuk Yuen Tai
"refers to a family man sideline," bitch "means beautiful instrument," squeeze the pen "refers to
the culture. Reflected from the doggerel in the idols of rural young women to choose the standard
is not high, but as before the ratio can be considered a leap.
  into the nineties, with the spirit of the culture-building, law-abiding households selected,
five-good family households, households spiritual activities, urging the rural youth of marriage
has undergone a fundamental change in concepts, jingles have taken advantage of the students:
"First, hang the red card should really only two or three to conduct the United States, 4 to Mo
defection." "Hanging red card" refers to a glorious civilization, the family brand; "has really only"
refers to the ability to really get rich; "no defection" is faithful in marriage, would like to make the
same forest birds fly together, life together.
  into the new century, with the frequent introduction of the rural farmer-friendly policy, the daily
life of the peasants has undergone a tremendous change in marriage of young women in rural
areas are also undergoing tremendous changes, from the pursuit of material into the politics , say
spiritual, talking about science. "Love does not see a house without money," blind date Preferred
Party and League Members, lawlessness step aside, does not and will not elaborate on the Family.
According to this marriage, since last winter, solidarity, Meng Ying, Cai Chuang, tuankou village
girl has 103 images selected to mind, well the wedding candle, became husband and wife. They
told the writer said: "The spouse is a great event, very rich can not buy happiness, high-rise
buildings for the couple not to love", as long as the ideas progress, good character, the house
almost, the economy generally, but the pair went to work together, and gas gas ratio and
consequently the stronger. Friendly reminder: This article comes from worry-free document
collection and collation, special thanks to the original author! / Center>

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