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									                          Atlantic Canada - Trade Mission to Brazil
                                             Rio De Janeiro & Sao Paulo
                          Atlantic Gateway/Intermodal – April 5-14, 2010
                                   Aerospace – April 5-10, 2010
                                     Oil & Gas - April 5-10, 2010
     The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Atlantic Provinces invite Atlantic Canadian companies to
     participate in a trade mission to Brazil in April. The World Trade Centre Atlantic Canada (WTCAC) will provide project
     management and logistics support for this first pan-Atlantic mission to the emerging market. The goal of the mission
     is to provide ample opportunity for Atlantic Canadian companies to gain new business opportunities while in Brazil
     through exhibition and conferences, business matchmaking, and networking receptions. The mission will target both
     Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The target sectors for this mission are Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Atlantic
     Gateway/Intermodal organizations.
     The mission coincides with an event targeted by the Atlantic Gateway team, the 15 Intermodal South America 2010
     (Sao Paolo, April 6-8) (

     Selected participants for the mission will be required to pay a $1,000 non-refundable fee which will be applied
     toward various items in the program. The mission program includes:
            delegate one-on-one business meetings
            group meetings
            in market receptions and networking opportunities
            information sessions,
            visits to Canadian Consulates and other support organizations
            exhibition (Atlantic Gateway/Intermodal).

                                                            Atlantic Gateway companies (Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro) -
                                                            participate in Intermodal 2010 conference and exhibition, the Santos
                                                            Port tour, business and group meetings, with logistics service providers,
                                                            receptions with invitations to key organizations in Brazil shipping sector

                                                            Aerospace companies (Sao Paolo) – participate in meetings with
                                                            Embraer and suppliers in Sao Jose dos Campos, receptions with
                                                            invitations to key aerospace industry executives, business and group

                                                            Oil & gas companies (Rio de Janeiro) – participate in meetings with
                                                            Petrobras and suppliers in Macae, receptions with invitations to key oil
                                                            and gas industry executives, business and group meetings

                                   Why Brazil?
                      Strategic location and market size
                                     8,514,876 km²,
                            consumer base of 190 million,
                   borders almost all the South America countries
                               Sustained growth
                          the world’s ninth largest economy,
                   GDP growth rate reached 5.3 per cent in 2007,
          more than 32% of the jobs created in Latin America in 2007 were in
                          Innovation and technology
            has the biggest and most diversified science, technology and
                          innovation system of Latin America
           competitive aircraft building, oil exploration (in deep water), and
                             software development sectors
excellence in the equipment production and medical hospital services supply
         67 airports with annual flow of 110 million people
         46 ports with capacity for over 600 million tons/year.
         29,596 km of railways – the eleventh world railway mesh
         1.6 million km of roads – the third world road mesh
Investment profitability
         received, in 2007, 30% of the Foreign Direct Investment for Latin America, resulting in a 99% growth rate
Work force and education
         economically active population represents 36% of Latin America total population, having reached 92 millio n
          people in 2007.
         16 million people have higher education levels in technical-scientific activities
         6 million registered students in technical and higher education in 2006
Natural resources
         The world’s largest producer of iron ore, ethanol, coffee, sugar cane and fruit juices
         One of the world’s largest producer and exporter of agricultural products

         Business opportunities for Canadian companies in Brazil

         Atlantic Gateway/Intermodal – ports, airports, logistics

         The 15th Intermodal South America 2010 (April 6-8) is the leading integrated exhibition and
         conference event for international trade, logistics, transport and cargo handling in Latin America.
         Intermodal South America offers over 450 exhibitors from all over the world, presenting new
         products, the latest equipments and technology innovation and a vast conference program,
         providing the unique opportunity and experience for more than 45 thousand professionals.

         Visitor Profile includes: Automotive industry, Petrochemicals/chemicals industry, Electrical industry,
         Machine manufacturing, Super marts/chain stores, Food and perishables, Textile and garments,
         Freight forwarders/3PLs, Road transport companies, Railways, Air cargo, Private transport
         companies, Maritime shipping and ports.

         Exhibitor Profile includes: Airlines, Airports, Banks, Insurance Companies, Customs Charter
         Brokers, Combined transport organizations, consulting, planning, advisory companies, Container
         hire and leasing companies, E-commerce services, Express, parcel and courier services,
         Forwarding agents, Freight centers/terminal operators General Sales Agents, Infrastructure
         Providers, Inland Ports.

         Oil & Gas

         With the new oil and gas discoveries off the coast of Brazil, Petrobras has announced a strategic
         investment strategy for 2009-13 totaling more than $175 billion USD. In October 2009, a
         delegation of Petrobras executives along with companies in the Brazilian Oil and Gas sector visited
         Atlantic Canada to provide insight into the opportunities and to meet face to face with our regions’

         The Brazilian oil & gas market has been open to private investment since 1998, which has attracted
         the world’s largest and most active international oil companies: BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Devon,
         Statoil-Hydro, Anadarko, Chevron, etc. With the recent discovery of the largest oil & gas fields
         (Tupi, Jupiter and Carioca) ever found in the country, in the pre-salt layer offshore the Santos
         basin, southeast of Brazil, state-owned Petrobras is now faced with a major technological
         challenge: how to bring the oil & gas up to the shore through the natural barrier of more than 6
         thousand metres crossing the pre-salt layer. More discoveries are expected which could add Brazil
         to the list of the world's largest oil reserves. The challenge is also a reality with regard to the lack of
         qualified and skilled human resources.

         Despite not being a priority sector for Petrobras, given that over 85% of the country's production
         comes from offshore fields, the onshore market offers very good, new business opportunities for
         experienced suppliers of equipment and services to the onshore industry. This is particularly
         relevant to Canadian oil & gas companies active in the oil sands business (drilling). Petrobras is the
         dominant player. The company has recently revised its business plan for the period 2006-2011 to
include massive investments in the onshore segment in line with a daring plan to double the
number of onshore wells drilled by 2012.

Aerospace & Defense

Embraer’s supply requirements are growing at a rate of approximately 25 percent annually. The
company must therefore continually identify quality partners and suppliers to meet its supply
requirements for an aggressive product delivery schedule. The companies which comprise the
greater Brazilian aerospace industry reflect this growth as they seek foreign suppliers to feed into
their supply chains, which in turn enables them to meet Embraer’s demands. Embraer has
emerged from its previous position as a marginal player manufacturing basic regional aircraft in the
early 1990s to an influential driving force in the world's aerospace industry, just behind Boeing and
Airbus and rivaled only by Bombardier. Privatization of Embraer in 1994 greatly improved the
business outlook. Its current backlog of orders is valued at US$21.6 billion.

                                  Brazil Mission – Draft Tentative Agenda

                                                           Aerospace &
         Sun. April 4           Atlantic Gateway             Defense                Oil & Gas

                 8:00 PM                                 Depart Canada

                                                           Aerospace &
         Mon. April 5           Atlantic Gateway             Defense                Oil & Gas
                11:00 AM                               Arrive in Sao Paulo
                12:00 PM
                                                         Transit to hotel
                 1:00 PM
                 2:00 PM
                 3:00 PM
                                                         Free afternoon
                 4:00 PM
                 5:00 PM
                 6:00 PM
                 7:00 PM               Information dinner & briefing w/ Canadian Consulate

                 8:00 PM
                 9:00 PM
                                                          Free evening
                10:00 PM

                                                           Aerospace &
         Tues. April 6          Atlantic Gateway             Defense                 Oil & Gas
                      8:00                                                        Flight to Rio de
                       AM                                                             Janeiro

                                                                                Travel to Macae (3
                                                                                   hours via bus).
                                                             Business           Briefing Session w/
                               Intermodal Exhibition   Matchmaking Program      Canada Consulate:
                        9:00                           (one-on-one meetings)    Doing business in
                         AM                                                      the Brazilian oil &
                                                                                     gas market
                10:00 AM
                                                                      Check-in hotel in
        12:00 PM
          1:00 PM
          2:00 PM                                                    Petrobras visit and
          3:00 PM                                                    Canadian company
          4:00 PM
          5:00 PM
          6:00 PM                              Free Evening
                                                Aerospace &
Wed. April 7         Atlantic Gateway             Defense                 Oil & Gas
          8:00 AM
                                             Travel to Sao Jose       Breakfast session
          9:00 AM                               dos Campos            with local industry
        10:00 AM
        11:00 AM
        12:00 PM
          1:00 PM   Intermodal Exhibition                                 Business
          2:00 PM                                                     Program (one-on-
          3:00 PM                                                      one meetings)

          4:00 PM
          5:00 PM
          6:00 PM
          7:00 PM                               Small Dinner
                                               Reception with
          8:00 PM      Free Evening                                     Free Evening
                                            Aerospace suppliers in
          9:00 PM                           Sao Jose dos Campos

        10:00 PM
                                                Aerospace &
Thurs. April 8       Atlantic Gateway             Defense                 Oil & Gas
          9:00 AM
        10:00 AM                                                      Visit major service
        11:00 AM                                                        companies (ie:
        12:00 PM                                                        Schlumberger,
                                                   Business             Novle Drilling,
          1:00 PM                           Matchmaking Program
                                                                     Transcoean Drilling,
                                            (one-on-one meetings)
          2:00 PM                                                       Oilwell Carco)
                                               in Sao Jose dos
          3:00 PM                                  Campos

          4:00 PM
                                                                      Return to Rio de
          5:00 PM                                                     Janeiro (3 hours)

          5:30 PM                                                     Check in the hotel
                                             Travel back to Sao
          6:00 PM   Intermodal Exhibition          Paulo
          7:00 PM
          8:00 PM
          9:00 PM
                    Atlantic Canada Reception @ Consul General
        10:00 PM                     Residence                          Free Evening
Fri. April 9         Atlantic Gateway                                     Oil & Gas
         7:00 AM
                   Travel to Santos Port
         8:00 AM
         9:00 AM
        10:00 AM
                     Santos Port Tour             Business
        11:00 AM                           Matchmaking Program
                                           (one-on-one meetings)
        12:00 PM
                                                in Sao Paulo
         1:00 PM                                                        Business
         2:00 PM   Group meetings near                              Program (one-on-
                         Santos                                      one meetings)
         3:00 PM
         4:00 PM

                   Travel to Congonhas      Travel to Guarulhos
                     domestic Airport       International Airport
         5:00 PM
         6:00 PM
                     Depart for Rio de
                         Janerio              Mission Ends
                                                                       Free evening
         7:00 PM
                     Transit to Hotel
         8:00 PM
                                               Aerospace &
Sat. April 10       Atlantic Gateway             Defense                 Oil & Gas
         9:00 AM
        10:00 AM
                                                                       Free morning
        11:00 AM
        12:00 PM
         1:00 PM         Free day                                     Transit to Rio de
         2:00 PM                                                          Janeiro
                                                                    International Airport
         3:00 PM

                                                                      Mission Ends
         4:00 PM

                                               Aerospace &
Sun. April 11       Atlantic Gateway             Defense                 Oil & Gas
        11:00 AM
        12:00 PM
         1:00 PM
                   Rio de Janeiro Tour
         2:00 PM
         3:00 PM
         4:00 PM
         5:00 PM
                        Free time
         6:00 PM
         7:00 PM   Welcome Dinner @
                   Porcao Restaurant
         8:00 PM
                                               Aerospace &
Mon. April 12       Atlantic Gateway             Defense                 Oil & Gas
         9:00 AM         Business
        10:00 AM   Program (one-on-one
        11:00 AM        meetings)
         12:00 PM
          1:00 PM
          2:00 PM
          3:00 PM
          4:00 PM
          5:00 PM
          6:00 PM        Free evening

          7:00 PM
                                              Aerospace &
  Tues. April 13       Atlantic Gateway         Defense        Oil & Gas
          9:00 AM
         10:00 AM
         11:00 AM
                      Group Meetings to
         12:00 PM       Ports, Shippers,
                      Freight Forwarders,
          1:00 PM
          2:00 PM
          3:00 PM
          4:00 PM
          5:00 PM
          6:00 PM
                         Free evening
          7:00 PM
          8:00 PM
                                              Aerospace &
  Wed. April 14        Atlantic Gateway         Defense        Oil & Gas
          9:00 AM           Business
         10:00 AM     Program (one-on-one
         11:00 AM          meetings)
                        Transit to Rio de
         12:00 PM
                      Janeiro International
          1:00 PM            Airport

          2:00 PM       MISSION ENDS

                   Deadline to register is February 15, 2010

For more information and/or a registration package, please contact:

                                  Bradley Thorne
                             International Trade Officer
                     Innovation, Trade and Rural Development
                                   PO Box 8700
                                   St. John’s, NL
                                       A1B 4J6

                               Tel: (709) 729-5632
                               Fax: (709) 729-5124

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