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									              Spinal Cord Injuries Australia - Job Description

Job Title:                           Employment Consultant
Section:                             Resource Development
Department:                          SCI Workforce
Location:                            Alexandria
Reports to:                          Service Development Manager
Direct Reports:                      None
In Direct Reports:                   None
Hours:                               37.5 per week
Contract:                            12 months commencing January 2009
Original Date:                       November 2008

SCI Australia Vision:

An Australian culture that embraces people with disabilities and encourages
them to participate equally in social and economic life.

SCI Australia Mission:

To be Australia’s leading charitable enterprise in the PREVENTION of spinal
cord injuries, CARE for those who have spinal cord injury and the support of
research to find a CURE for spinal cord injury.

General Information

SCI Workforce is the employment and vocational arm of SCI Australia.
Currently SCI Workforce services people with disabilities in achieving
sustainable employment outcomes through its contract with the Department of
Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

SCI Workforce provides vocational guidance, training and re-integration back
into employment, through its Disability Employment Network (DEN) services
with DEEWR

Job Summary

The responsibility of the Employment Consultant will be to manage a caseload
of (25) clients with spinal cord injuries with the responsibility of mentoring,
coaching and marketing into meaningful & sustainable employment. This will
involve working extensively with the individual to achieve the necessary
confidence and competency level to enter or re-enter paid employment;
meeting the minimum guidelines under current contractual arrangements with
Key Performance Indicators / Responsibilities

Overseeing all responsibilities is the commitment to the vision and mission of
SCI Australia. This is measured by the performance level of all KPI’s.

  1. Commence 25 clients into the program by 28 February 2009
  2. Assess clients’ skills and experience then develop strategies to increase
     these including where appropriate vocational services
  3. Identify employment opportunities by the promotion of the individual
     client to appropriate employers and then place clients into employment
     at a minimum of 8 hours a week.
  4. Meet employment outcomes of 14 clients employed by 30 June 2008
  5. Convert employment outcomes between 4, 13 and 26 weeks at above
  6. Maintain required client documentation as per DEEWR and DSS
     contractual requirements including action & exit plans. These are to be
     created in negotiation with clients and tailored to meet realistic goals
     within set timeframes and link into opportunities within each local labour
     market. .
  7. Developing and maintaining positive relations with all SCIA staff,
     Government and other agencies.
  8. Completing monthly and all other reports as required.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

Other Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

   1. Maintaining policies and procedures - particularly in relation to audits –
      and continuous improvement documentation to maintain Quality
      Assurance certification

All SCIA staff has the responsibility to promote SCIA in a positive manner at
all times during their employment. This is achieved through not just noting
communication but understanding it. If at anytime, something is not fully
understood about any aspect of work involving SCIA then the staff member
has the responsibility to find out.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) -

Staff of SCIA has a legal responsibility to actively contribute towards
maintaining a healthy and safe workplace as per the SCI Australia OH & S

To do this, staff must:

   •   Work safely within the guidelines at all times to protect their own health
       and safety, and the health and safety of everyone with whom they
       work, and the health and safety of other persons at their worksite.
   •   Report to their manager, in writing, any incidents or hazards they
       encounter in their working day and to follow up said incident/hazard.
   •   Use any equipment provided to protect their health and safety while at
   •   Cooperate with all safety programs being implemented by SCIA.
   •   Ensure they are not affected by alcohol or another drug, which may
       endanger their own, or any other persons’ health and safety.
   •   If employees have any questions regarding OH& S, they should firstly
       seek assistance from their Manager. All inquiries are welcomed and
       encouraged. Safety is essential not only for the staff of SCIA but it is
       also a priority to provide a safe environment for our consumers &
SCIA has an OH& S committee and all Spinal Cord Injuries Australia staff are
encouraged to participate in any training offered and/or to contribute to the
committee at anytime.

Essential Criteria:

   •   Extensive Case Management experience in the areas of physical
       disability including successful outcomes for each individual in
   •   Proven track record in direct and reverse marketing
   •   A demonstrated high level of written and oral communication skills
   •   Ability to work in a team environment
   •   Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain relationships with
       employers, Government and non-Government agencies
   •   Competent in administration, record keeping and database

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