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									Written submissions Accounting Professional Reference introduce ourselves Pham Van Pham Van

 proposal submitted by the professional accounting Pham Van

 respected leader of your company:


 very much appreciate your taking the time to review my cover letter, volunteered to give me the

 accounting profession as a fresh graduate, I love the accounting profession and put their great
enthusiasm and energy. Life in years of study, to systematically study the ... ... and so on expertise
gained through internships turn rich experience.

 university, I am always positive and uplifting spirit, and made great in all aspects of development,
and comprehensively improve their comprehensive quality. Served as Chairman of Student Union
and the Communist Youth League secretary and other staff. I can do it diligently at work, serious
and responsible, careful organization, and strive to do our best. Has been rated "outstanding
student cadres of field grade", "excellent university in League Cadres", excellent grades, first class
scholarship for three consecutive years and was named outstanding field grade graduates.

 number of organizations, I gained valuable work experience in social work, so I learned how to
think, learn life and learn how to work with others, tempered the organizational ability and
communication, coordination, trained hard-working, dedicated, caring group, a progressive and
pragmatic ideas. Heavy in the past, precisely to the development of future units can be stored up.
My future is preparing for the glorious future of your company to contribute, hard! If given, please
check your phone, give me a chance to contact with your company.

 thank you for your busy schedule to give my attention, like your business thriving and numerous
achievements, I wish every success in your career further! Earnest hope that you soon, thank you!

 final wish you happiness and good health.



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