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									Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                                 July 2010

                                   Program Development Unit

           News from the Female                 See what programs the Division of       A monthly breakdown of
          Parolee Service Centers                 Adult Parole Operations offers            parolees served

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The Contra Costa County Office of Education (CCCOE) recognized and
honored the top referring parole agents to the Substance Abuse Treatment
and Recovery (STAR) and Computer Literacy Learning Center (CLLC)                     PAROLE AGENT HONOREES
programs for 2009. Award ceremonies were held in the northern and southern                          CLLC
regions on April 15 and 22. Many unit supervisors, district administrators and             Larry Price, Stockton 4
family members were in attendance to support the recipients. The award                     Robert Allen, Visalia 1
ceremonies traditionally take place the morning of the second day of the            Martinez Geiger, Region II Re-Entry
CCCOE annual three day spring training event. Teachers from both STAR                    William Terrell, Oakland 1
and CLLC gather and receive training in areas such as motivational                  John Brassieur, San Gabriel Valley 2
interviewing, classroom management, criminal thinking patterns and other              Henry Shuff, Huntington Park 4
relevant subject matter. CDCR parole agents are invited and encouraged to              Joseph Branch, Riverside GPS
attend the training sessions. Agent Lisa Hill, the STAR and CLLC Program                Michelle Burkholder, Fontana
Manager, attended the sessions on motivational interviewing and classroom                           STAR
management, which were facilitated by Scott McClure, PhD, University of              Eddie Johnson, Sacramento South
California San Diego. During the third day of training, STAR and CLLC                     Alan Magnone, Hanford
students volunteered to participate in an exercise conducted by Dr. McClure.                Owen Blunt, Vallejo
The exercise was intended to model effective methods of communication with                Michael Quaglia, Vallejo
students who may have negative feelings about course content and/or their             Cruz Johnson, Antelope Valley 2
requirement to attend the programs. The Program Development Unit (PDU)                   Lateef Franks, El Monte 2
would like to thank all parole staff who participated in the training as well as          Cecil Roberts, Ontario 1
the top referring agents. Agent referrals are vital to the success of STAR,                Richard Holmes, Rialto
CLLC, and all other rehabilitative programs overseen by PDU.
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Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                                            July 2010

                PROGRAM OF THE QUARTER
                    News from the Female Parolee Service Centers
   The Program Development Unit currently oversees two all female Parolee Service Centers (PSC), National Crossroads,
   San Diego and Hoffman House, Long Beach. The supportive environment provided by these two facilities has resulted in
   numerous success stories, such as the following:

                       National Crossroads                                                     Hoffman House

 In April, eight ladies landed jobs at the Marine Base Marine           The ladies at Hoffman House have participated in a variety of
 Corps Recruit Depot. They were hired through an organization           events organized by interns and staff. Last fall, interns
 that assists with job placement for people who have difficulty         hosted two game nights, where clients played Loteria and
 finding employment. The newly hired clients are responsible            Pictionary for prizes. Clients also had the opportunity to see
 for serving meals to our military men and women. In addition,          paintings by local artists while listening to live music at the
 these eight ladies also attend community college.                      Long Beach Art Walk. The holidays were a busy, memorable
 Employment has given them a new sense of pride and                     time. Clients kicked off the season by carving 14 different
 accomplishment.                                                        pumpkins for Halloween. They also toured the canals of
                                                                        Naples, where houses and boats are adorned with millions of
 At National Crossroads, each client is evaluated to determine          holiday lights each year.
 what skills and training are needed before they start their job
 search. Our job developer works one-on-one with each client            Most recently, interns, staff and clients celebrated their
 to hone interview skills and prepare resumes. It is hard work          heritage with a cultural dinner. All attending realized just how
 that demands 100 percent cooperation from the clients if they          diverse they were as they discussed their cultural
 are to be successful. Per Dr. Gwendolyn Taylor, Executive              backgrounds while eating food from ten different countries!
 Director, “You see the light and confidence come out as soon           The food festivities continued several weeks later with a visit
 as a client has gotten a job and they are filled with hope.”           form a celebrity nutritionist who shared tips for healthful
                                                                        eating and a delicious, guilt-free pizza for all to enjoy.
 Currently 45 percent of National Crossroads’ clients are
 working, 48 percent attend school, and some do both. There             Clients are also excited about the introduction of two new
 is so much that goes into rebuilding a life, and finding               programs at Hoffman House: a weekly arts and crafts class
 employment is the first priority since it instills a sense of          and an introduction to college courses!
 accomplishment. It also puts the clients on the road to saving
 up for housing of their own, and the chance to live a positive         Through the series of activities taken place this year, the
 healthy life. With summer approaching we are gearing up for            ladies at Hoffman House gained teamwork skills, a
 continued success in finding employment and rebuilding lives           multicultural perspective, and an expression of self. It is
 one client at a time.                                                  important to realize that with the various ethnic backgrounds
                                                                        that compose the house, the residents are able to learn and
                                                                        teach one another skills they will use for life.

                                                                        H is for Happiness that comes without crime.
                                                                        O is for the Over-joy you can get in time.
                                                                        N is for being near God so you feel good in your mind.
                                                                        E is for everything you have, even if it’s just a dime.
                                                                        S is for the Sun shining through the pines.
                                                                        T is for the Tears that flow, even if you’re blind.
                                                                        Y is for the Youth we have ‘til we go bye-bye.
                                                                                         Poem written by L., Hoffman House resident
    The ladies from National Crossroads who earned jobs at the Marine
    Base Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

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Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                                           July 2010

                        PROGRAM INFORMATION
  RESIDENTIAL MULTI-SERVICE CENTER             custody. It is a voluntary program            Comprehensive       Adult   Student
                                               considered as a parolee resource center       Assessment Systems Awards Review
The Residential Multi-Service Center
                                               to assist parolees in their reintegration     Team.     The    award    was    in
(RMSC) program’s primary goal is to
                                               back into society.                            acknowledgement of the Pathways to
provide housing, sustenance, and life
                                               Current Events: Recent Requests for           Employment Program.
skills training with a variety of services.
                                               Proposals resulted in the award of four
RMSC targets male and female parolees
                                               new DRC contracts in San Francisco,                    PAROLEE SERVICE CENTER
who are homeless or living in at-risk
                                               Stockton, Riverside, and San Diego,           The Parolee Service Centers (PSC)
                                               effective April 2010. A public entity         provides residency, support services, and
Current Events: Effective June 1, 2010,
                                               contract was also approved and signed         resources to parolees who are homeless
the new RMSC Headquarters Program
                                               with the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s              or seeking positive changes to their
Manager is Lisa Hill. Agent Hill replaces
                                               Department. This contract provides DRC        current situation. The program enables
Hansen Chi, who was promoted to PDU
                                               services to parolees in Santa Barbara         successful      reintegration into     the
Unit Supervisor.
                                               County, commencing July 2010.            In   community with a variety of services,
                                               addition, a bid opening was held for the      including a 52-week domestic violence
       COMMUNITY BASED COALITION               Oakland DRC; however, the intent to           program.
The Community Based Coalition (CBC)            award letter resulted in a protest. The       Current Events: A new contract for 70
program provides housing and supportive        contract will be awarded once the protest     PSC beds in Riverside is being finalized.
services to parolees at increased risk of      is resolved by the Department of General      Services are scheduled to commence in
violating their parole and returning to        Services. The bid opening for the Fresno      July 2010.
custody. Parolees participate in the CBC       DRC rebid was June 30 and anticipated
program for up to 270 days and, on a           contract start date is September 2010.             SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT
case by case basis, up to one year.            Contract development is ongoing with the                 AND RECOVERY

Current Events: The Office of Business         Foundation for California State University,   The Substance Abuse Treatment and
Services held bid openings for the 300         San Bernardino for a DRC in San               Recovery (STAR) program is an
bed Los Angeles CBC contract in                Bernardino County. The purposed start         “evidence-based” cognitive behavioral
May 2010. Various technical issues with        date is August 1st.                           education program designed to provide
the proposed sites resulted in the                                                           substance abuse and relapse prevention
rejection of all bids. Since the current Los    COMPUTER LITERACY LEARNING CENTER            instruction to parolees. STAR is a 30-day
Angeles CBC contract expired June 30,          The Computer Literacy Learning                program available in selected parole units.
parolees in need of temporary housing          Center (CLLC) is a computer assisted          Current       Events:        Last     April,
were placed in other CDCR contracted           instructional program designed to             Aster Tadesse, the STAR instructor at the
beds. It is anticipated that a new             increase the functional literacy skills of    Oakland Parole Office was chosen as
Invitation for Bid for the Los Angeles CBC     parolees, by increasing their reading and     CCCOE’s Teacher of the Year. She
will be advertised early July 2010, with a     math skills a minimum of two grade levels     and 19 teachers representing the county’s
proposed start date of September 2010.         and/or up to the sixth grade level. This      districts will be honored at an annual
                                               results in increased employability and        dinner      this    September.         Per
         DAY REPORTING CENTERS                 parolee success.                              Shannon Twain, CCCOE principal, “Aster
The Day Reporting Center (DRC)                 Current Events: The CLLC site in Santa        is one of a kind, and has a big
program is designed to provide supportive      Fe Springs received a 2010 Promising          personality…she has non-stop energy
services to parolees who are at risk of        Practices Award from the California           (in a) tireless quest to see all students
violating their parole and returning to        Department       of    Education       and    succeed.”

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Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                                       July 2010

                         PROGRAM STATISTICS
                                          MARCH 2010 - MAY 2010

                       PROGRAMS                                 MARCH 2010             APRIL 2010             MAY 2010

                    Occupancy                                        96%                   97%                    92%

                     Occupancy                                       95%                   93%                    91%

                DAY REPORTING CENTER
                                                                      840                   368                   418
                    Parolees Served

                 Parolees Served                                      622                   560                   537

                 Enrollments                                          952                   786                   778

                  Enrollments                                         319                   272                   283

    *April and May decline in occupancy, parolees served, and enrollment numbers is due to expiration of existing contracts,
    delayed activation of new contracts, and implementation of Non Revocable Parole.

                                      PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT UNIT
                                         RODNEY GRAY, Parole Administrator
                                        RACHEL PUNGAN, PDU Quarterly Editor
                              For additional PDU information and site locations refer to:
                                              Website: www.cdcr.ca.gov
                                              Mainline: (916) 445-6200
                                              Email: pdu@cdcr.ca.gov

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