Abbaye St-Remy Rochefort, Belgium

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                                                                              Abbaye St-Remy

The Abbey of St.-Remy in Rochefort was founded in 1230 and began to brew beer in
1595. To this day, the modest size of the brewery means that the Trappist monks and
their fellow workers can perfectly control the production process. Beer connoisseurs
hold the top-fermented, bottle-conditioned brown ales from this brewery in the
highest regard – they are peerless.

Only beers made in a Trappist Monastery, under the supervision of the monks, can use
the Authentic Trappist Product seal. There are only seven Trappist breweries in the

     Tasting notes:                   Tasting notes:                    Tasting notes:
     Rochefort 6 (Red Cap) starts     Rochefort 8 (Green Cap)           Rochefort 10 (Blue Cap), at
     with an original gravity of      starts with an original           24.5 Plato (OG 1.098) and
     16.5 Plato (OG 1.066) which      gravity of 20.8 Plato (OG         11.3% alc./vol.     actually
     produces 7.5% alc./vol.          1.083) which produces 9.2%        builds from the depth of
     Reddish-brown color, with        alc./vol. Brown color with        Rochefort 8 - the great
     amber-gold highlights; soft      red highlights. The flavor is     strength is balanced by a
     body leads to earthy flavors     deep, vigorous and complex,       complexity of flavors and
     and an herbal character.         with firm body to support         firm malt backbone. The
     Refined, soft spiciness in the   the strength; the aroma has       bouquet covers a wide
     bouquet finishes with a bit      elusive notes of fresh fruit,     range: port wine, apricots,
     of caramel. All Rochefort        spice, leather, figs, and just    oak, spices, maybe a touch
     beers are bottle-conditioned     possibly a hint of smokiness      of bittersweet chocolate.
     with live yeast for soft         in cascading layers. Sauvage,     Honestly, one of the world's
     natural carbonation.             or "wild and unrestrained."       most intriguing beverages.

     Serving Suggestions:             Serving Suggestions:              Serving Suggestions:
     Cream soups & rich dishes;       Full-flavored dishes like pate,   Lamb shanks with juniper
     can support vinaigrette          duck, pheasant or wild            berries, fresh chanterelle or
     salad dressing. Wonderful to     game. Great served with           morel mushrooms, truffles,
     clear the palate when served     strong-flavored cheeses.          artichokes, asparagus, or
     with concentrated, creamy        Makes a wonderful digestif        dishes     with    intensely
     foods.                           after dinner.                     reduced sauces.

     Product Size & Quantity:         Product Size & Quantity:          Product Size & Quantity:
     12/11.2-oz. (330 ml) bottles.    12/11.2-oz. (330 ml) bottles.     12/11.2-oz. (330 ml) bottles.

      Rochefort "6" 11.2 oz. bottle    Rochefort "8" 11.2 oz. bottle    Rochefort "10" 11.2 oz. bottle

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