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Thursday September Miscarriage


Thursday September Miscarriage

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									        The Social Context of Death,
            Dying and Disposal

DDD8 Parallel sessions
We have tried to group papers into substantive topics so as to maximise cross-fertilisation of
disciplinary perspectives. Some topics involve just one session of 2 or 3 papers:

    o   The ancient Mediterranean
    o   Cremation
    o   Dying in old age
    o   Euthanasia
    o   Funerals
    o   The funeral industry
    o   Funerals & religion
    o   Funerals & secularisation
    o   Gender
    o   Health promotion
    o   Mourning the famous
    o   Obituaries & life stories
    o   Photography
    o   Public mourning, public memorials
    o   Roadside memorials
    o   Suicide

Other topics involve more than one session:

    o   Asia
    o   Bereavement
    o   Child death & infant death
    o   The dead body
    o   Death awareness & education
    o   End of life care
    o   How long is life?
    o   Occupations that deal with the dead
    o   Palliative care
    o   Personalised funerals
    o   Pictures of the dead
    o   Space & place
    o   Spirituality

Please note that all timings may be subject to alteration, we will endeavour to give
adequate notice of any changes.

Thursday 13 September
Parallel session 1
09.00 – 10.30

County Suite            Space & place (i)                           Chair: Christina Gillis
Walter, Tony            Space, place and death
Maddrell, Avril         Mapping grief: spatialities of bereavement
Stone, Philip &         Making absent death present: death, dying and dark tourism
Sharpley, Richard

Pulteney Suite          Death awareness & education (i)                        Chair: Sue Read
Kern, Margareta         Clothes for death - Odjeća za Smrt
A’Court, Refkah,        ‘Lifting the Lid.’ An exploration of arts practice and ceremonial
Creech, Amy Gee,        theatre as methods for dialogue about death and dying with the
Bec                     general public
O’Connor, Deborah       Community conversations: death education within a health
                        promotion framework

Boardroom 1             Occupations that deal with the dead (i)         Chair: David Moller
Yeates, James           Saving and killing, animal euthanasia and veterinary practitioners
Kasket, Elaine          Death and the doctor: the physician’s experience of patient death
McGowan, Catherine      The psychodynamics of death investigation: a case study of the
                        Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario, Canada

Boardroom 2             Personalised funerals (i)                     Chair: Anne Barber
Gittings, Clare         Keeping memory alive: John Knill (1733-1811) and the creation of a
                        Cornish death ritual
Parsons, Brian          New or rediscovered? Contemporary funeral performance and the
Caswell, Glenys         Tailor-made or pre-packaged? A sociological exploration of Scottish
                        funeral practices

Boardroom 3             NO SESSIONS

Beaufort Suite          Dying in old age                            Chair: Katherine Froggatt
Parker, Deborah         The discourses of death and dying in residential aged care facilities
                        in Australia
Osterlind, Jane         Care paths in end of life care for older people – a case manager
Whitaker, Anna          The ageing and dying body of the oldest old

Walcot Hall             Infant death, termination and miscarriage (i)
                                                                 Chair: Valerie Sheach Leith
Bleyen, Jan             Death in the maternity room: metaphors of care after stillbirth
Peelen, Janneke         Becoming human: new rites for perinatal deads
Komaromy, Carol         Death instead of life: the ambiguity of managing the life and death

Thursday 13 September
Parallel session 2
12.00 – 13.00

County Suite            Space & place (ii) The place of death            Chair: Carol Komoromy
Behuniak, Susan         Nursing homes and the amplification of dementia: the power of
Broome, Isobel          ‘I must hire a little room to die in’: patient choices in early homes for
                        the dying

Pulteney Suite          Funerals                                      Chair: Brian Parsons
Hui, Victoria Ka-Ying   Lyrical themes in 2006 top ten UK funeral songs
Glass, Anne             Attitudes about funerals revealed through narratives

Boardroom 1             Miscellaneous                                    Chair: Lynda Payne
Armstrong-Coster,       Issues encountered when planning research on national attitudes to
Angela                  death, dying and mourning
Voninski, Paul          Sex and death: a reconsideration of their intersection,
                        interrelationship and interdependence in light of evolving cultural,
                        technical and biological myths and realities

Boardroom 2             NO SESSIONS

Boardroom 3             Spirituality (i)                              Chair: Una MacConville
Grassman, Eva,          Spiritual care in the last phase of life: a comparison between the
Juntunen, Elina,        Church of Sweden and the Church of Finland
Whitaker, Anna &
Yeung, Anne Birgitta
Nesporova, Olga         Is death the end? Belief in the afterlife in contemporary Czech

Beaufort Suite          End of life care                                 Chair: John Rosenberg
Winslow, Michelle       Life stories in end of life care: establishing an oral history service in
Walsh, Kate & Noble,    a palliative care unit
Froggatt, Katherine     ‘Hide and seek’: managing living and dying in care homes for older

Walcot Hall (YMCA)      Child death (i)                               Chair: Clare Gittings
Garattini, Chiara &     Gathered to her Babies: children, death and maternal love in the
Taylor, Lawrence        19 century
Ciregna, Elise          Sleeping cherubs, marble lambs and empty cradles: children’s
                                        th      th
                        memorials in 18 and 19 century America and England

Thursday 13 September
Parallel session 3
14.00 – 15.30

County Suite              Space & place (iii) Landscape                      Chair: Jane Calow
Gould, Polly              Art and mourning in an Antarctic landscape
Tucker, Judith            Present tense: drawing close to death

Pulteney Suite            Infant death, termination & miscarriage (ii)
                                                                Chair: Vanessa Lockyer-Stevens
Cameron, Joan,            Policies for pre viable infants in the UK: who cares for the baby?
Greene Alexandra &
Taylor, Julie
Sheach Leith, Valerie     Searching for wholeness? An autoethnography

Boardroom 1               Gender                                              Chair: Terri Sabatos
Larsson, Gunilla          Boat burials, gender and power structures
Hughes, Anne-Marie        Munition workers and workplace fatalities in the First World War: the
Claire                    influence of gender and war role in the valuing and commemoration
                          of war related deaths
Payne, Lynda              ‘Desiring death like a lover’: the perils of being a virgin in 19
                          century Europe

Boardroom 2               Death awareness & education (ii)                    Chair: Jan Bleyen
Dickenson, George,        Palliative care and end of life issues in UK pre-registration,
Clark, David & Sque,      undergraduate nursing programmes
Allchin, Lynn, Fallon,    End of life care: students’ perspective
Amy, Hegedus,
Kathryn & Polifroni,
Amorous, Isabel &         Training agents of social change: transformational leadership in
Schreiber, Janet          death, grief and trauma

Boardroom 3               Spirituality (ii)                          Chair: Paul Chi Keong Ong
Ettema, Eric              Existential loneliness: a conceptual review of the literature
Johnson, Malcolm          Spirituality and biographical pain at the end of life

Beaufort Suite            The ancient Mediterranean                     Chair: Douglas Davies
Simandiraki, Anna         The social context of death, dying and disposal in the Prehistoric
                          eastern Mediterranean
Arima, Heli, Fulminate,   Changing society, changing burial rites: from orientalising trenches
Francesca & Rajala,       to archaic chambers at Cisterna Grande (Crustumerium, Rome)
Erasmo, Mario             Ausonius’ Parentalia: walking among the dead

Walcot Hall (YMCA)        Personalised funerals (ii)                    Chair: Thomas Quartier
Barber, Anne              Accounting for lives cut short – a study of Civil Funeral scripts
Schafer, Cyril            Contested tributes, continuing bonds and living memorials at life-
                          centred funerals
Svensson, Ingeborg        The fertile homosexuality

Thursday 13 September
Parallel session 4
16.00 – 17.00

County Suite            Pictures of the dead (i)                         Chair: Polly Gould
Gough, Paul             Redemption and resurrection: picturing the dead in the post-war
                        work of Stanley Spencer, Will Longstaff and Jeff Wall
Jaworski, Emilie        Images of death, images of society

Pulteney Suite          Asia (i) Buddhism                       Chair: Anna Simandiraki
Gouin, Margaret         How to study a funeral
Hasna, Kaneez           Bonn Pchum Ben: The Festival of the Dead

Boardroom 1             Occupations that deal with the dead (ii)              Chair: Tara Nipe
Rajala, Ulla            The dead, the ancestors and the Italians: an ethno-archaeological
                        study of the attitudes of central Italian archaeologists
Cooper, Jan             ‘Last but not least’ – student nurses experiences of performing last

Boardroom 2             NO SESSIONS

Boardroom 3             Spirituality (iii)                            Chair: Malcolm Johnson
Anderson, Megory        Is anybody listening? Spiritual needs of the dying and the
                        grassroots response (Sacred Dying and more)
Speyer, Josefine        The body is not all we are – a holistic view to dying, death and

Beaufort Suite          How long is life? (i)                               Chair: Mervyn Taylor
Read, Sue & Todd,       Thinking about death and what it means: the perspectives of people
Stuart                  with intellectual disabilities
Grassman, Eva           ‘A short life’: notions of a limited future and of premature death in
                        chronically ill, visually impaired adults

Walcot Hall (YMCA)      Child death (ii)                              Chair: Joan Cameron
Barrett, Karen          The sudden death of a child: narratives of bereaved parents and
                        social workers
Lockyer-Stevens,        Sudden death of the child: time to go home

Friday 14 September
Parallel session 5
09.00 – 10.30

County Suite           Space & place (iv) Where the dead reside Chair: Rebekah Lee
Fisher, Pam            ‘Houses for the Dead’: the provision of mortuaries in London, 1866-
Murray, Mary           Laying Lazarus to rest: the place and the space of the dead in
                       explanations of near death experiences
Venbrux, Eric &        The living and the dead: house shrines in The Netherlands
Wojkowiak, Joanna

Pulteney Suite         Pictures of the dead (ii)                        Chair: Mario Erasmo
Varner, Eric           Animated conversations: ancient Roman portraits, living viewers
                       and the dead
Wright, Amina          ‘I Yet Live!’ Child mortality and parental bereavement in the visual
                       arts of the 18 century
O’Donohoe, Stephanie   Parting shots: memorial photographs and meaning-making in
& Turley, Darach       Ireland

Boardroom 1            NO SESSIONS

Boardroom 2            Asia (ii) China & Korea                     Chair: Hartmut Gunther
Becker, Tanya          A dream of death: understanding of death in the early Daoist
                       philosophy (The book Zhuangzi)
Park, Chang-Won        Transforming death in South Korea: from Confucian burial to
                       modern cremation
Horlyck, Charlotte     Relations between the dead and the living in pre-modern Korea

Boardroom 3            Funerals & religion                         Chair: Kate Woodthorpe
Poujeau, Anna          Never forget the dead. Young people’s funerals in a Christian
                       community of Syria
Rivoal, Isabelle       Women are weeping as men are kept outside their houses: gender,
                       honour and reincarnation in Druze funerals
Quartier, Thomas       Material memories in Christian funeral rituals in The Netherlands

Beaufort Suite         The dead body (i) Viewing the dead           Chair: Chris Kynaston
Jenkins, Tiffany       Contesting dead bodies in museums: the emerging cultural
                       meanings of human remains
Harper, Sheila         Looking death in the face. A comparative ethnography of English
                       and American funeral homes
Mansfield, Laura &     Daphne Wright: the corpse and the death cast. (Paper supported by
Wright, Daphne         Arts Council South West)

Walcot Hall (YMCA)     Bereavement (i)                         Chair: Christine Valentine
Ngquangweni,           The gendered nature of mourning in the South African context
Souza, Margaret        The dying process and its effects of bereavement
Gibson, Margaret       Impersonating the dead: on the relationship between mimesis and

Friday 14 September
Parallel session 6
12.00 – 13.00

County Suite           Occupations that deal with the dead (iii)          Chair: Magi Sque
Rotar, Marius          The ‘Professionals’ of death in 19 century Transylvania
Craig, Marie           Retained organs at autopsy: evaluating the role of the post-mortem

Pulteney Suite         Public mourning, public memorials          Chair: Richard Sharpley
Stengs, Irene          Mourning events: death of the people’s singer
Reimers, Eva           Public memorials as communicative tools to contrast, deconstruct
                       and negotiate history and the present

Boardroom 1            Space & place (v) Architecture & design         Chair: Mario Erasmo
Davies, Penelope       Living to living, living to dead: communion and communication in
                       Roman republican tombs
Holm, Lorens           The death of Le Corbusier: the death of space

Boardroom 2            Asia (iii) Japan                         Chair: Charlotte Horlyck
Valentine, Christine   Continuing bonds in contemporary Japan: a mirror to the West?
Arnarson, Arnar        So as not to be alone

Boardroom 3            Spirituality (iv)                            Chair: Matthew Bullen
Ong, Paul Chi-Keong    Death and dying in the 21 Century
& Smith, Pauline
Forbes, Duncan &       Enabling the ‘Good–enough’ death
Ong, Paul Chi-Keong

Beaufort Suite         Suicide                                        Chair: Janet Schreiber
Simone, Caroline       An ethical dilemma? Methodological reflexivity in suicide
                       bereavement research and interviewees experiences of
Robertson, Matra       Palliative care and suicide: a sensitive place of difference?

Walcot Hall (YMCA)     Funerals & secularisation                         Chair: Peter Jupp
Heessels, Meike        Re-inventing All Soul’s Day in the Netherlands
Allen, Simon           Rising secularism in UK funeral practice

Friday 14 September
Parallel session 7
14.00 – 15.30

County Suite            Space & place (vi) Burial grounds                 Chair: Gabriel Moser
Gillis, Christina       A space not their own: burying the dead on a small Atlantic Island
Woodthorpe, Kate        Bodies in the cemetery: is taboo still relevant in 21 century Britain?
Deering, Bel            From asbos to X-rated: exploring the social diversity of the cemetery

Pulteney Suite          Cremation                                        Chair: Cara Bailey
Grainger, Hilary        Maxwell Fry and the ‘Anatomy of Mourning’ at Coychurch
                        Crematorium, Bridgend, Glamorgan (1969-1970)
White, Stephen          Cremation Acts and funeral pyres in the British Commonwealth
Jupp, Peter             Maryhill: the beginnings of cremation in modern Scotland

Boardroom 1             The funeral industry                            Chair: Sheila Harper
Veron, Berangere        Death professionals and funeral planning in France. A sociological
Kynaston, Chris         Giving form to the dead and work to the living: an exploration in the
                        sociology of coffins

Boardroom 2             NO SESSIONS

Boardroom 3             Palliative care (i)                           Chair: Susan Behuniak
Connaire, Kevin, Cox,   Precious moments in Hospice Day Care
Karen, McCarron,
Mary & Neenan,
Carter, Yvonne,         National evaluation of the Big Lottery Fund palliative care initiative
Petchey, Roland &
Williams, Jacky

Beaufort Suite          The dead body (ii) Corpses & the law            Chair: Tiffany Jenkins
Troyer, John            Abuse of a corpse: a brief history of necrophilia laws in America
Woodhead, Charlotte     A predilection for the status quo? The legal treatment of human

Walcot Hall (YMCA)      Bereavement (ii)                                Chair: Robert Smith
Payne, Lucy             The return of personal property to the bereaved after disaster. (An
                        exposition of the key issues and guidance for practitioners)
Anning, Joanne,         Stories of hope and inspiration: young people’s narrative of
Horsham, Selina &       experiencing the death of a loved one
Stedmon, Jacqui
Ellis, Julie            ‘I don’t like to be down because I don’t think people like to know you
                        when you’re feeling miserable…’ Negotiating expectations:
                        bereavement, experience and identity

Friday 14 September
Parallel session 8
16.00 – 17.00

County Suite              The dead body (iii) Brain death              Chair: Margaret Souza
Nipe, Tara                Talking to the brain dead – an examination of an unexplored nursing
Long, Tracy,              What does a diagnosis of brain stem death mean to family members
Addington-Hall, Julia &   who are approached about organ donation?
Sque, Magi

Pulteney Suite            Mourning the famous                          Chair: Elaine Kasket
Foltyn, Jacque Lynn       The last look: Anna Nicole Smith, James Brown, Princess Diana,
                          Saddam Hussein …and, yes, Jesus: the celebrity corpse in the
                          infotainment era
Davies, Catherine         Analysing media representation: stardom and spectres of death

Boardroom 1               Euthanasia                                      Chair: John Troyer
Cadman, Louisa            Understanding life and death decisions in and through the work of
                          Giorgio Agamben
Richards, Naomi           Public claims and private needs in the ‘Right-to-Die’ debate in the

Boardroom 2               How long is life? (ii)            Chair: Eva Jeppsson-Grassman
Bortolotti, Lisa          Immortality without boredom
Andersson, Janicke        The issue of death and prolongation

Boardroom 3               Palliative care (ii) Between hospice & hospital
                                                                         Chair: Jackie Watts
Bermann, Karen &          CARE ARCHITECTURE: a speculative building for Mercy Hospital
Hamilton, Randall         in Des Moines, Iowa, that bridges the gap between hospital and
                          hospice – between ‘cure at any cost’ and care for those
                          approaching death
Robinson, Denise,         Hospice Friendly Hospitals (HfH) Programme in Ireland
Taylor, Mervyn &
Watson, Max

Beaufort Suite            Space & place (vii) Place of final disposition
                                                                             Chair: Eva Reimers
Brieden, Crystal,         Just like her: finding the right place for cremated remains
Roberts, Pamela &
Valles, Katie
Aragones, Juan            Place attachment for eternity: preferences for burial sites in Brazil,
Ignacio, Gunther,         France and Spain
Hartmut & Moser,

Walcot Hall (YMCA)        Health promotion                          Chair: Deborah O’Connor
Rosenberg, John &         Examining the intersection between health promotion and the end of
Yates, Patsy              life: an Australian case study
Patel, Manjula, Smith,    Story telling methodology: providing the public voice to influence
Pauline & Wharton,        dying and death care

Saturday 15 September
Parallel session 9
10.30 – 12.00

County Suite            Space & place (viii) Cyberspace                 Chair: Philip Stone
Kingston, Paul, Mills   Weblogs as therapy and memory reservoirs?
Stella & Ngwenya,
Andres-Clavera,         scanMemories
Miguel & Cho, Inyoung
Excell, Gerri           I hate myself and I want to die…So I wrote this song! – Death metal
                        and cybermourning

Pulteney Suite          Palliative care (iii)                           Chair: Susan Morris
Moller, David Wendell   Dancing with broken bones: portraits of death and dying among
                        inner-city poor
Karlsson, Eva           The limited freedom of palliative care
Lillie, Alison-Kate     How does a family history of cancer affect the care needs of
                        palliative care patients?

Boardroom 1             Photography                                   Chair: Laurens Holm
Warstat, Andrew         John Stezaker and the afterlife of images
Hill, Paul & Simmons,   Photography and grief.

Boardroom 2             Roadside memorials                           Chair: Irene Stengs
Groote, Peter &         Place meanings of memorialised roadside accident locations
Klaassens, Mirjam
Petersson, Anna         Offerkast and roadside memorials
Smith, Robert           The death that does not depart: roadside memorialisation and
                        mourning customs

Boardroom 3             Obituaries & life stories                     Chair: Pauline Smith
Starck, Nigel           Posthumous reflections: the newspaper obituary as the first verdict
                        of history
Bullamore, Tim          Evolving forces and contemporary practice in the art of obituary

Beaufort Suite          The dead body (iv) Donated, dissected & missing bodies
                                                                       Chair: Isobel Broome
Stern, Megan            Witnessing ‘bare life’: representing the undead body in Rembrandt’s
                        The Anatomy Lesson and Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn
Bolt, Sophie &          Missing bodies and mortuary ritual in the Netherlands and Rwanda
Venbrux, Eric
Sque Magi, Long,        Why do bereaved relatives decline organ donation?
Tracy & Payne, Sheila

Walcot Hall (YMCA)      Bereavement (iii) money                       Chair: Arnar Árnason
Sabatos, Terri          The ‘Pinch of Poverty’. Images of the poor widow in 19 century
                        British art
Corden, Anne, Hirst,    Financial consequences of the death of a partner
Michael & Nice,
Croxall, Jodie &        Living on after death – bereavement and social welfare needs


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