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2                          Barbados- The Beautiful
                    By-Edward Smith, The Caribbean Traveler

     Welcome to and the Barbados Vacation Guide, designed to
     help you plan a fantastic vacation to one of the most beautiful islands in the
     world. This guide will give you the best that Barbados has to offer in resorts,
     beaches, activities, shopping, dining, culture, history, sights to see and even
     some little gems and treasures to make your vacation unforgettable.

     Barbados has a unique blend of geography and heritage combining English
     and Caribbean flavor. The island sits to the east, in the Atlantic Ocean just
     outside the main arch of Caribbean islands that run from St. Maarten down
     to Trinidad just off the coast of South America.

     From the air the shape of the island reveals one of her many nicknames-
     “The Pear Island”. Only 166 miles make up this pear shaped island, but
     Barbados has so much to see and do in those precious miles.

                                    The island is graced by gently rolling hills, sugar cane fields and spectacu-
                                    lar sugar sand beaches. The island is the most densely populated islands
                                    in the Caribbean and visitors quickly experience small winding roads as
                                    cars drive on the left hand side past pastel colored homes, tropical gar-
                                    dens, historic stone churches, buildings, statues and parks.

                                                          Another unique feature is that the island is made up
                                                          of limestone with no massive volcano rising from the
                                                          sea to challenge the sky. This limestone formation
                                                          created some of the best tasting water in the world
                                                          as well as incredible beaches along the coastline.

People, History & Culture of Barbados
Another nickname for Barbados is “Little England” stemming from the people’s enjoyment of Cricket, polo,
English style architecture dating back 300 years and the elegant restaurants where they pause for afternoon

The people of Barbados are often referred to as -“ Bajuns”. The island has a literacy rate of 98%. They are
proud of their ties to England. People still wear light jackets for dinner, observe manners and speak with
more of a British accent than a pure "West-Indies" accent found on other Caribbean Islands. But while they
respect their ties to England and observe many English customs, they are equally if not more proud of Bar-

Several mysteries concern the ancient history of Barbados.
It is thought that Arawak Indians lived on the islands for
centuries before the arrival of European explorers. When
the Portuguese arrived at Barbados in 1536 they reported
no inhabitants on the island. It is thought that the Ara-
waks had moved off the island or been decimated by the
more powerful Carib Indians. Though the Portuguese did
not stay and establish any settlements on the island they
did give the island its modern name- Los Barbados-
named after a shaggy fir tree that can still be found on the
island- meaning the "Bearded Ones".

Today travelers to Barbados will find a proud and independent island nation. With a strong business and
banking base that serves well with one of the major tourism and cruise destinations in the Caribbean.
Pristine beaches, protected nature reserves, landscaped golf courses, stunning resorts and unique restau-
rants are waiting to be enjoyed and friendly people are there to welcome you to Barbados-the island of
3                                    Getting There From Here
Entry Requirements- US and Canadian citizens are not required to present a passport but will need
to show a proof of citizenship. (Birth certificate and a photo I’d.) Along with their return airline
ticket or continuation to another

A variety of airlines serve Barba-
dos based on your departure loca-
tion. can help you
book your vacation travel to, from
and within the Caribbean Islands.

Airlines serving Barbados

From North America
American Airlines- Service from
New York, Miami and
San Juan, Puerto Rico
BWIA- Service from New York and
Air Jamaica- Service from New York                    Inter-Island Caribbean Service
Air Canada- Service from Montreal and Toronto
                                                      Antigua- British Airways, BWIA and Liat
From Europe                                           British Virgin Islands- Liat
British Airways- Service from London                  Dominica- Cardinal Airlines and Liat
BWIA- Service from London                             Grenada- Liat and British Airways
Virgin Air- Service from London                       Guadeloupe- Liat
Condor- Service from Frankfurt                        Jamaica- Air Jamaica and British Airways
Martinair- Service from Amsterdam                     Martinique- Liat
LTU- Service from Dusseldorf                          St. Lucia- British Airways, Helenair and Liat
                                                      St. Vincent- Liat
From South America                                    Trinidad & Tobago- Air Caribbean, BWIA and
BWIA- Service from Guyana                             Liat
LIAT- Service from Guyana
Suriname Airways- Service from Surinam                Sea Ferry Service
                                                      Water transportation to and from Barbados is
                                                      limited, however, Windward Lines Limited
                                                      runs weekly service from Barbados via St.
                                                      Vincent, St. Lucia and Trinidad. Contact
                                             for assistance in all your
                                                      Barbados travel needs. can assist with all your Barbados travel needs
4                             Transportation Once You’re There

Rental Cars
Rental car agencies are located at the airport. Call in advance to book your rental
car, as reservations fill quickly.

                                           Courtesy Rentals- (246) 431-4160
                                           National Car Rentals- (246) 426-0603
                                           P & S Rentals- (246) 424-7591
                                           Stoutes Car rental- (246) 435-4456
                                           Regency Rental Car- (246) 427-5663

*Note* A Barbados Temporary Driver's License is required and can be purchased for $5.00.

Taxis and Private Taxi Tours

Taxis are plentiful and easy to get on the island. Hail one outside the Arrivals area at
the airport and at all major resorts and restaurants. However, they are expensive.
Rates are quoted in advance from major points to major destination points. Up to 5
people can ride in the cab for 1 fee. Negotiate and settle on the fare before hiring the
cab. Or take a private taxi tour. This can give you firsthand, local knowledge of the
island, highlighting points of interest and giving “inside” information. Negotiate with
the driver or talk to a hotel concierge, but plan on about $70-80 for a full day tour.

Moped & Bike Rentals
Funseekers- (246) 435-8206

Buses- Are clean and provide an inexpensive way of exploring the island. (The flat
rate to go anywhere on the island is about $2.00 US!) There are two bus stations in
Bridgetown. The Jubilee Bus Town runs buses along the north coast and Fairchild can assist with all your Barbados travel needs
5                                                Where to Stay
     Barbados is noted it’s variety of hotel offerings. Unlike many tourist areas around the world, where you will
     find hotel zones or rows of hotels, the hotels in Barbados tend to be located in neighborhoods which gives it
     a feeling of being at “home”. This Barbados Vacation Guide from is a guide to some of the best
     offerings in Barbados. Contact today to book your personalized vacation experience.

     The Christchurch Area
     This is the beginning of the Gold Coast located at the southern tip of Barbados about 10 minutes
     to the southwest of the international airport.

     The Accra Beach Hotel and Resort This is one of the most popular hotels on Barbados
     and one visit will convince you to return. This 128-unit hotel features the action around the tropical gar-
     dens and giant pool with its shallow bank for lounging and playing and a swim up bar for serious tropical
     fun. The elegant hotel sits on a gorgeous beach and is noted for great cuisine, island entertainment and
     management specials and activities for the guests.

     Highlights- this is a resort with top guest relationship service, a full kids program that gives time for Mom &
     Dad to enjoy their vacation! There are 1 and 2 bedroom deluxe accommodations to choose from that are per-
     fect for families!

                                                                                 The Blue Horizon Ho-
                                                                                 tel This is one of the hidden
                                                                                 hotel treasures found on Barba-
                                                                                 dos. This is a intimate and color-
                                                                                 fully painted hotel that is perfect
                                                                                 for the traveler wanting it all!
                                                                                 Brightly colored buildings and
                                                                                 tropical gardens greet you along
                                                                                 with a friendly staff. Breakfast is
                                                                                 included at this hotel located
                                                                                 right on famous Rockley Beach
                                                                                 and you can choose from 70 ho-
                                                                                 tel apartment-type rooms with
                                                                                 garden, pool or partial ocean
                                                                                 views, kitchenettes, microwaves,
                                                                                 tubs/showers, king size beds and
                                                                                 satellite TV.

                                                                                 Highlights- Deluxe 1-Bedroom
                                                                                 Suite that features full kitchen,
                                                                                 sitting area with Queen Sofa bed
                                                                                 and separate bedroom with
                                                                                 Queen-size bed.

    Savannah Hotel This is considered one of the “Gems” of the Barbados string of stunning hotels. The
    Savannah is a 200-year old plantation home set on the magnificent Rockley Beach. Guest can elect to stay in
    the original estate hotel or the new wing- both areas feature luxurious accommodations, satellite TV, shower/
    bath, mahogany furniture and four-poster beds. There are two pools on property including one that meanders
    the entire length of the new wing in a dramatic, landscaped setting.

    Highlights- 5 star gourmet restaurant, Swedish massage and nightly entertainment add to the enjoyment of a
    stay at this fabulous resort.

    Bougainvillea Beach Resort This is a 5 star top award winning resort located on the stunning
    beaches of South Barbados. The 138-unit resort is not all-inclusive but its hotel packages include a welcome
    drink, Managers Monday night party, and use of sea kayaks, snorkel equipment, boogie board, tennis, and bas-
    ketball court and fitness center. There are 100 ocean view rooms and two tropically landscaped pools- one with
    a swim up bar in the middle!

    Highlights- How about a split level Ocean View Penthouse offering lower level living room with sofa and bar
    area and upstairs king size bedroom with Jacuzzi!
6                                                   Where to Stay
    Southeast Coast Lodging Selections
    Facing the Atlantic side this wonderful area has golden sand beaches and cooling trade winds. This is a fan-
    tastic area for windsurfing and surfing. The resorts are located to the southeast of the international airport
    and it takes 15-20 minutes to go between airport and hotel. This area is more secluded so traveling to the
    nightlife of the St. Lawrence Gap and Bridgetown area takes 30 to 40 minutes.

    Crane Beach Resort The Crane hotel                          Sam Lords Castle Legend has it that
    overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches you will        hundreds of years ago Sam Lord would prowl the
    find in the world, and sitting atop of a cliff the winds    beach during storms and place lanterns in the
    are cooling and refreshing. This is a place to get away     trees, indicating to ships battling the storm that
    when in need of seclusion from the rush of the world.       safe passage through the reefs could be found by
    Choose accommodations ranging from 68 hotel rooms           following the lights. Instead the ships would crash
    in the historic hotel area or resort luxury apartments      and wreck on the treacherous reefs. Sam Lord
    with kitchenettes. There are restaurants and pools but      would be on hand to “rescue” the passengers and
    the seclusion is away from all restaurants and nightlife.   then claim salvage rights on the ships!
    The hotel runs shuttles into Bridgetown for shopping
    and groceries. A rental car is a great idea when staying    Today you can stay on the 12-acre estate in a castle
    here.                                                       type hotel facing the Atlantic trade winds while en-
                                                                joying a beautiful mile-long beach. The resort offers
    Highlights- the beach is rated as one of the top ten in     248 guest rooms, 3 pools, 4 restaurants, conference
    the world by the “Rich and Famous”. Try the 1-              facilities and tennis courts. The all-inclusive pack-
    bedroom ocean view private suites with luxurious ac-        age includes meals, all house drinks, nightly enter-
    commodations, four-poster bed, wood furniture, private      tainment, daytime tennis usage, afternoon tea and
    Jacuzzi and spa shower with multiple showerheads.           all taxes.

    The Southwest Coast from the St. Lawrence Gap to Bridgetown
    The St. Lawrence Gap is the “Entertainment District” of Barbados as the area is filled with nightclubs, res-
    taurants and shops.

Divi Southwinds Beach Resort
This resort features guest rooms and one and two-
bedroom town house style accommodations complete
with full kitchen overlooking the pool and just a short
walk to the beach. The older guest room additions
have been renovated and sit right on a half-mile long
strand of sugar sand beaches. The resort is within
walking distance of all the action located in St. Law-
rence Gap- the kitchen units are great for families
and the resort offers an all-inclusive package.

Highlights- this resort sits on 20 acres with two
pools and tennis courts. The most popular rooms are
the one-bedroom ocean view villa suites and sit on the
beach surrounded by palm groves.

Time Out at the Gap
Hotel This 76-room hotel is lo-
cated across the street from Dover         Almond Casuarina Beach Resort This elegant resort is
Beach and near all the action found        set on 8 tropically landscaped acres and its 167-unit apartment style ac-
in St. Lawrence Gap. However this re-      commodations are popular with families. The resort offers all-inclusive that
sort was created to be the center of       includes nightly entertainment, meals, drinks, watersports such as kayak-
“Fun and Parties” and guests will find     ing, snorkeling, water skiing; banana boat rides, windsurfing and sailing.
the resort hopping with at least 3 live    Golf fees are included at the Almond Beach Village Golf Course. The chil-
entertainment parties a week, parties      dren also have supervised programs and activities.
around the landscaped pool, and its
famous “Whistling Frog Restaurant          Highlights- The one and two-bedroom units are the best for families. Also
and Bar” is a favorite watering hole       the resort features Barbadian History and Cultural learning programs and
with the action centered around the        plays host to Caribbean poetry reading, art and storytellers.
bar and big screen TV.
7                                                       Where to Stay
     The Holetown-St. James-Speighstown Area
    Holetown was the site of the first British landing in Barbados and the founding of the first settlement on the
    island in 1625. (A monument commemorating this historic site is found in Holetown) The name is derived
    from the small channel or “Hole” that was used for the cleaning of ships or the unloading the cargo they car-
    ried over from Europe. Today this coastal area is renown for its stunning beaches and beautiful resorts.

Almond Beach Village Resort The Village is                        Treasure Beach Resort This is the ulti-
for families with activities for the kids that allows vacation    mate in romantic getaways. This luxury boutique re-
time for the parents! This 30-acre resort is set on a half-mile   sort offers an intimate 29 all-suite accommodations.
beach with 330 guestrooms, 10 pools (one for kids), spa tubs      This romantic spot is located right on a sensuous
and hammocks under coconut trees spread throughout the            stretch of white sand- perfect for sunset watching or
resort. The all-inclusive comes with unlimited food and drink,    moonlit walks! The hideaway is tucked away inside
room service at lunch and dinner, fitness center, water-          lush, landscaped tropical gardens and manicured
skiing, banana boat rides, reef fishing, windsurfing, sailing     lawns that extend to the edge of the sea. The resort
and a fully supervised children’s program and activities.         caters to every need as you lounge around its signa-
                                                                  ture poolside setting or take in the big screen TV in-
                                                                  side the lounge area. Water sport activities are ready
Highlights- Golf is included at the 9-hole, par 3 course. In
addition to the 6 restaurants located on property-                     when you are at the beach and golf can be ar-
guests can enjoy exchange privileges at the sister                     ranged at the nearby golf course and the attrac-
resort of Almond Beach Club.                                           tions of Holetown are nearby.

                                                                      Highlights- the Hemmingway Suites add to the
    Almond Beach Club & Spa Re-                                       romantic touch with large whirlpool and walk in
    sort This 4-acre beachfront resort is for                         shower for two. A second whirlpool can be en-
    Adults Only! (Must be at 16 years of age) This is                 joyed out on the terrace offering views of the
    a fun, all-inclusive 161-unit                                                                pool and sea!
    resort offering all meals,
    drinks, afternoon tea, non-
    motorized watersports and                                                                    Discovery Bay
    room service. There is plenty                                                                by Rex Re-
    to enjoy at 3 pools, a Jacuzzi                                                               sorts This 88-unit
    and four bars including the                                                                  (all colonial style) re-
    piano bar. Guests can also                                                                   sort is built around a
    dine at the sister resort of the                                                             two-story plantation
    Almond Beach Village.                                                                        style house. The re-
                                                                                                 sort is located on a
    Highlights- the courtyard is                                                                 gorgeous white sand
    where a lot of action is found                                                               beach and is in easy
    around the split level pool                                                                  walking distance of
    with cascading waterfall flow-                                                               the shops, bars and
    ing down landscaped gardens                                                                  restaurants of Hole-
    and a water spa flows into a                                                                 town. The all-
    large tub pool that holds                                                                    inclusive package in-
    eight people.                                                                                cludes daily break-
                                                                                                 fast, lunch, afternoon
                                                                                                 tea and dinner, local
Sandy Lane Resort                                                                             drinks, soft drinks and
Voted as one of the top resorts in the world as well as having one of the top golf courses    wine by the bottle during
in the world. This is a true world-class luxury resort set on one of the most beautiful       meals.
beaches found anywhere. There are 112 luxury rooms and suites that average 900
square feet with plasma, wide screen TV, entertainment system, private bar, bathrooms         Highlights- The Junior
with multi-spray showers and large verandah area. Children enjoy a full range of super-       Suite Club Room is more
vised activities and programs at the Treehouse Club. The award winning resort restau-         spacious and offers one
rants are noted for their specialties in local-island and international cuisine.              King bed or two-double
                                                                                              beds with covered ter-
Highlights- this is a golfer’s paradise offering 3 stunning, diverse and challenging golf     races with sea view. The
courses including the famous Green Monkey course rated in the world’s top 100. A day          resort has 3 live enter-
or more of beauty and relaxation can be experienced in one of 9 private spa suites offer-     tainment parties a week
ing Chakra therapy, hydrotherapy with underwater massage bath and jet blitz room. En-         with the highlight being
joy massages, facials and many other treatments.                                              the BBQ beach party
                                                                                              with Calypso Singers.
 8                              Dining and Entertainment Bajun Style
    Dining is an intriguing and enjoyable experience in Barbados. In addition to the fresh catch from the
 sea, the island keeps thousands of acres under cultivation so that restaurants can receive fresh vegeta-
 bles, fruits as well as island grown pork, chicken and beef.

 Cuisine on the island is drawn mainly from African and English influences but one can discover a great
 variety of establishments featuring Italian, French, Spanish, North American, East Indian and Chinese
 culinary treats. And while restaurants tend to be on the more pricey side of the ledger you can also find
 economically priced fast food outlets and "local" hole in the wall
 favorites.                                                         Drinks- Bajun Rum is considered some of
                                                                       the finest in the Caribbean. Try Mount
 Try mixing it up-Bajun style! Sample some of the following lo- Gay, Cockspur, VSOP or Old Gold. A
 cal favorites while dining: fresh Flying Fish (the national favorite popular drink on the bar scene is rum
 and logo of the island), Dorado (mahi-mahi), Snapper, Kingfish                          and a cream liquor, it
 or Barracuda. Also indulge in Langouste (lobster) with Saltfish                         is mixed and served
                                                                                         on the rocks. Other
 Cakes or Sea Eggs (sea urchin). Couscous compliments any of
                                                                                         local brews to try is a
 these fish dishes.                                                                      Falernum which is a
                                                                                           specialty liqueur
 A Barbados vacation wouldn’t be complete without indulging in                             brewed from sugar.
 all the fresh fruit-mangoes, papaya and passion fruit or sam-                             Beer is the national
 pling the favorite dishes-Pepperpot Stews, soups and curried                              drink and the most
 dishes along with yams and sweet potatoes or Jug-jug, a Christ-                           popular is Banks
 mas time favorite. If you still have room, black pudding is a al-                         Beer. Mauby is a Ba-
 ways a dessert favorite.                                                                  jun drink made from
                                                                                           bark, sugar and
Restaurants & Bars                                                                         spices.

Bajun or Caribbean Restaurants
David's Place- This oceanfront cottage style restaurant takes pride in its Bajun cuisine. Try Flying
Fish, Spicy Chicken, Rice and Peas, Vegetables, Fruits, Pepperpot stews and Cheese bread.

The Witch Doctor- The Doctor whips up an incredible blend of African and local flavors set amidst
a jungle themed dining room and African woodcarvings. Try their famous daiquiris along with Mozambique
Chicken (piri piri), Shrimp Creole, Flying Fish, Pumpkin Soup and Steak.

Koko's- all the food is island-style served in a Bajun house with a beach setting. Seafood and Pepperpot
stew are among the favorites here.

Brown Sugar- It seems everyone on the island shows up for lunch at some point during the weekday
to take advantage of their special. For about & $18.00 you can savor all the island stews, seafoods, chicken,
pork and vegetables you can handle.

Romance, With a View
Carambola- Considered by many to have one of the most romantic settings in Barbados if not in the
entire Caribbean. French-Caribbean Cuisine is the specialty and diners can sit along cliff side terraces above
the sea.

The Cliff- The terraced restaurant perches on limestone cliffs and offers great food along with romantic
torch-lit ambiance.

The Fathoms- This beachfront restaurant combines unique dishes (Curried snapper, rock lobster, jerk
ribs and rack of lamb) along with the waves, candlelight’s and the moon to create a romantic experience.

Oceans Restaurant- Marvelous seaside setting with specialties focused on seafood and providing a
great romantic atmosphere.

 Restaurant at South Sea- has been recognized by leading gourmet and hotel guides as one of
the top seafood restaurants in the world.
9                            Dining and Entertainment Bajun Style
                                                                 Fisherman's Wharf Enjoy
                                                                 the catch of the day as well as catch
                                                                 all the action of the waterfront at
                                                                 this famous eatery. It is set on the
                                                                 upper floor of a building dating back
                                                                 to the early 1900s. It is extremely
                                                                 popular with locals and tourists and
                                                                 features stuffed crab backs, beer-
                                                                 batter shrimp, mahi mahi with coco-
                                                                 nut and smoked snapper.

                                                                 Neptunes Considered to be
                                                                 among the best seafood restaurants
                                                                 in Barbados. Service is top rated and
                                                                 the center of the dining room is
                                                                 graced by an illuminated aquarium.
                                                                 Try the stuffed flying fish as an ap-
                                                                 petizer and experience the chef's fa-
                                                                 vorite- Blackened fish or the Garlic
                                                                 Shrimp or seafood gumbo. Top it off
                                                                 with an incredible and delicious des-
                                                                 sert selection and they will have to

    Funky, Fun & Eclectic
    Bamboo Beach Bar Possibly the most famous beach bar in Barbados. Its open-air set-
    ting draws crowds of people who enjoy a wide range of drinks and food items. Many times live
    steel bands join in the festivities. And believe it or not this is a great place to bring the kids to
    sample of the most "fun" foods found anywhere!

    Carib Beach Bar Inexpensive prices and twice a week barbeques makes this bar a
    place to check out.

    Stowaways Beach Bar The Friday Night Barbeque is an island favorite.

    Waterfront Café A favorite lunch spots of Bridgeport. Set near the Harbour for light
    watercraft the restaurant is renowned for its Bajun-style delicacies and English pub style food.

    Weisers on the Beach Combines beachside fun and activities with great food, exotic
    drinks and live music, check it out!

    Jam Rock Café & Music Bar & Grill Casual and friendly atmosphere, a great
    meeting place with music and island food treats, snacks and drinks.

    Wytukai Hawaii in the Caribbean? You bet, enjoy a fusion of Polynesian and Caribbean
    food, music and enjoyable atmosphere- this is something different and wonderful to try on
    your vacation to Barbados. (The only Polynesian restaurant on the island)

    The Crane Beach Hotel and the Atlantis Hotel are the places to be for Sun-
    day Brunch!
10                          Dining and Entertainment Bajun Style
     Night action

Baxters Road- Known as the “Street that Never Sleeps!” Bajun street life really hums
here, especially on Friday and Saturday nights- this is a slice of local island life with street ven-
dors and a chance to sample island food favorites and drinks.

Live Entertainment- Harbour Lights, Beach Club, The Ship Inn, The Waterfront Cafe,
After Dark, Le Mirage, The Bamboo Bar and the Reggae Lounge

Dinner Shows- at the Plantation Restaurant live calypso and dancing shows

Pubs & Sports bars- The Boatyard, The Coach House, The Ship Inn, The Whistling
Frog & Dillon’s

Sunset Party Cruiser- The Jolly Roger and Bajun Queen offer fun 4-hour evening
party sails

Karaoke- Carib Beach Bar in Christ Church Parish

The hotels and resorts of Barbados are noted for their great restaurants, bars and entertainment
venues. You can’t go wrong in Barbados- it’s a wonderful place for everyone!
11                                        Barbados Shopping

Barbados is a significant duty free port. Americans can buy up to $600.00 per person with a duty
free allowance. Though duty-free prices advertise savings of 30-50% below US retail prices it is best
to know your prices stateside before purchasing items abroad.

           Most Popular Items Purchased
                    Duty Free
                Cosmetics and Perfumes
                         Cigars                                  Arts and Crafts Fairs
           Clothing and Sportswear from Eng-
                          land                               Holetown Festival Street
             Local Artwork and Handicrafts                   Market is held in February
                                                             Oistins Fish Festival Street
          Duty Free Malls- Are located at Mall               Market is held during Easter
          34 on Broad Street and Pelican Vil-                Crop Over Bridgetown Mar-
          lage near the Deep Water Harbor.
                                                             ket is held in the summer
                                                             Barbados Museum Annual
                                                             Craft Fair is in December

                             Most Popular Locally Made
                                 Items Purchased
                            Island-made goods provide some of
                           the best souvenirs and mementos of
                           your trip and island made goods are
                                        duty free.

                            Rum (Mt. Gay is the most popular)
                                    Straw made items           can
                            Artwork (Artwork by Jill Walker is        help you get to all the
                                      very popular)                      hottest shopping
                                         Dolls                              locations in
                                        Jewelry                           Barbados. Visit
                                         T-shirts            to book
                                                                          your incredible
                                                                       Barbados vacation!
12                                         Barbados Shopping

Best places to shop for locally made products
A high concentration of shops and boutiques can be found along Broad Street in Bridgetown.

   The Best of Barbados Shops- found at
   various outlets sells only island made or designed

   Caribbean World- Artwork and craftwork

   Mt. Gay Rum Visitor Center- Purchase
   Rum direct from the Factory

   Pelican Village- Watch Artisans at work at
   the shops

   Earthworks- Pottery and Ceramics

   Red Clay Pottery- Pottery items

   The Great House Gallery- Art Gallery is
   set in an historic Great House and offers some of the
   best paintings and prints from the island.

   Queen's Park Gallery- Operated by the
   National Cultural Foundation and showcases the
   many great artisans that live on the island.

   Mango’s Fine Art Gallery- Speightstown

   Barbados Art Council- in Pelican Village

   Kirby Art Galleria- at The Courtyard and at The Boatyard

   Wild Feather- Sr. Philip

   The Verandah Art Gallery- in Bridgetown                    can
                                                                     help you get to all the
                                                                        hottest shopping
                                                                           locations in
                                                                         Barbados. Visit
                                                            to book
                                                                         your incredible
                                                                      Barbados vacation!
 13                                 Barbados Adventure Guide

Barbados has a unique hiking program organized by the Barbados can
National Trust. Starting at 6:00am hikers gather with guides. The       help you book your
group is divided into three groups- fast, medium and slow. The tours
                                                                       activities and adven-
also highlight history, culture and nature. Each hike is four to five
miles and lasts about threee hours. A different region is covered each tures. Visit Barbados.
week and schedules are available from the Trust. You can also get in-       com today!
formation from your hotel or

                                          Welchman Hall Gully- a path meanders
                                          through a rocky ravine filled with flowers, vegetation and
                                          spice trees. The gully also is home to vervet monkeys and
                                          is a good spot for bird watching. Located near Harrison's
                                          Cave, it is easy to combine a visit to both places.

                                          The Flower Forest- North of Welchman Gully
                                          and Harrison's Cave is a 50-acre tropical forest. Located
                                          on an old plantation at 850 feet elevation this scenic park
                                          is perfect for walking and picture taking. The forest is
                                          filled with fruit trees such as guava, cherry, apple, bread-
                                          fruit and nutmeg as well as flowering shrubs, herbs and
                                          tropical plants and flowers. You might even spot the 3
                                          types of hummingbirds that inhabit the park.

Turner's Hall Woods– a short trail of about half a mile will carry you up to about 1,200
feet through a forest filled with cedar trees and many plants and trees original to the island. The
area is also great for bird watching and scenic viewing.

Barbados Wildlife Preserve– this 3-acre preserve for the vervet, or green monkey, is
the only one of its kind in the
Caribbean. The cane field
sanctuary lets you observe the
monkeys, Barbados deer, pea-
cocks and wallabies in a natu-
ral environment. The shaded
path winds through the tree-
lined and forested preserve.

Off-road Adven-
ture- Check out the 4x4
jeep tours that carry you up to
the highest point of Barbados.
(Mt. Hillaby) And then into hik-
ing areas, out along the
beaches and snorkeling the
reefs. Lunch is included.
14                             Barbados Activities and Adventures

                                          Horseback riding

                                                     There are 8 riding schools/stables offering
                                                     rides on the beach or up into the countryside.

                                                     Polo- Barbados Polo Club outside of Hole-
                                                     town. Matches are played between September
                                                     and March.

                                                     Horseracing- is held at the Garrison.
                                                     The Cockspur Gold Cup Race is held in March
                                                     and pits the finest horses from Barbados, Mar-
                                                     tinique, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

                                                    Highland Adventure Center-
                                                    this company takes you on horseback rides up
through the hills and through old plantation ruins and quaint villages.


Barbados is one of the top rated
windsurfing spots in the world! The
windsurfing world championships
have been held here several times. 9
months out of the year (summer is
calm) the best windsurfing spots are
found off Bathsheba on the east coast
and South Point and Needhams Point
on the southern coast. The Barbados
Windsurfing Village (1-246-428-
9095) caters to windsurfers! You can
contact the Barbados Windsurfing
Club for full information on activities
at 1-246-428-6001.


Harrison's Cave-located in the center of the island and forgotten about until the 1970's this
is the number 1 tourist attraction on the island. Ride a tram down into the long passages where
lights illuminate stalactites, stalagmites and underground waterfalls and rivers.

Animal Flower Cave- the sea anemones found inside this tour-guided, shore-side cave
look like small flowers- and when you touch them they close up.

Coles Cave– this cave can be explored by foot and is located near Harrison's Cave- bring your
flashlight and hard-soled shoes!


Barbados is also a surfing Mecca for the Caribbean. In winter the best surfing is found on the east
coast off Bathsheba. There are surf shops found here as well.
 15                              Barbados Activities and Adventures

                                          Diving and Snorkeling

                                                                      Barbados is the only island in
                                                                      the Eastern Caribbean with a
                                                                      recompression chamber. Reefs
                            Flying Fish, Barracuda, Dolphin Fish,     surround the island and the
       Deep                 Red Snapper, Tuna and Shark are alive     inner reef line is great for snor-
        Sea                 and well in the waters of Barbados and    keling and diving. Barbados is
                            ready to challenge even the most ex-      better suited for novice divers
      Fishing               perienced sportsman.                      and those getting their certifi-
                                                                      cations, though there are some
                            There are over 8 major charter opera-     wreck dives.
                            tors in Barbados and you might inquire
                            with –
                            Action Charters                           Wreck Dives- Stav-
                            Blue Marlin Charters                      ronikita is a freighter develop-
                            Idyll Time Charters                       ing coral formations.

                                                                      Coral dives- the best
                                                                      formations of coral are found
                                                                      on the west and south coasts.

                                                                      Snorkeling- Folkstone
                                                                      Marine Park offers Snorkelers
                                                                      an underwater trail. Snorkel-
                                                                      ers off Mullins Bay can visit
                                                                      the Pamir shipwreck easily.
                                                                      There are numerous snorkel-
       Many all-inclusive resorts offer reef-fishing expeditions as
                                                                      ing spots just off Bridgeport in-
                                                                      cluding Carlisle Bay.

                                                                     There are several Padi Dive op-
erators in Barbados. Coral Isle Divers has a toll free USA number (800) 513-5840.

Swimming with Turtles- the Hawksbill and Leatherneck turtles are now off the endan-
gered list due to the protection of Barbados. And you can enjoy a unique activity of swimming and
snorkeling along side these beautiful turtles in the places that they play and eat on a regular basis
in the coral reefs.

Enjoy sailing and snorkeling with the turtles with
Tiami Catamarans or in glass bottom boats with
Just Breezing Watersports. An unusual and great
addition to your adventure- book a package with
Wildcat Turtle & Shipwreck Adventures and en-
joy their high-speed water cat boats that take you
to the reefs with the turtles and then later to the
shipwrecked areas to feed the fish!

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               DVENTURE NEEDS