Trademark Registration Application Form _b_ Application for registration by fdjerue7eeu


									Trademark Registration Application Form (b) the application for registration

 trademark registration application product
 Trademark Office SAIC:
 is intended to ______ trademark, used in products Classification No. ______ of the following
categories of goods, apply for registration.

 product name product use

 main raw materials of technical standards

 national ministerial

 trade custom


 applicant :________( previously attended)
 Address :__________________
 business license No. :____________

 reproduction of the trademark 10 (specify color, color drawings and black and white ink to send a
draft). Other ________
 fee per application.
 registration fee dollars.
 local industrial and commercial administration department trademark registration fees received
seal of the local Administration for Industry and the views of nuclear
transfer :________________________
  (previously attended)
  ______ years ______ months ______ days - Thanks for reading this article, this article from
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