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									B2B email                       The fast, direct and cost effective
                                route to business success

            Email remains the marketing tool of choice, with 80% of
            UK B2B Marketers considering email essential within
            their marketing mix*.

            Email marketing continues to be a cost effective way
            of generating new prospects and sales, enabling
            your business to get the right message across to the
            right audience quickly and easily - whether executed
            as a stand-alone email campaign or as part of a fully
            integrated campaign.

            In both cases, campaigns will only be as effective as
            the data that drives them. As experts in data Experian
            Business Marketing can help you drive business and
            deliver results through our email solutions.
            You can choose the level of          This enables the highest quality
            service you want:                    targeting – whether your business
            •	 B2B eData (Data Only)             focuses on email-only or fully
            •	 B2B eMailer (Data and             integrated campaigns.
                                                 B2B eData delivers both named
            B2B eData                            and generic email addresses,
                                                 so campaigns can target the
            Experian’s B2B eData draws           best approach for hitting the
            530,000 business email               appropriate audience in the most
            addresses from our National          precise way, with more than 150
            Business Database (NBD).             selection criteria to search from.
            The NBD uniqely combines Yell
            and Thomson data and is the          B2B eMailer
            most comprehensive business
            database in the UK.                  Experian’s B2B eMailer is a fully
                                                 managed service that provides
            The data is constantly enriched      access to over 850,000 business
            to provide improved email            email addresses from Experian’s
            response rates, lower wastage        NBD, plus broadcast and tracking
            and maximum ROI.                     services in one integrated
                                                 campaign solution.

            *B2B Marketing Magazine/Newsweaver
How B2B eMailer works in 6
simple steps:                                                                          Experian also provide expert advice
                                                                                       and resource to deliver your email
                                                                                       message - all without the burden of
 Step 1
                                                                                       buying, maintaining and broadcasting
                                                                                       your own email marketing list. By
Experian help you select your ideal                                                    clearly agreeing your objectives at
business customers from 850,000                                                        the outset, we ensure your campaigns
business email addresses                                                               achieve maximum ROI.
•	 Select your business target by                                                      It’s important to understand your
   size, business type, geography,
                                                                                       email campaign performance in

                                                                                       Experian’s B2B eMailer features
 Step 2                                    Step 4                                      a detailed online tracking report
                                                                                       showing the number of emails that
                                                                                       were delivered, and those that
Experian can manage your campaign          Experian can ensure your messages are
                                                                                       were clicked through. You can also
from targeting to delivery and reporting   delivered with the confidence that your
                                           email communications will sail through      target your best prospects selecting
•	 All you need to do is provide the       filters                                     your hot leads through our online
   artwork for the email                                                               reporting with a phone or direct mail
                                           •	 Choose from our 850,000 decision         follow-up campaign.
                                           •	 All opted in and happy to receive your

 Step 3                                    Step 5
                                                                                       Experian also
Experian can send your email simply        We continuously validate and update
                                                                                       provide expert
and easily at a time that suits you        our email addresses to maximise your        advice and resource
                                           response rates and ROI
•	 Allowing you to optimise different
                                                                                       to deliver your
   days and times for delivery             •	 Opt out rate less than 1%
                                           •	 Non delivered emails removed
                                                                                       email message
                                              regulary from the data set               - all without the
                                                                                       burden of buying,
                                           Step 6
                                                                                       maintaining and
                                           We provide you with access to real          your own email
                                           time results from your campaign with
                                           detailed reports so you can discover the
                                                                                       marketing list.
                                           effectiveness of your messages

                                           •	 Track and learn from the success of
                                              your campaign
                                           •	 Immediate insight into response rates
                             Features and benefits of Experian’s      Target pre-screed businesses
Tailor your                  email solutions                          Email only credit worthy prospects
                                                                      with your campaigns by removing
message through              Expert advice and resource to deliver    high risk businesses.
segmentation and             your email campaign
                             Remove the burden of buying,             Categorised by job function
precise targeting,           maintaining, and broadcasting your       By targeting Experian’s Named
adding real depth            email prospects to achieve maximum       Decision Makers file your email
                             returns.                                 messages can reach the right person
and great accuracy                                                    in the right business with a relevant
to your campaigns.           150 selection criteria from the NBD      message adding more precision to
                             holding 5.1m records                     your campaign.
                             Tailor your message through
                             segmentation and precise targeting,      Additional Insight from the NBD
                             adding real depth and great accuracy     All 850,000 emails have been
                             to your campaigns.                       cross-referenced with the NBD,
                                                                      giving you more information on the
                             Multiple data sources including          email recipient.
                             access to Yell Data
                             You will have access to the unique       All emails screened against email
                             combination of Yellow Pages data         preference service and DMA
                             and Thomson classifications and UK       suppression files
                             SIC codes adding real depth to your      Ensure greater compliance and
                             targeting and enabling you to reach      reduce wastage rates by only
                             exactly the email recipients you want.   targeting those that are happy to
                                                                      receive marketing messages, leading
                                                                      to better response rates.

                                                                      Email masking
                                                                      You can choose the email address
                                                                      and domain for the email to appear to
                                                                      be sent from, which helps to get your
                                                                      emails read more widely, and less
                                                                      messages being ‘junked’ or blocked.
          •		Less	than	9%	
          bounce rate
          •		First	name	
          almost doubles
          open rate
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    NG80 1RH

    T 08700 12 11 11


                                                      Instant online reporting                 Subject	Line	Testing	
                                                      You can measure your email               B2B eMailer tests multiple subject
                                                      campaign performance with detailed       lines on a sample of the data and
                                                      tracking showing the number of           automatically delivers your email
                                                      emails delivered, those that were        with the most successful subject line.
                                                      opened and those that clicked
                                                      through enabling you to plan the right
                                                      follow-up activity.                      Service desk assistance
Instant results on deliverability                                                              Expert assistance to help you get
                                                                                               your targeting right.

                                                                                               When a quick response is required,
                                                                                               email is a vital addition to
                                                                                               conventional DM and telemarketing
                                                                                               methods. By using Experian’s B2B
                                                                                               email solutions you will see the
                                                                                               responses coming in just minutes
                                                                                               after sending your communication.
                                                                                               What’s more, recipients will be so
                                                                                               much closer to making a purchase
                           Tailor your follow-up activity to those who opened or clicked       decisions.

To find out more, contact your Experian
Account Manager or call +44 (0) 8700 12 11 11
Alternatively you can e-mail:

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