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 tender bid template works

 construction unit :________________________________

  1. According to the tender has been received numbered ______ The __________ of the tender
invitation documents, in accordance with "Construction Management method of bidding"
requirement, I inspected the scene and by the research unit of the works of tender documents for
Proposal, contract conditions, technical specifications, drawings, bills of quantities and other
relevant file, we are willing to __________ RMB yuan total, according to the terms of the contract,
technical specifications, drawings, bill of quantity in terms of contracting the works of
construction, completion and warranty.
  2. Once our bid, we guarantee that in ______ ______ ______ month _____ day started ,______
on ____ day on completion of the ____ days (calendar days ) be completed and handed over the
entire project.
  3. If our bid, we will submit in accordance with the provisions of 5% of the total amount of bank
guarantee or 10% of the total price of an independent legal entity by the economic entity's
performance bond issued by enterprises, as performance bond, jointly and separately liable.
  4. We agree with the submission of the tender document in the 'Proposal' Article 11 provides that
the effective period of the tender, in the meantime we may be winning the tender, we will be
  5. Unless otherwise agreed and entered into force, your notice of winning the bid and the bid will
constitute a binding contract between us.
  6. We ____________ RMB yuan amount of bid security submitted with the tender at the same
  tender units :________( seal)
  unit address :________________
  legal representative: (signature, seal)
  postcode :________________
  telephone :________________
  fax :________________
  Bank Name :____________
  bank account :________________
  Bank Address :______________
  telephone :________________
  Date :____ __ years _ ___ On this day
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