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									School Teacher Survey Report Survey Report on Teacher

  school teacher Investigation Report
  body under the Municipal Bureau of Education and the unified arrangement of the school
leadership organizations, our school has in-depth teaching line, conduct research, extensive
discussions with teachers, exchange, open-minded for their comments and receive reflect the
problem, the faculty problems existed in a more detailed investigation and study, now research
reported as follows:
  1, the current I the faculty of the status quo
  In recent years, our school the teacher ranks as Teachers is an important aspect, through the
holding of political learning, work trip, Speech Contest, seminars and other activities exchange,
especially on the ideological Since the great debate, great teachers mobilized the enthusiasm,
initiative, its sense of mission, responsibility, strengthening, all top-notch performance is gradually
formed a thick atmosphere.
  present the faculty is good, most teachers loyal to the party and the people's education,
professional love, conscientious, hard, obscure, and selfless devotion to education reform and
development of our city and social progress and make a positive contribution to their own act on
the "Three Represents", worthy of the "engineers of human souls." School emerged in a number of
ethical, excellent performance, enjoyed high prestige in the community's model teacher. The
teachers wholeheartedly work and excellence in teaching performance and the quality of educating
people to make our school the quality of education increased steadily.
, however, present the faculty building, there are still two problems. The one hand, there are
several vacancies for subject teachers, resulting in physical, biological, political, historical, and
other weak subjects, teaching quality to the school as a whole improved steadily, creating a greater
  on the other hand is the quality of teachers has three points in less than:
  1. Minds are not in place. Although individual teachers continuously improve teaching quality,
but the importance of building awareness of ethics is not enough. Some teachers lack of love and
sense of responsibility, the parents gave their children the benefits of special care, and other
non-active communication and assist.
  2. Style of work needs to be improved, a small number of professional ability of teachers is not
strong, good learning attitude. Some teachers do not like reading, good at learning, theory of the
low level of knowledge obsolete, management, teaching methods, lack of modern educational
thought; of the work is not thorough investigation and study, do not fully understand the specific
situation, vigorously formalism, really get a really dry do less, do not mind the work, poor
concentration, efficiency is not high, selfishness heavier.
  3. Sense of quality to be enhanced. Dedication and initiative of individual teachers is not strong,
job burnout, teaching to meet to make progress, perfunctory, and just teaching performance is
always poor.
  2, on the faculty some suggestions on the
  1. Strengthen the leadership, promotion of Ethics.
  career as teachers in special education, molding the cause, so the teacher's world view, outlook
on life and values, even the words and deeds, will be through this or that way, all aspects of the
students impact. Therefore, teachers need to strengthen ethics cultivation, so that dedication.
Through word and deed, help students improve personality.
  first set up organizations to strengthen the organization and leadership to this work. School
leadership team to effectively assume responsibility for supervision of teachers of professional
ethics education.
  Second, continue to staff the depth of the "three stresses, and three to three love" campaign,
efforts to improve the quality of faculty's ideological and theoretical level.
  third group each year to strengthen the measures to implement the plan. Must organize the
faculty, staff reading and learning activities. In learning methods, one must seize the focus of study,
learning the spirit of the Seventeenth Party Congress, to learn the knowledge of the scientific
development concept, to learn to promote the concept of emancipation and update; Second, we
must learn reality. We should study and discussion of emancipating the mind and ideas of real and
personal work closely together; 3 to building a harmonious school children work together to
further establish our minds, open up the ideology of scientific development, set off to learn discuss
the upsurge.
  2. Training set to lead a all teachers.
  typical character of the crowd have a more certain impact, but the greatest impact on the teachers,
the most convincing is that people around who see and feel the advanced people, so we need to
train and establish a number of typical . In recent years, school education, I should have emerged
out of the advanced character, exemplary teachers selected out, sum up their achievements, share
their advanced experience. To maximize their effect, and ensure that the teachers learn by example,
through my school, "to help with" activities to achieve the professional ethics of teachers to
enhance the quality and leap.
  3. Business and learning, and teaching ability.
  teacher must be with the times. "Solar is a new day." Era of the first rapid we face challenges,
educational ideas, teaching methods, professional knowledge and capabilities have to follow the
wheels of the times, constantly update, expand, enrich and improve. To a keen understanding of
new ideas, carefully study the new theory, eager to learn new technology, constantly upgrade their
own quality.
  teacher must be learned before. Student teachers are idols, teachers learned as students will be
"pro-his teacher, the letter of its Road." Therefore, teachers must have solid expertise. It is
reflected in the proficiency and knowledge of new areas. Master is on the teaching subjects, to
master the basic theory, to understand the history of discipline, status, trends and social role,
master key and difficult. Not only to know these, but want to know why they seize the essentials,
giving top priority, by analogy, with ease, to stimulate students interest in learning. New
knowledge is to acquire new knowledge, be innovative lectures. Sharp differentiation of
contemporary scientific knowledge, rapid metabolism, application of shorter and shorter, more
distinct and innovative knowledge, which requires teachers to learn new information, new
knowledge, new theory to enrich themselves, improve the knowledge structure. Mastery of
knowledge and new knowledge, teachers will take part on theoretical study, business study, to go
out training and further education persist.
  4. Recognition of exemplary teachers, promote ethics righteousness. I emerged on the ethics
model school teachers, the school should be commended to encourage, to morality as a job
appointment, Appraising an important part of the tree model, all dedicated to creating love,
teaching, teachers, and care for students good atmosphere.
  nature student-teachers. Teachers and students must be closer to heart distance. Teachers love
their students, is to really find the thing about the students, such love will be from the heart,
long-lasting. For this reason, teachers must be good to understand the psychological changes in
students, and students make friends, build a new type of teacher-student relationship between them
and the students in mind distance.
  moment of every teacher to outstanding teachers in accordance with the standards of strict
demands on themselves, emancipate the mind, new ideas, establish awareness of innovation, good
brains, diligent in thinking, pioneering spirit, and always stand in the forefront of the times,
constantly study new situations and solve new problems, make your own work to a new level!
  5. Construction of evaluation mechanisms, scientific evaluation of teachers.
  body around the City Bureau of Education carried out the "three examinations three assessment"
activities, the implementation of the evaluation of teachers. One is to improve the monitoring of
teachers teaching evaluation program to be more conducive to bringing faculty, staff enthusiasm
for work. Second, teachers each semester to organize a consultative activities designed Review of
materials and forms, mainly in three forms: Student council teachers, members of the evaluation
of teacher leadership council of teachers and parents. Evaluation to ensure that the work of
teachers of science, fair and just.
  6. For superior support, strengthen weak subjects.
  schools and teaching body through normal channels Bureau, Personnel Division, Department of
the leading communication, reflecting the actual situation in schools, fight for the leadership's
understanding and support vacancies as soon as possible to resolve the phenomenon of subject
teachers to address the weaknesses in the teaching discipline construction issues to ensure that the
overall teaching quality schools steadily.
  short, in order to seriously implement the education body City Council "to reform and innovation
and development, with special connotation Glory," the work of the ideas, and constantly deepen
education reform, quality education, we need to greatly strengthen the teacher ranks, so that the
majority dedicated teachers love their jobs and devoting themselves to teaching and educating
people to this sacred cause. Our school staff to continue to conduct in-depth "three stresses, and
three to three love" campaign, efforts to improve the overall quality of teaching staff to further
strengthen the management of school education and teaching, creative, rushed excellence, and
effectively improve teaching quality, people feel satisfied with the school. [Thanks for reading this
article, this article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the
original author] / center>

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