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									Manager of the supermarket manager debriefings staff

 supermarket manager debriefings Staff

  xx my supermarket manager, to the supermarket to have X XX years the past few years, I
systematically studied the introduction retail, warehouse-style supermarket chains Management
Studies, consumer psychology, customer base and sales skills, knowledge, learning new
knowledge of the retail industry, trying to get home as soon as financing the development of music
to go. X-shop opened on the eve of my hard working, always working in the front and staff
struggle often late into the night, until the shop. At this point, I began the journey to create xx
market. Sales in stores early next year xx northbound only ten million a day, after six months of
efforts, the market was finally opened, family fun xx's greater visibility and increased sales,
customer satisfaction, and employee's face was full of joy, this year I was named "xxx advanced
  city work because it is just arrived in X, there is no relationship between popularity over the past
year, I am using every relationship, to overcome the geographical differences, understand the
market and the policies and regulations xx, and partners work closely together with the relevant
government department established Good co-operation relations. Xx market to open up every day
I work with the staff and listen to all reasonable suggestions to address the highly competitive
market environment. Currently, xx xx have a number of supermarkets around, competitors opened
up his store music shops around the home, the face of this environment for xxxx years to complete
the task is a test to improve the staff were all thinking there is concern . To this end, I made xx
employees in the work of the center is "to promote the sale of services to manage and reduce
costs." Year of service standard training, management training, we will not forget this work center,
which has been run through a store manager and staff every mind. If done well, it will attract
customers, will be able to bail out. Over the past year northbound store sales and management to
achieve the dual objectives of profitability, sales of super-completion. Xx increase of more than
85%, the group issued three consecutive years to complete the task.
  face shining achievements, I do not meet. I carefully analyze the product mix and market demand,
timely adjustment of product structure and the reasonable control of inventory, to avoid the
backlog of capital. Shop for the other ports because of xx northbound shop supplier for field
addition of suppliers, to some extent affect the sales. Year, the company set up in xx goods group,
headed by me, in order to store the steady development in the xx, so that differences with the
formation of dominant competitors, I made the commodity group "heavy width, depth, light and
heavy chains, light elimination for "the principle of negotiations, the commodity group in the
perfect xx market, and further form a × × × chain advantage. Replacement of non-market goods
for xx, and the development of some of the local characteristics of goods, from the fundamental
solution to the vegetables, fruits can not chain business problems. Years, I led, xx × × in goods
widened operating on computers, mobile phones, audio, books, chilled, kitchen staple varieties,
really form a storage super supermarkets. Variety of goods increased by more than 99 years nearly
doubled. Species brought full flow, enhance the management of lower costs, improve service
levels to win the customer. × × annual Urban Consumers Association, business, newspapers in the
polls, xx northbound shop was named "xx people are most satisfied with the supermarket."
  northbound branch manager in as xx and xx Regional Director during the complex face of shops
inside and outside of work I use their brains to find ways, boldly decentralization, competition for
employment, the full mobilization of all levels of management and general staff enthusiasm,
creativity. I think that "employees are the company's largest capital, and only provide them with
the opportunity to give full play to their talents, to enhance the cohesion of employees, enterprises
can endure." Under my leadership, xx northbound shop gradually formed assume their
responsibilities, strict and efficient work pattern.
, of course, at work there are some drawbacks. 1,2,3
  In the future, I will make efforts in three areas, seriously do their job. 1,2,3
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