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									          Instructions for “Information Technology Project Oversight Services” Category

1. Definition of Roster Category:
   Information Technology (IT) Project Oversight – applied to large, complex City IT projects -- is
   an independent assessment conducted with the purpose of reducing project risks and improving the
   likelihood of project success. The consultant will review all project management lifecycle processes
   and deliverables, evaluate the quality of the project work, and make recommendations to improve
   project management practices. All standard project management processes must be assessed
   throughout the project lifecycle.

2. Special Instructions for the Consultant Roster Online Application Form.
   Please make sure that your online submittal includes the following information:
    o   Business Experience Section -- Provide information regarding your firm’s experience with
        providing project oversight services for large, complex IT projects. If your firm has subject area
        expertise and/or experience with public sector organizations, such as public safety, utilities, or
        transportation, please include that information. Provide the name, phone number, and if possible,
        e-mail address for a contact at each engagement you cite in your response, as well as information
        on the size of the engagement. The City intends to use this information to verify the experience
        and service reputation of the firm.

    o   Key Personnel Section -- Identify those personnel in your firm who are currently available and
        would be proposed to provide project oversight services. Provide information on their
        qualifications and experience and relate that, to the degree possible, to the engagements listed in
        response to the firm’s project history above. Include the billing rate for all project oversight

3. Supplemental Information Needed.
   In addition to the standard online Application Form, we are requesting you send us the following:
    o   Describe how your firm approaches project oversight engagements. Provide a copy of the
        PMBOK-based methodology that you employ.
    o   Provide two examples of a written report that you created in the course of an actual project
        oversight engagement; one example should be an Executive Summary report and one should be a
        detailed report. (You may alter client identification as needed to ensure required confidentiality.)

    If this information is in electronic form, send to:
    If it’s in hardcopy form, send to:
          Amy Doerzbacher
          City of Seattle
          Dept of Info Technology
          700 Fifth Ave, Suite 2700
          P.O. Box 94709
          Seattle, WA 98124-4709

Once the City has evaluated the written materials, the City may opt to invite firms to a follow-on

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