; Review the basics of democratic party democratic evaluation system
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Review the basics of democratic party democratic evaluation system


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									Review the basics of democratic party democratic system of appraisal

 basic knowledge of the democratic party appraisal system

. Democratic evaluation system
  party democratic system of council members is to strengthen the party construction of an
important system. It was in December 1988 the Central Organization Department, CPC Central
Committee approved and transmitted "on the establishment of a democratic system of council
members view" made. Currently the system has become a regular party system. Democratic
council members is in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution party members, party
members through positive education and self and the masses inside and outside the council, and
the party's assessment of each party in the performance of the work and role in making objective
evaluation, and through organizational measures, to encourage party members, pure organization,
the purpose of rectifying the ranks. The establishment of democratic party appraisal system is
strict, for strengthening the education of Party members, management and supervision of effective
measures. Comments by Democratic Party members, commending the advanced, remove corrupt
elements serious disposal of unqualified party members, thereby maintaining the advanced nature
of party organizations, to improve the overall quality of party members and strengthen the party's
cohesion and combat effectiveness.
. The basic principles of the Democratic Party Review
  Democratic council members should adhere to the following principles: First, the principle of
seeking truth from facts. In the process of democratic deliberations, we should adhere to the facts
and truth, not lower standards for party members, but not the empty high demand. We must
control standards and strict requirements, but also engage in exaggeration, deliberately entire
people. Second, adhere to the principles of democracy and openness. To respect the democratic
rights of Party members, let the party members to fully express their views and listened carefully
to the views of non-party people's comments. Unqualified party members on the disposal of the
views of the organization to meet with me and allowing defense. Third, uphold the principle of
equality. Members of equality before the appraisal standards, whether general or leading cadres of
party members should be treated equally demanding.
. Democratic appraisal of members of the basic elements
  Democratic council members the contents of the whole, the provisions of the Party Constitution
to be based on conditions. Details should be based on the current situation and tasks of the party
members the party's request, according to the exemplary vanguard role of party members at this
stage the requirements and characteristics to identify and adjust. Different regions should also be
combined with local actual conditions and additional details. In general, the basic democratic
assessment includes:
  (1) whether a firm belief in communism, whether the four cardinal principles of reform and
opening to achieve a common ideal at this stage do the same down to earth own work together,
serve the people wholeheartedly.
  (2) whether the resolutely implement the party's basic line for the primary stage of socialism and
the principles, policies, and in politics is consistent with the CPC Central Committee, to promote
the development of productive forces and contribute to the building of socialist spiritual
civilization .
  (3) is standing on the forefront of reform and safeguarding the overall situation of reform, the
correct handling of state, collective, between personal interests, so that personal interests are
subordinate to the interests of the party and the people, local to overall interests.
  (4) is firmly implement the Party's resolution, adherence to party and government discipline, law
of the land, strongly curried.
  (5) whether close ties with the people, concerned about the sufferings of the masses, hard work,
integrity, and consciously safeguard the interests of the people.
. The Democratic Party's method of appraisal steps
  Democratic council members to work under the leadership of party committees at all levels, the
party branch as a unit, with the planned and orderly. Normally relatively concentrated. Democratic
appraisal of the implementation steps are usually: (1) learning education stage. Party democratic
assessment of learning, in general, the Party Constitution, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the central
elements of the document can also be content with local council to learn practical and relevant
documents. Focus attention on the education of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the ideal purpose of
education, style, and discipline of education. (2) self-evaluation stage. Party members were mainly
self-evaluation criteria and appraisal content. To contact individual thinking and practice,
consciously removing the check words, affirming the achievements, identify the problems and
causes, whether to pass on self-identification. Self-assessment, should carefully and accurately
written personal summary materials, and to solicit the views of the masses inside and outside.
Personal summary written by the branch after going to the validation, then the party branch
meeting in the self-summary. (3) party, non-party appraisal stage. First branch within the party or
party group peer assessment. Review of essential to carry out criticism and self-criticism, dare to
touch the contradictions and problems, to avoid irresponsible enumerate gracefully. Leading
cadres should take the lead in their anatomy, leading to criticism, comment others to take the lead.
Public criticism of the inappropriate question, suggestion box or by means of individual talks with
the party, so party members to fully express their views. Peer assessment within the party after the
forum or poll method can be used to listen to the masses outside the views of party branches and
members. (4) assessment of the organization stage. Branch committee meeting, the parties face
each party member will evaluate and reflect a comprehensive, analysis of preliminary comments,
to verify the situation, further investigation and verification. Then submitted to the General
Assembly members to discuss, in accordance with the principle of majority to form the views of
formal organization. Identified as an outstanding member of the party members and failed to
report higher Party committees for approval. (5) recognition, processing stages. Through
democratic discussion, members of the same good performance recognized by the grass-roots
party organizations through oral or written form of recognition, an outstanding member of the
prominent, reported to the higher Party committees for recognition; on qualified party members to
give recognition and encouragement; on party members to be unqualified in accordance with the
relevant policies, different circumstances, serious disposition.
. Of the appraisal format time
  party through democratic discussion, Finally, the masses outside the party and provided
comments on the standard control party members from party branches to make the results of the
members of the council. Review of the lattice plays are generally divided into: ① an outstanding
member; ② qualified members; ③ unqualified party members.
. Unqualified party
  main refer to those unqualified party members have lost faith in communism and revolutionary
recession, does not perform duties of party members, do not attend the party's organizational life,
do not pay dues, do not do the assigned party work, the role of party members who can not afford.
The main manifestations are: faith and confidence of communism, unwilling to perform duties of
party members; organizations have a sense of six consecutive months without valid reasons not to
participate in the organizational life of the party or not to pay dues, do not do the work party
distribution; forget the party The purpose of the sufferings of the masses are indifferent, or the
work will be using power for personal gain, adversely affect the masses, work, production is not
positive, not seriously, Pita drag, half-heartedly, or long-term absence from work, slack, not finish
their own task: in front of major not adhere to the principles of the bad guys bad and unhealthy
trends can not carry out the struggle, even when the state and collective property and people
subjected to serious threats to lives and property; stand or funk, and so on.
  unqualified party members in the party though a minority, but remain in the party will loose
organization of the party and weaken the party's combat effectiveness, and cause damage to the
party's prestige. Therefore, unqualified party members, must be seriously, seriously disposal.
. Unqualified members of organizations dealing with
  handle on the failure to organize party members, is the work of a policy nature, we must uphold
the standards and strict demands, but also pragmatic, practical and political life of the party
members responsible. Therefore, in practical work, to achieve "the facts are clear, justified,
appropriate treatment, procedure is complete." Should normally follow the following procedures:
(1) comments in the Democratic Party in initially for failure to verify the major issues, and
compile a comprehensive realistic material. Content of the material normally include: profiles of
party members, the main question, comment, I shall attitude. (2) branch of the Committee in
accordance with the policy of disposal of unqualified party members boundaries, initial treatment
advice and listen to the views of the object to be disposed of. (3) the convening of the Assembly
members to discuss the Committee's initial processing branch views. (4) branch will be disposed
of decisions adopted by the Assembly members to verify the material shall be submitted to the
party committee for approval. Party committees should carefully review the reported material
branch, make a decision after thorough discussion. (5) Party branch received approval documents,
to talk in time to find the object to be disposed of, conveyed the views of the party committee's
approval, do ideological work. After the party held a meeting to announce the decision of party
  failure in the disposal of party members, to distinguish between several boundaries: note to have
lost faith in communism and the party position against or resist the party's basic theory, basic line,
basic policies and a higher level with the correct resolution failure to learn, failing to keep up the
situation, confused understanding of the party's principles, policies and resolutions in conflict,
people do not seriously implement a distinction between; attention to as unsound or weak and lax
party members can not fulfill its obligations caused by the same I do not want party members to
fulfill their obligations subjectively distinguish; attention to inadequate experience and the limits
and errors caused by the loss of work, with good quality I thought, abuse of power, damage state
and the people to distinguish; pay attention to because frail or chronically ill and other practical
difficulties, inability to complete the assigned work of party organizations, not always participate
in party activities, with the revolutionary will decline, can not afford to distinguish between the
role of party members.
. Disposal of unqualified party members in the way of
  handle on the failure to organize party members, party members to improve the overall quality of
the measures necessary to enhance the combat effectiveness of party organizations, party members
also establish a normal import and export mechanisms, consistent and strict an important part of
the party. Disposal of unqualified party members, to take "adhere to standards based education,
discrimination in a comprehensive" approach. Party members should generally adhere to standards
of education, so that each party knows what to do in the new era of a qualified party members, to
democratic discussion, listen to opinions of the masses based on the Constitution and in
accordance with the relevant provisions of unqualified party members to do different
circumstances the treatment. Any failure is not willing to make corrections, persuaded to quit the
party, urged the refundable, it shall be removed; although unqualified, but willing to correct and
are determined by their own party members and standards, to take within a time limit approaches,
continue to help, education, not change due to be removed; all I am required to resign, and should
be approved. Disposal of unqualified party members should be combined with the restoration of
grass-roots party organizations, and those who are weak and lax tissue caused by the failure of
party members, should rectify the organization, over a period of time and then disposed of
unqualified party members, as appropriate. Unqualified party members to be disposed of with the
management by objectives, "A Good" and other systems together. Disposal of unqualified party
members should pay attention to strictly adhere to standards, adhere to the ideological education
and organizations dealing with equal emphasis on implementation of the "punishment as a
deterrent to save lives" approach, strictly adhere to the policy limits, seek truth from facts,
discrimination and serious disposition.
. Within a time limit
  Constitution provides: "lack of revolutionary will of party members, party members do not fulfill
the obligation, does not meet party members, the party's branch shall educate him, asking him to
within a time limit." Within a time limit is a party to the unqualified party members a form of
education, also urged the party members within a specified time to correct errors, increase
awareness, to qualified party members have taken measures to deal with an organization. Disposal
of the organization or to correct form for Although they are unqualified party members, but I have
to stay in the party's strong desire to help are willing to accept the education party, have the
determination and action to correct the wrong people. Failed to make within a time limit on the
disposal of party members, party members must branch to discuss the General Assembly, in
accordance with the principle of majority decision and report to higher level approval.
  within a time limit time limit of one year. In within a time limit expires, the branch members to
convene the General Assembly in time for discussion, that its not correct mistakes, not yet reached
the required conditions for party members, party organizations should be persuaded to quit the
party, advised to be removed but Never. Generally not to extend the time within a time limit.
Within a time limit is not the party's disciplinary action, party members within a time limit period,
the rights and obligations are not affected.
  0. Persuaded to quit the party
  constitution provides that members lack of revolutionary will, fails to perform duties of party
members, party members do not meet the conditions, party organizations should educate their
request for their time limit; still no change through education, should be persuaded to quit the
party. Advice to quit in a party, be sure to take serious attitude. The performance of members of
this comprehensive, historical analysis, identify the reasons behind their negative, there is no
possibility of change, whether it meets the provisions of discouraging constitution conditions,
seeking truth from facts to make a decision. To persuade party members quit the party, party
members to go through the General Assembly to discuss and decide branch, reported a higher
level approval;
  to persuade party members quit the party, the party members and a way for organizations to
address, not the party's disciplinary action, the party can not substitute disciplinary action.
Because they were advised to quit the party who violated party discipline, party members do not
  to persuade party members to quit the party and expelled from the party, although party members
are on treatment, is to purify the party members, party members and quality assurance measures
taken by the organization, but the difference of principle between the two. Urged party members
to quit the party is through advice to help unqualified party members through education, generally,
I consent to quit the party; expelled from the Party is a serious breach of party discipline, party
members and the most important disciplinary action, removal from the party.
  1. Self-resign
  self left the party and is not justified, from their own party. Constitution provides: "If there is no
legitimate reason to party members, for six consecutive months to participate in the party's
organizational life, or do not pay dues, or do not do the work assigned to the party, it is considered
self-quit the party." These provisions indicate that the absence of party members justification, for
six consecutive months with any of the above three cases are considered on their own quit the

  deal with the issue of party members resign on their own, the key is whether "reasonable
grounds" and is "for six consecutive months," the two conditions. Do not have objective reasons
for this type of party members, all without analysis to resign for their own treatment. Party
members have left the party in the act of discovery, its criticism and education should be timely to
help them correct their mistakes, and not wait until six months later to say in treatment. If I do not
receive education, insists on not to change, should be in accordance with the constitution
  2. Corrupt elements
  corrupt elements within the party is lawlessness, corruption, bribery, extortion, corruption and
degeneration, they rely on hand power to indiscriminately for personal gain, serious violations of
state and public interests, damaging the image of the party , in the people of the adverse effects of
party members. Although the small number of corrupt elements within the party, but very bad
influence, serious corrosion of the body of the party, tarnished the reputation of the party,
interference and damage the party's line, principles and implementation of policies, damage to the
party and the masses of flesh and blood ties. Therefore, removal of corrupt elements must take
firm approach, found a clear one, and purify the party's organization, improve the Party's fighting
  3. Prepare members of the Democratic Review
  probationary Party member to participate in democratic appraisal, appraisal of the contents,
requirements and methods are the same as the official party members. However, in recognition of
the processing stage, and the official party members are treated differently. First, party members
should not be prepared as an outstanding member. This is because the party prepared in the
preparation period, the study of education are receiving party organizations, party members have
not yet made a formal qualification. Outstanding performance on the preparation of party
members, and can give verbal praise or reward, particularly in recognition of outstanding use other
means to publicize their deeds. Second, they are prepared to deal with party members can not do
to persuade them to quit the party. In the democratic appraisal of the need for organizations to
address the preparation of party members, according to the specific circumstances, some can be
criticized, to help correct mistakes in the probationary period; some probationary period may be
extended; some preparatory party membership can be canceled.
  4. Democratic assessment materials handling party
  Review of the Democratic Party in the form of materials handling, general practice is: as an
outstanding member of a failure by the organizational members, the discipline of party members
were disciplined , In addition to deposit its instrument file relevant materials, shall be deposited in
time I file; other members of the council materials generally do not credit to my file, the file can
be saved documents be destroyed after a period of time.
  5. The right to non-conforming party
  proper treatment and disposal of unqualified party members, is the work of the Democratic
council members is an important policy is to test the effectiveness of democratic appraisal
important criteria. Treatment of unqualified party members, the policy of the central authorities is
to "uphold the standard, based on education and differential treatment and comprehensive
management." In practical work we must conscientiously implement this policy, the education and
disposal to effectively integrate and establish a normal mechanism for the disposal of unqualified
party members.
  First of all, to insist on the unqualified party members through education, not to engage in not
without prior warning. Through members of standards and style of the party's fine tradition of
education, and stimulate their ideological consciousness, so that they understand their own
weaknesses and shortcomings, see the gap of qualified members. Patient education should
enthusiastically help them promote their conversion; to guide them over natural wake up, pull
themselves together, to face and correct their own mistakes, and strive to be a qualified party
members. Education is still on after correction, and should take organizational measures.
  Second, party members fail to adhere to facts, differential treatment, very carefully. Unqualified
party members had different circumstances and reasons, must be serious, concrete analysis, based
on their shortcomings, the extent and causes of errors and my understanding of attitudes and
actions to correct the situation, take different forms and handle. Party organizations should be
willing to accept education, determined to set strict demands on party members themselves, and
refused access to education, who refused to correct serious distinction between the former general
approach taken within a time limit, the latter should be persuaded to quit the party and advised the
refundable, it shall be removed.
  third, who after education has been discouraging and the removal of unqualified party members,
party organizations should pay attention to do their ideological and political work, not
discriminated against and marginalized them, and still have to care, help and solidarity their
education after they are out of the party to be a good citizen. After some efforts to correct the
shortcomings and mistakes, with the party members, you can also re-absorb them into the party.
  6. The right of party members quit the party to treat the problem
  Constitution provides: "Party members have quit the party of freedom." Thus, members
voluntarily requested by the party organization in accordance with the relevant provisions of the
formalities, you can exit the party. Party on party members to quit the party requests should be the
following principles: (1) respect the rights of party members quit the party to allow party members
have quit the party of freedom. The CPC is the vanguard of the working class. To be a Communist
is not only voluntarily, but is conditional. If party members to change their beliefs, or for other
reasons; do not want to be a party member and required to resign from the party organization
should be approved. (2) required to resign from party members, party organizations should be
made, can not the media or otherwise made public. (3) required to resign from party members,
party members must first make clear the reasons to quit the party, and different treatment. For the
usual very good, because there is knowledge or fuzzy impulse made to quit the party, quit the
party afterwards to withdraw the application, you can quit without treatment, but should carry out
serious criticism and education. Party members are prepared to extend the probationary period.
For lack of revolutionary will, lose faith in the communist cause, or negative and backward, or
even degenerate, or the expansion of individualism, unwilling to accept the Party's supervision and
discipline of the party required to resign, quit the party shall make timely approval of the
treatment ; of the serious mistakes or even detrimental to the party's act, expelled from the party,
even though I moved to quit the party, but not by quitting the party dealt with according to Party
discipline should be expelled from the party. (4) required to resign from party members, party
organizations do not force retention, should respect their wishes be granted. (5) members quit the
party after the party concerned should help them politically, not to discrimination and exclusion, to
encourage them to be a good citizen. Party organizations should also be lessons learned,
strengthen education and management of party members, party members thinking of joining
efforts to resolve the issue.
  7. Democracy and democratic consultative council of party members and cadres to
  combination of council members focused on the Democratic Party members and cadres,
especially leading cadres. Party members and cadres, they should be in accordance with the
relevant provisions of the regular participation of Democratic evaluation activities, but also to
participate as ordinary members of the Democratic council members once a year event. In view of
these two different but related work should be organically combined to make two. If conditions
permit, two tasks can be roughly arranged in the same period of time. This will reduce duplication
of links, to save time and improve efficiency. Meanwhile, the democratic appraisal of party
members and cadres with the combination of democratic appraisal, appraisal and evaluation can
be the result of rewards and punishments with the cadres, and link down, play a complementary
role, not only increase the breadth of evaluation of cadres, but also enhance the appraisal effective.
Administration of party members and cadres to combine management and more conducive to
strengthening the supervision of leading cadres, help to promote grass-roots party organizations.
  council as the two work contents and requirements of different, specific practices can be a hand
in there together. Ideological mobilization, study and education; to listen to outside opinions with
the common mass appraisal work, and you can be. Self-evaluation, appraisal, cadre evaluation,
assessment of the organization to recognize and deal with such a distinction should be done
depending on the circumstances, separately in different areas; party members and leading cadres
of the identity of ordinary party members must actively participate in democratic discussion, with
an open mind to listen to the general Party members and people's views and control standard
check their own thinking and behavior, organizational disposal should be treated equally. In order
to promote lasting democratic appraisal party members, solid and effective manner.
  8. Democratic appraisal of party members should adhere to the combination of qualitative and
  party in a democratic appraisal activities, adhere to the qualitative and quantitative appraisal
council combined to ensure the quality of democracy and an important method of appraisal work,
is to make this work go on standardization, an important scientific tool.
  quantitative evaluation, mainly through analyzing the content of the Examination of quantifiable
indicators that can have good understanding of routine work and activities of party members in all
aspects. Quantitative appraisal should target management with the party members, party members
area of responsibility, contact family members to combine such activities.
  qualitative evaluation, mainly yes right Review the contents of the content can not be quantified,
such as faith, belief, political stance, moral quality, mass viewpoint, etc., under the normal control
was conducted comprehensive analysis, comparison, judgments, obtained objective and accurate

 Democratic council members insist that only the combination of qualitative and quantitative
appraisal can be made on accurate evaluation of each party.
 9. Democratic appraisal of party members to a regular, institutionalized
 Democratic council members are strict, for improving quality of party members; enhancing the
combat effectiveness of grassroots party organizations important measure. Therefore, this work
should include a regular, systematic.
 Democratic council members work to do to make regular, systematic, full of vitality, first of all,
pay attention to work closely around the center of the party, the Democratic council members into
the party building work important, insist on an annual basis. Secondly, according to the current
situation and tasks, constantly add new content. Third, should the system with other systems and
activities within the party organically combine that with the goal of management of party
members, party members and leading cadres of the Democratic Review, "A Good" activities,
consolidation of grassroots organizations, the rectification body style, the party in political studies,
political training, combine to make it complementary to rely on each other, financial education,
management, supervision, activities in one form the combined effect of [Thanks for reading this
article, this article from [worry document] www .5 udoc.com collection and sorting, to thank the
original author] / center>

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