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 hydroelectric power plant production practice internship report

 1, Practice Name: Gezhouba production practice
 Second, practice time and place: June 9, 2009 18, China Yichang City,
 three internships: Gezhouba hydropower plant
 4, purpose and significance of practice:
 teaching internship is plan an important part. Internship through the unit, so that students and
workers to the unit technical unit management to learn the knowledge, understanding of the
general operation and further consolidate classroom knowledge learned to understand and be
familiar with the professional field of modern technology and organizational management. After
graduation to participate in practical work for the future. Practical exercise the students practical
ability, to learn the theoretical knowledge into practice which, on the other hand the correctness of
the theory test book, so that students can digest the knowledge. At the same time broaden their
horizons and improve the student's knowledge structure, to achieve the purpose of exercise
capacity. 5
, internships content:
  6 月 11 on the morning of the following: plant security education, distinguish between
education, Gezhouba, the general situation of the Three Gorges Water Control Project description
 Gezhouba project is founded on the 20th century, early 70s , completed in the late eighties, a total
investment of 4.848 billion yuan. Dam length 2606.5 m, crest elevation of 70 meters, a designed
capacity of 21 units with a total capacity of 2777MW, annual volume of 15.7 billion kwh
electricity. Ended June 30, 2008, the cumulative generating capacity of more than 365.648 billion
 Three Gorges Project began in the 20th century, 90's, around 2010 is expected to be completed
dam is a concrete gravity dam, crest length of 3035 m, height of 185 meters, station for the toe, the
left bank set up 14 Taiwan, the left bank of 12 sets of table machine 26 sets of 700MW capacity of
the small front wheel generators with a total installed capacity of 18200MW, annual generation
capacity of 84.7 billion kwh.
 Gezhouba hydroelectric power plant was established in November 1980, November 2002
restructurings, and the Yangtze River Three Gorges power plant to become a subsidiary company.
 6 11 afternoon: the first section describes the electrical Gezhouba (b River Power Plant)
 220kV switching station wiring is:
 two-bus with bypass, bypass bus section - This is the Second River Power Plant 220kV switching
station wiring a feature. Bus will pass in each sub-section on the set because a circuit breaker into
the bus on the wire back a few more, and are important or important power lines, there may be a
need for two circuit breakers which while the corresponding maintenance and into the wire can
not stop (information / material to. source, in: gzu521 school; learning / network]
electricity situation, in which case running time of sub-bypass bus, bypass circuit devices were
replaced by two circuit breakers to be overhauled, ensuring the reliability of the fat supply. while
two bypass breaker can not be always in good condition, also need repair and maintenance, when
one of the maintenance of patients with a Taiwan is in standby mode, this bus is not reliable than
the bypass section, only to set a high bypass circuit breaker.
 switching station main configuration:
 outlet 8 back :1-8E (including 7E standby);
 7 back into the line :1-7FB (FB: Generator - Transformer);
 river, the Second River switching station contact line transformer in: 2 Back;
  circuit breaker: 19 units;
  Bus: Round tubular hollow aluminum hardware bus, were set to the main bus voltage
transformer (CVT) and surge arresters (ZnO) a group.
 switching station layout type:
 sub- separate arrangements with medium (outdoor type).
 generator and transformer connection:
 modular wiring.
 plant generating units with a 6kV distribution system and the access way:

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 with branch wiring (only 3-6F have this branch). branch of the main transformer unit wiring is
modular wiring unit connection mode or expanded access to a common method for power plant. in
a factory with a branch of the case, with the branch to ensure the reliability of the plant, and must
do: 1) set of generator bus bar disconnecting switch ; 2) isolation switch installation location
should be correct. Branch of the plant used to improve the reliability of supply, export bus in the
3F-6F to install the circuit breakers. This unit failure when the removal of fault circuit breakers
trip, the main transformer high-voltage circuit breaker is no longer sub-gate, will not be short for
fault section corresponding to 6kV power failures.
 Plant 6kV system wiring:
 single bus segmentation approach - 2 River Power Plant 6kV bus with a total of 4 paragraphs
numbered as 3,4,5,6, and respective power transformers (common transformer) is connected to the
corresponding number generator.
 factory power the configuration:
 in terms of the power plant, power plant is the "lifeline", must have sufficiently high reliability.
However, the reliability of a single bus section wiring is not high, in order to solve this problem,
the configuration commonly used principle is:
 1, the power scheme principles: the power of various sections must be independent of each other,
and may not be the direction of a single power supply .
 2, load allocation principles: the same name as the double loop or circuit load to be connected to
different segments of the bus.
 3, the principle of allocation between segments: segmentation and should have another alternate
between sub function or dedicated backup segment.
 6 12 in the morning: Visit the Second River power plant, 220kv switching station, discharge
 6 月 morning of 13: the first section describes Gezhouba (river power plant)
 500kV Switching Station Wiring :
 with 3 / 2 connection - Select 3 / 2 connection mode is based on the importance of considering
switching station. Because the switching station into the outlet back a few more, and are an
important power and an important load, high voltage and transmission capacity, range, and bus
through the power of large (2820MVA), and by Gezhouba 500kV Converter Station and the East
China Power Grid, Gezhouba power plant electric power in both the throat, is an important hub in
Central China Power Grid Substation. 3 / 2 connection ensures the high reliability of power
 500kV switchyard arrangement type:
 split-phase arrangement of medium 3 (outdoor type).
 switch points in configuration:
 switching station 6 strings, each string are for cross-configuration (cross-configuration: a string
of two back lines, a return to a power supply or into the line, the other is the load back , or outlet),
cross configuration is 3 / 2 wiring configuration of general principles for cross-configuration, 3 / 2
connection to the highest reliability. Because this configuration in a bus when another bus
maintenance failure or two bus power failure while the system is still connected (in the system is
in stable condition) can still work.
 1-6 series of qualifying are: Ge Fung line, Ge double a back 2 back double-Ge, Ge Kong Line,
Ge-for-2 back, Ge-for-1 return. Which Ge Fung line 2 back double Ge Ge Kong line were
installed in the first end of shunt reactor (DK).
 1-6 string into the line are: 8B and 10B in parallel lead, 12B and 14B in parallel lead, 16B and
18B in parallel lead, 20B lead (to connect the river were the transformer 14 generating units at
power plants). Exception of two into the 220kV power line is 2 Jiang Tai Power 500kV switching
station and two contact switch station transformer (251B, 252B) of the high-pressure side of Lead.
 generator and main transformer connection:
 way to expand unit connection - as the main transformer to connect 2 generators, and the 1-3
string into the line by the two main transformers in parallel, so the generator exports set the circuit
breaker bus. So that when a generator fails, only the removal of the broken generators, other
generators in this series can still work as possible to ensure the reliability of the system power

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 Plant 6kV system wiring:
 Single Bus mode.
 6 月 afternoon of 13: Visit 500kv switching station
 6 the afternoon of 14: Gezhouba Power Relay description
 relay of the object:
 power components, power system
 relay task:
 1, fault trip;
 2, abnormal signal.
 relay request:
 1, reliability;
 2, selectively;
 3, rapid;
 4, sensitivity.
 relay of the form:
 plant protection:
 1, unit protection: differential protection, asymmetric protection, loss protection, rotor
overcurrent, negative sequence overcurrent protection;
 2, the main transformer protection: protection of heavy gas, light gas protection, differential
protection, pilot protection, overcurrent protection.
 6 月 15 AM: Visit the Changjiang River Power Plant
 6 月 16 AM: Visit of the Three Gorges Water Control Project
 6 月 afternoon of 16: Gezhouba power excitation device description
 excitation system classification (according to whether the magnetic field points):
 rotating magnetic field excitation;
 static magnetic field excitation: excitation rectifier diode, thyristor rectifier exciter, diode rectifier
SCR mixed excitation.
 excitation system tasks:
 1, terminal voltage control;
 2, the distribution of reactive power;
 3, to ensure system stability.
 Reed to the exchange side of the main power plant in series, a self-shunt, since the compounding
method; power plant equipment Lai 3 to 4 units, for the diode rectifier, his way of encouragement.

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 excitation regulator (2 sets):
 remote control: Constant machine terminal voltage regulation, constant excitation current
regulator, constant reactive power regulation;
 limited functions: 1) strong excitation limit; 2) stop the wind power units or part of the power
units fails, the lower excitation; 3) had no power restrictions; 4) excitation limit; 5) V / F limit.
 6 the morning of 17: Visit to 500kv HVDC Converter Station
 6 afternoon of 17: Gezhouba 500kv Converter Station principle and configuration description
 Gezhouba - Shanghai South Bridge DC Power Transmission Project is the first HVDC project.
Gezhouba project delivery side converter station located in Yichang Song Xiangjiaba by-side
converter station located in Fengxian County, South Bridge, through Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu,
Zhejiang and Shanghai, the line length 1045.7Km. Originally planned to be completed in
December 1987 the project will be completed in a very 1,1988. As the converter transformer [This
article comes from my learning network WWW.GZU521.COM) device is not re-manufactured by
the factory test, postponed to September 1989 and put into operation, the project was fully
completed in August 1990, from Hubei Gezhouba to Shanghai Ge-Nan HVDC bipolar line put
into commercial operation. The rated capacity of 1200MW (unipolar 600MW), rated voltage of ±
500kV, transmission of DC current of 1200A. This project has opened a new chapter in the history
of our transmission, from entering China Power AC and DC hybrid transmission of the times.
 Gezhouba - Shanghai HVDC project run in the following ways:
 ① bipolar mode (including bipolar symmetric mode and asymmetric mode);
 ② monopolar earth return line, ( including two-wire parallel earth loop mode);
 ③ unipolar metal back-line;
 ④ power against delivery methods (anti-sent the maximum power rated power of 50%);
 ⑤ down Pressure means (at rated DC shed, DC voltage rating can be reduced to 70%).
 Converter Station of the main equipment:
 converter valve: both ends are insulated with air, water cooling, indoor hanging, Thyristor quad
valve structure. Four to form a three valve 12 pulse converter. Each converter valve consists of 8
components, each component of 15 thyristor, thyristor composed of a total of 120.
 converter transformers: single-phase three-winding transformer, 3 sets of each pole, a total of 7
units (including 1 set for the spare). Results coil connected in line, the second coil-to-ground
high-voltage insulation, a single transformer rated capacity 237/118.5/118.5MVA, rated voltage kV.
Transformer load tap, tap at the 525kV side of the adjustment range of -6% - +4% per level of 1%.
 AC filters: the time for the elimination of direct current transmission characteristics resulting in
the AC side harmonic (12n ± 1 times), and reactive power compensation. Single capacity
67MVAR, 6 sections 402MVAR. 11/12.94 times including four low-pass AC filters, and two
23.6/36.23 times 23.25/35.37 times of double-tuned high-pass AC filters.
  DC filter: for each converter station is equipped with a very different tune a frequency of 12/36
times 12/24 times and each set of double-tuned filter.
  6 18 JUNE AM: Gezhouba power plant equipment, high-pressure experiments and significance
 test of the insulation of electrical equipment.
 by type of minutes: 1) factory test; 2) the transfer test; 3) prevention trial (periodically);
 by the nature of: 1) non-destructive testing (Us <Ue);2)破坏性试验(Us> Ue).

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 commonly used test:
 stator winding insulation testing;
 Stator Winding Voltage Withstand Test;
 stator winding AC voltage withstand test ... ...
 lack of good runs before the experiment, or test method does not correct the loss due to the
national economy quite large. Such as the Three Gorges power plant unit in the absence of a
non-destructive testing in the conduct destructive testing, leading to unit white insulation damage,
Depot Repair, light freight reached the 10 million yuan; because the unit is a hydroelectric
generating units, water energy use is immediate and can not be stored, the unit capacity by
700MW, 0.25 dollars price, 100 days of maintenance time, losses of 420 million yuan, and this is
the power shortage situation at the time of direct energy loss, translated into indirect economic
loss is incalculable. So do the high-voltage electrical test equipment to ensure safe and reliable
operation of power supply, ensure stable development of national economy requires.
 6, and experience:
 for the first time riding the train home so far away to a strange place to practice, I learned a lot.
Practice is essential to a university course, it provides an opportunity for us to enable us to check
their own knowledge is correct, it too far, it can really come in handy, more importantly, to get
through practice know their knowledge is adequate.
 classroom stuff was thought that only when the test useful in the practice found in the wrong. As
3 / 2 connection, bus section, double busbar with bypass bus, long-term shunt reactor neutral
grounding via low reactance, the knowledge unit connection points, etc., which are applied to real
power system. If you are not serious science class, you can only stand on the TV drama in the high
range of equipment in a daze, can not understand why. As the saying goes, lay watch the fun,
professional and subtle; only you worked hard to make this threshold, only that one of the
 innovation is built on a strong knowledge base, as well as real applications. Gezhouba of 220kV
double bus station opened with a light next to the mother sub, is in the double-bus with a plus next
to the mother based on the sub, making the overall system reliability can be greatly improved. 3 /
2 connection is also a commitment before the epoch-making innovations. Innovation is the castle
in the air without foundation, without the application of innovation is a beautiful vase.
 The internship also allowed me to weigh their own level of knowledge stomach or small. In the
power industry, the experience is very, very important, but no solid foundation can have a chance
to get experience? Even if you do something, to no avail of no avail. Modern enterprise needs is
professional and comprehensive talents. During the visit, all of the plant is unattended, and
implementing a fully automated plant, this is the future trend. To the community have made great
progress, we must take efforts to build quality can not be replaced!
 practical knowledge in addition to the harvest, there is the perception of social life. All along, we,
as students simply try to acquire knowledge, very few real opportunities for social interaction. Is
the so-called "reading thousands of books, reading ten thousand books." From small to large, we
have read too many books are set, but in the way they do too little.
 this time all the way across the provinces of Hubei to practice and see the different scenery, the
water tasted different, they encountered people who are different. People here are so warm,
someone on the bus and talk to us and tell us how to ride, weather, where fun, what specialty ... ...
such a thing if the hair in Guangzhou, we certainly immediately get off, who knows what he is
motive. The distance between people is so close, maybe this is our pursuit of harmony it.
 in Yichang, the city found that most people are old people and children, most are female. Later
he asked the teacher why this is so, the teacher said, those old people are the workers that year
when the construction of Gezhouba, a mammoth project, consume their lives, their life is spent in
the city. The young people have to go outside then works. So the rest are old and sick. In my eyes
it, this may be a tragedy.
  practice is so short, do not quite understand, is already over.
 with his own reflection in learning, and practical life memories, get on the train, back to the
South of the city, looking forward to the future.
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