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									  What‟s New:
Ascent Capture 6
        What„s new in Ascent 6?
• Software based license
• Optimized for enterprise
  wide usage
• Build more complex
  capture processes
• Extensions to recognition
• PDF rendering
• Improved user interface
   Software License Management

• One central license server
  • Enables central system as well as remote sites
• Workstations without dongle
  • Just one dongle for the whole system
• Maximum flexibility
  • Concurrent station licenses
  • Volume per month or per year – aggregated or
    “pooled” across the system
  • Optional expiration date (e.g. Evaluation)
   New licensing – what it means

• A new way of looking at multi-user systems
• Reduces the pain of:
   •   managing multiple scan stations
   •   allocating work
   •   purchasing redundant capacity
   •   “guessing” at throughputs on a per scan station basis
• Increases flexibility and configurability!
           Worked Example

Production System:
• 600K images per month
• Two production scanners
• Three “re-work” scanners
• Occasional peaks – page count dongles
                 Worked Example
• 600K images per month
• Two production scanners, three “re-work” scanners
• Occasional peaks – page count dongles

Old way:
• Two 500K Scan Station dongles; needed to balance, eliminate
  management overhead and provide redundancy
• Three 25K dongles; needed to provide “full” capabilities on re-
  work stations, i.e. validation, release etc.

• Massive redundancy
• Needs to swap dongles in emergency
• Page count dongle can be assigned to only one system
                 Worked Example
• 600K images per month
• Two production scanners, three “re-work” scanners
• Occasional peaks – page count dongles

New way:
• Three 200K Scan Stations; assigned to re-work stations
• Two 5K Scan Stations; assigned to Production stations
• 300K page count; assigned to pool

• Avoid talk of cost, focus on management
• Total redundancy
• Licensed image pool can be shared by any scanner on the
  same system
License Manager
          Enterprise Requirements
                                                        •    Uses system
                                                            Eliminates the need
                                                        •   Removes a
• Software deployment                                       for two logins and
                                                        •   potentialMicrosoft
                                                            Vital for security
                                                             facilities such as
   • Silent, unattended installation routine                two set-ups (users
                                                            breach SMS or
                                                        •   and passwords)
• Central User Management                               •
                                                            removes IT/IS
                                                            A major saving with
                                                        •   licensing method
                                                            objections a
   • Link users and groups of operating system              new concurrent
                                                            increases thebarrier
                                                        •   Makes DBAs aissue
                                                             deployment lot
   • Provides single sign-on capability                     licensing
                                                        •   happier!
                                                             Particularly in
   • Active Directory supported, but no LDAP            •   Stats are now
                                                        •   Opportunity for
                                                             ACIS environments
                                                            unified for all users
• Microsoft SQL Server                                      performance tuning
                                                            in large systems
   • Upgrade to MS SQL Server (replaces MSDE)
   • Manages Batch catalog, statistics, user and ACIS
• Security – protect data
   • New SecurityBoost feature protects image and meta
     data against unauthorized access

• Logged on user has limited privileges
  • No access to image share(s) and server files
• Only Ascent module is authorized to access
  • Ascent impersonates user with more rights
  • Supported on Windows XP
 Build Complex Capture Processes

• Workflow Agent
  • Allows for dynamic, flexible batch routing
  • Agent decides upon batch close what happens next
• Extended Programming Interfaces
  • New API ACDataElement allows for easier access to
    batch data
  • Access to more data in Recognition Scripts
  • CustomStorageStrings allow to keep dynamic data in
    the Ascent database
        Batch Processing in AC6

Scan/Import   Reco      Validation   Release

               Workflow Agent
              Sample Usage

• Skip documents in validation based on
  predefined criteria
• Route batches in error to other queue than
  Quality Control
• Store dynamic data inside Ascent Capture
Expanded Recognition Capabilities
• New OCR-Engine
   • Abbyy FineReader now
   • Provides zonal and full text
• Form Recognition
   • Multiple form ID zones
• Page registration
   • Shape registration recognizes
     line intersection and corners
   • Fast and accurate
• New Recognition level API
     Integrated PDF Generation

• Image only PDF rendition now included
• Upgrade option to enable Image+Text
          • PDF is FineReader successes
• Leverages ABBYYde facto file format
               for many
  • High Performance applications and
               back end systems
  • Excellent OCR accuracy (forallows
            • Tight integration
• Adobe Capture support not affected
            easy set up
               PDF PDF to Text and
  • Integrated Adds requires refresh for existing release
               Image output
• ABBYY Custom Module still available (explain!)
      Integrated PDF Rendering

• Might require changes in existing release scripts
       Integrated PDF Generation
            what‟s the benefit?

• PDF is de facto file format in many back-end and
  web-based apps
• Built-in to Ascent UI; easy set up for the
  administrator, minimises IS involvement
• Easy upgrade to text+image
• Understand the PDF rendition differences!
       Improved User Interface

• Thumbnails now available in batch
  content tree-view
  • User configurable size, old style still available
• More ergonomic toolbar
  • Larger and better to distinguish icons
• Modern user interface
  • More color and less gray increases ease-of-use
• Improved zoom settings
  • Keep predefined zoom factor
             New fresh look

• Updated look and feel
• More intuitive
• More information
     Complete manipulation of
       documents and pages
• Take control over the treeview:
  • Show the image as thumbnail
  • Set the size
  • Get more information
        Improved User Interface

• Many capture users are temporary staff
• ACV6 is just a lot easier to use…
  •   Reduced training effort
  •   Reduced costs
  •   Increases productivity
  •   Reduced mistakes and learning curve
What‟s New:
  ACIS 6
            What‟s new in ACIS 6?
• New architecture              • Administration
   • Highly scalable               • Queue order definable
   • Web Server = transmit             • per site
   • ACI Services = process            • per batch class
                                   • Central control for polling times
• New platform besides IIS
                                   • Batch class filter
   • IBM WebSphere 4.0
     (Windows only)             Other changes
• New licensing                    • ACIS database now integrated
                                     with Ascent Capture
   • Through central Ascent
     Capture system – no more
                 ACI Server Architecture

                     Web Server                    Capture

Remote Site(s)                    ACI Service(s)
       Full Central Management

• Integrated in Ascent Administration:
  • Manage all the user profiles
  • Set the processes for each remote site
          Remote Site Profiles
            “Batch Routing”
• Define the remote queues for each site
           Remote Site Profiles

• Determines the Site Properties
  • Batch Routing Rules
     • By Site and/or batch class
  • Batch Class Filtering
     • By Site
  • Feature License Distribution
     • By Site
  • Polling Settings
     • By Site
     ACIS Remote Site Manager

• Assign Remote Site Profiles to the sites
• Define assignment rules for each remote site

• Ascent Capture V6 addresses:
  •   Needs   of   mid-range and Enterprise level users
  •   Needs   of   Forms processing users
  •   Needs   of   Custom Module users (3rd Party Apps)
  •   Needs   of   remote capture users
• Continues the tradition of
  • High Availability & Resilience
  • High Levels of Capabilities
  • Easy of Deployment, Management and Use
        The World‟s Leading Provider of
         Information Capture Solutions
Documents                                           Customers
and content                                          and users

      No other company has the same global reach,
 depth of experience, or breadth of technology devoted to
             capturing business information.

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