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Posts middle-aged workers comprehensive skills upgrading and training and experience-Post Staff


									Posts middle-aged employees comprehensive skills upgrading training and experience-job

 middle-aged employees job skills,

  2009 年 6 27 - July 3, I had the honor to participate in the ** Home "multi-skilled middle-aged
employees to enhance job (teacher) training," the system through the week, learning and learned a
lot. As a bank house training division, is also deeply appreciate the job training of middle-aged
workers the urgency and importance of job responsibilities. I wrote an article last year, "the crisis
of 1700 than the 10", expounded the age structure of the bank employees grim situation, and that
"open source, cost-cutting" recommendations. Head office, branches off of the "middle-aged
employees comprehensive job skills training activities", according to my understanding is that
engaging in an "open source" activities. Is a group for middle-aged employee motivation, and tap
their potential and improve the overall quality of the important activities. As a grass-roots level for
many years in education and training of staff (part-time teachers), middle-aged workers are on the
whole line of middle-aged employees to enhance job skills training to talk about my shallow
  1. To raise awareness education and training to strengthen organizational management.
Middle-aged employees accounted for relatively large proportion of total employees, the aging
workforce growing, which is the country most basic line of the bank system is not an indisputable
fact. Can not add new force in a large number of cases, how to "activate" existing resources, how
to make middle-aged workers, "rejuvenated", which is the project of human resources to enhance
ICBC's a major event, is a systematic project. Recommended level set in the secondary branches
of middle-aged full-time personnel to staff training and education, both for training management
can play house training teaching teacher training, while teaching them with the necessary training
equipment and training to facilitate delivery under the grass-roots level. In the context of the
establishment of a branch house training division of teacher resource sharing mechanism in a
branch unified within its jurisdiction to carry out staff training and education of middle-aged.
  2. People-oriented, middle-aged employees to transform ideas and concepts first place. I read a
book called "Attitude is everything", individuals believe that it is middle-aged staff performance
of ICBC's biggest problem is the mentality of the problem, they (their) emotional negative,
disgruntled, to handle the work does not seek improvement, not developing ... ... The author
believes that: education and training of middle-aged employees should first solve the attitudes,
ideas, problems, the so-called "heart" to use "heart medicine" medicine, I propose to introduce my
line of psychological counseling programs of education and training among middle-aged
employees. Recently, I read a book called "life reconstruction" (London and New York Louise Sea
book) books, which are saying "love themselves and accept themselves, find a value of life", this
is the most middle-aged employees missing something. Confidence and hope is to change the
concept of cure. And supporting effective, practical assessment and incentive mechanism is the
catalyst for igniting hope that the boost of confidence. Training and education to want to play a
greater effect, in the real work necessary to establish a scientific and perfect performance incentive
mechanism, therefore, that middle-aged employees of the education and training is a systematic
  3. Capacity enhancement and business knowledge of learning is to combine the concrete
implementation of specific jobs. Middle-aged employees job skills upgrading training are mainly
related to the original position and reassign employees to upgrade the skills of basic training. In
addressing the ideas, attitudes and other issues under the premise of job skills and business
(product) knowledge training will be easier to achieve their objectives. Job skills and vocational
training should be combined with the previously mentioned incentives carry out his performance,
the effect will be very obvious. For education, job skills upgrading and professional knowledge,
training and staff to take focus on combining self-study approach, to fully mobilize the initiative
and awareness of middle-aged employees, so, will play a multiplier effect.
  4. The middle-aged employees of the education and training activities can be used to send down,
make up a combination, must be willing to invest time and money into so-called "Brothers do not
mistake firewood power" that allows the In this group of staff resources to achieve maximum
efficiency, is the ultimate goal of education and training. Faculty must also pay attention to the
cultivation, selection of training and education to those who love the cause, with considerable
training experience and high professional quality of teaching personnel, to augment the training of
front-line faculty positions necessary to arrange the work of full-time position in house training
division, and In the post level and so on reasonable care.
  These are the knowledge and insights represent individuals, leaders at all levels for reference
purposes only. This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to
thank the original author. / Center>

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