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									Pham Van secretary of written submissions refer to graduates graduates proposal submitted

 secretarial graduates introduce ourselves

 respected leaders:

  Hello, I am honored to have you my concern and thank you for taking the time to read my cover

 I come from the secretary of Hunan University, Teachers College graduates Wang Yan, 21 years
old this year. saw Guizhan of jobs, of which the clerk and I learned very fit professional. So you take
the liberty of posting a resume and cover letter, please forgive me!

 for work, I think the young people in the beginning of the society, to learn a lot of things, and we
learn it in time. No matter how many hardships are what we need experience in your life. I have a
strong ability to learn, especially in learning, and able to apply the things learned into practice.

 four-year university life has given me many challenges, like the Student Union election, welcome
party, host competitions, games, etc., from books to school to learn a lot less than the things that
make their adaptation to the environment side has been strengthened, but also become an optimist,
more strong, independent, self-confidence. At the same time, I have strong communication and
organizational skills, at school also participated in various party organizations and activities,
interests are rather broad, honest, passionate, hard working, strong sense of responsibility and
collective sense of honor. I am confident that doing clerk work, but also hope you give me a
chance, I will go all out.

 ask you to seriously consider, sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon!

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