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Pham Van Resume Administrative Assistant Administrative Jobs


									Pham Van Resume administrative assistant jobs administrative

 Pham Van Resume Administrative Assistant

  Administrative Assistant position in a personal resume Pham Van, writing only for reference.
  Job Target Talent Type: General Job available date: week Job type: Full-time Work Experience: 4
years Apply ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Merchandiser | Administrative / Personnel | Shipping
Job Title: Account Executive | Administrative | Shipping Salary requirements: Negotiable Title:
Advanced hope that the working area: Shandong, Guangdong Province, Dongfeng Town,
Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, southern Jiangxi experience in Long toy factory 1000
employees (2006-02 ~ 2008-02)
  company's character: Hong Kong enterprises sectors: plastic toys,
  of posts: Engineer Assistant
  Job Description:
, first plate recognition
, production sample tracking
, customer tracking and production of the bow plate% D ?, cargo sampling
, BOM Data Management
  ▌ Feng Electric Appliance Factory Zhongshan City, more than 200 employees (2008-03 ~
  company's property: private enterprise sector: appliance
  hold office: Administrative Assistant
  Job Description:
, responsible for organizing the company's recruitment.
, Staff responsible for handling matters relating to personnel changes in
, Responsible for the preparation of all staff salaries, bonuses and other management.
, Responsible for logistics and security management
, Good labor and management signed the contract, negotiated settlement of labor disputes.
, Responsible for attendance, performance management, etc.
, Responsible for office supplies procurement, storage, release of the transaction management.
, Responsible for company information, information management, and the work of propaganda
and reporting, communication inside and outside the upper and lower links
  0, time to complete other work assigned by Company management and so on.
  background of the highest degree of education: college by Professional Category: Normal School:
Teachers College Professional Qinzhou Name: Information Technology Graduation Date :2005-6,
the second major category: Computer category Work Experience: 4 years of professional Name:
education / training experience in September 2003 - June 2005 Qinzhou Teachers College college

 language skills Foreign Language: English Mandarin level: the level of proficiency in English:
poor Cantonese level: good

 familiar toy company the ability to work the quality of testing, sample making and project
engineering data management. Familiar with the factory administration, the administration of the
past year, through the company's off-season personnel processing, the peak season employees
strike, the economic crisis workers to adjust, so I grew a lot.

 personal autobiography, I am serious and responsible work, good communication and
superior-subordinate relationship, able to bear work pressure and self-attitude adjustment,
environmental adaptability, strong practical ability and team spirit . Believe that attitude is
everything, there is no best, only appropriate. [This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author] / center>

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