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 Pham Van Resume E Assistants

  Job Target Talent Type: General Job available date: any job type: full-time work Experience: 2
years Apply ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Computer Class | Procurement | Marketing Management
Job Title: E-Commerce | Purchasing Assistant | Sales Assistant salary demands :1500 - 2000 Title:
Senior hope that the work area: Guangdong Province Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Foshan
work Experience
  008-09-08 to 2009-05-22 measured Electronics Co., Ltd. Foshan prospective e-commerce
  Job Description: 1, responsible for network sales promotion, trade site registration. 2 online to
find customers, and products and customers (instrument) exchange of knowledge, through the
instrument to determine technical parameters, however further consultation price (offer before a
customer will need to grasp the degree of a price instrument grasp first will be to understand the
instrument's market price, further quotes) to promote a successful transaction. 3, find new
customers and old customers to maintain. 4, online to find suppliers. 5, distributors of information
to find and collect. 6, to help facilitate the trade salesman.

 007-08-29 to 2008-07-18 Luk Hop Information Technology Co., Ltd. Xi'an, telephone marketing,
 Job Description: Web to find the target customers, and record customer information, then call
communication with customers, so that customers interested in our products and allow customers
to find the product useful for his development of the company, then about customer interviews. In
sales of electronic business card. Therefore, knowledge of the network have a certain
understanding, those who are familiar with search engine rankings, or have Baidu, Google Alibaba,
HC knowledge

  007-06-20 to 2007-08-20 Xi'an market research firm deep blue , market research analyst, job
description: The principal thing, for the questionnaire simulation, and then conduct a market
survey to analyze the survey results the highest academic educational background: Associate
degree The Professional Category: Management University: College of West Peihua Professional
Name: Marketing Graduation Date :2008-7 second-professional categories: Computer Class Work
Experience: 2 years professional title: education / training experience 2005-09-01 to 2008-07-18
West Peihua University
  language skills Foreign Language: English Mandarin level: fluent English level: Good Cantonese:
  familiar with windows operating system the ability to work, skilled use of office, excel and other
office software applications, familiar with the Internet sales of a variety of processes, good
telephone marketing and Internet sales of a variety of skills, familiar with Alibaba, Taobao, the
operation flow, good find new customers and old customers to maintain. [This article from [worry
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