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Pham Van Mechatronics Mechatronics graduates of written submissions - DOC - DOC


									Mechatronics Mechatronics graduates written submissions Pham Van

 mechatronics graduates introduce ourselves

 respected leader:
 Hello! I am a soon to graduate on XXXX XX XX in Nanling campus of the University of
specialist health, major mechanical and electrical integration. I admire your attention to
knowledge and talent in the name of your company would like to become a member of the career
development of your company to do my best.
 I was in college four years on this expertise to learn more solid, but also multi-read materials. In
the computer, in addition to learning DOS, AUTOCAD, FORTRAN, assembly language, but also
participate in training or self-WORD, WINDOWS, FRONTPAGE2000, In addition, CAD / CAM,
intelligent CAD, 3DS has some knowledge of such. In English as a Foreign Society, the
Association has participated in Crazy English language activities, have some listening, speaking,
reading, writing, and technical data translation capabilities, has completed more than 5000 words
robot professional English translation. In addition, beginning in college I have worked in the
school year students editorial correspondent to my theory of self-cultivation enormous benefits.
 four-year study at the university of life, a certain amount of social experience, so I develop a
calm and confident personality and solid and strict style of work, and give me the courage to
participate in social competition. However, the knowledge is limited, university training is only a
way of thinking and learning, so I will learn from practice in the future, keep studying, work
experience, improve the ability to work. Heard so much about the value of your company is
deeply trusted and development potential of the company, has long been fascinated, attached to a
venture to resume employment, and hope you can give me a chance to demonstrate their
 thank you for your busy schedule to read my cover letter, and look forward to your reply.
 Zhu Guigong Division and prosperity!

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