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									Graduation ceremony at the Party School's graduation ceremony speech speech

 Party School graduation ceremony speech,

  distinguished leaders, fellow teachers, dear students:
  we Good!
  non-Chinese Communist Youth Class I students, was honored as the representative of this
statement. School closed down a month to learn today, and we are about to return to their jobs, at
this moment, everyone must have the same feelings with my complicated emotions. First of all,
thanks to a system organized to study and charge us the opportunity to thank all the leaders,
teachers taught the careful guidance and hard work, in this, please allow me on behalf of all
students pay tribute to you.
  ** ** Municipal Party and Socialism, is a ** minds of the people are very sacred place, can
come to study here, is a great honor. Students here from the city on all fronts and in all positions,
we all cherish this rare opportunity to sink a down to heart, completely into the study. This is a
short month, our gas station in life, the short month, we have further strengthened the faith,
broaden their horizons and broaden the thinking and enrich knowledge and enhance the ability of
sublimation of the state, friendship harvest.
  training period, while learning a very tight schedule, but we did not feel hard and tired, more than
50 Hall theory, dignified course wonderful, dignified class people food for thought. Flexible
teaching methods, new exciting ideas collide with the reality of work closely related to the
ideological confrontation, in which we learn, have fun. Month, we systematically study the 17
important Fourth Plenary Session of the spirit, depth of ** the economic and social development,
further enhancing the implementation of scientific concept of development consciousness and
firmness, while, on how to handle the new situation under hot and difficult problems, improve
public management, enhancing leadership skills, enhance personal cultivation, better build a
harmonious society, a comprehensive in-depth study and research.
  training period, we out of the classroom, to the site to learn, to the field to learn, and some
classes to feel the weight of history before **, ** some classes such as science and technology
park to research the new economy, and some classes and other provinces and cities had in-depth
exchange of students, young people demonstrated ** style.
  training period, we also organized a wealth of activities: basketball court, leaving the participants
vigorous form; report hall, sounded loud and clear voice over participants; libraries, engraved with
the participants knowledge footprint; book report at the meeting, the number of flash shared
thinking; experience exchange meeting, we had each other to listen to voices.
  training period, we have never met, approached to each other, become familiar with, until the
in-depth understanding and forged a profound friendship.
  "go the fastest is the best time." Today, one-month intensive training for the time being the end,
however, our study will not be interrupted, our quest will not be interrupted. Today, we will for the
time being, respectively, but our friendship will last forever, friendship, light will always
illuminate the journey ahead. Today, we will return to their jobs, more efforts will be hard work,
positive innovation, and make new contributions, will not live up to the organization's culture.
  Finally, on behalf of all the students, once again deeply grateful for the leadership of our concern,
thanks to our enlightened teacher! I wish you all leaders, teachers and students good health and
smooth work! I wish our Party and Socialism better and better! Zhu Zuguo a better tomorrow!
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