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Novice registered trademark registered trademark transfer contract template contract template


									Novice registered trademark registered trademark transfer contract template contract template

  novice registered trademark transfer contract template
, B, by consensus the two sides, the transfer of the registered trademark of the agreement reached
as follows:

         a transfer of trade name:

         2, trademark drawings (reproductions of the mark posted by the transferor cover Jifeng

         3, trademark registration number:                      Country:

         4, the mark should be renewed the next time :

         5, to obtain registration of the mark, including the type of goods or services and the
specific name of the goods or services:

         6, is a registered trademark of the transferor to ensure the registration of the trademark
         before the signing of this contract, the mark has been signed with the × × × × over
non-exclusive (or exclusive) of the trademark licensing contract. The trademark transfer contract
effective date, the original and the × × × × entered into a trademark license contract be transferred
to the transferee as the parties to the contract, provided the original contract, all rights and
obligations enjoyed and assumed by the transferee. Matters relating to transfer of ownership by
the transferor notice ××××。

         seven registered trademark transfer, the transferee's rights:
         1. You can use the mark types of goods (or services of the type and name):
         2. You can use the geographical scope of the mark:

         8, the nature of the transfer of a registered trademark (available at the following choices):
         1. Trademark permanent transfer (           );
         2. Non-permanent of the trademark transfer (          ).
         9, the transfer of a registered trademark of Time:
         the effective date of this contract, or completed change of registration mark after the
transfer of the registered trademark of the formal transferred to the transferee.
         is a permanent transfer of trademark rights, trademark assignment period of ____ years
from ___ to ___ years ___ months ___ years ___ months ___ days. Seller will be the date of
expiration of this contract to recover a registered trademark.

           10, a registered trademark transfer contract changes after the commencement of
          by Party A (or B) a registered trademark transfer contract in effect, the process changes
registration procedures for people, change the cost of a registered person shall be borne by the

          11, product quality assurance:
          registered trademarks of transferor transferee required to ensure the quality trademark is
not less than the transfer side of the original a level, the transferor should provide product samples
of the transferee to provide technical guidance for manufacturers of such goods or technology
know-how (technology transfer may also enter into contracts); also offers product brochures,
packaging method, product repair method, when necessary, should also provide regular customers
to buy the goods of all single.
          is a permanent transfer, the transferor can monitor the production of the transferee and the
transferee the right to inspect production and product quality.

         12, both sides assume the other conservative production and management of secret
obligations; the transferee and contract during the contract period, the transferor shall not leak for
the transfer of the trademark with technical secrets and commercial secrets.

         13, the transferor shall guarantee the transfer of the trademark is valid trademark, and to
ensure that no third party has ownership of the trademark.

         14, a registered trademark of the transfer of the transfer fee and payment method:
         1. Transfer fee calculated in accordance with the transfer of authority of ____ million;
         2. Payment:
         3. Payment time:

         15, the transferor to ensure the validity of the contract, not on the registration of the mark
within the effective operating with the same or similar trademark goods, or to engage visit other
goods production and sales activities to compete.
          16, the two sides of the breach of contract:
          1. Transferor after the commencement of the contract, breach of contract, still producing
the goods on the continued use of this trademark, in addition should stop using the trademark, it
should also be liable for compensation;
          2. Transferee in the contract time, non-delivery of trademark transfer fee, the transferor
the right to refuse delivery of trademark ownership, and can notify the transferee to terminate the
          3. Other ... ...

        17, the other agreed terms or other matters:

        18, contract disputes way:

        19, since the signing of the contract date. However, if the registered trademark is assigned
without the trademark application approved by the Board, this contract a natural death;
responsibility for both own.

                Transferor: (Chapter)                                    Transferee: (Chapter)
                legal representative:                                       legal representative:
                Address:                                                    Address:
                Zip Code:                                            zip code:
                Tel:                                                   Tel:
                Bank:                                             Bank:
                bank account:                                            bank account number:
                contract Location:                                    contract Location:
                contract Date:            day month contract                Date:      on      Day -
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