National Day National Day poems over and over by fdjerue7eeu


									National Day National Day poems over and over

 National Day poems over and over reform and opening up

  Salute repeatedly shock the world,
  flag may Choi Ha.
  glorious history of the world attention,
  vast land covered with flowers.
  Raising the sails of reform and opening up,
  Zuguo Yue on the Maxima.
  flood plan today and then show war,
  bright prospect boast the world.
, as now,
  after the storms more air
  National Poetry
  clear blue skies, magnificent scenery, red flag flying.
  look at Kyushu radius, celebrate; river singing, over and over be honored.
  social stability and people's happiness, spectrum reform and opening up a new chapter.
  new China, such as the World dragon, stands the East.
  eras so brilliant, depends on the orientation of the party and government policy.
  Recalling the memorable days, loss of life; of Lebanon's more difficult, long Ye Mangmang.
  hail of bullets, highlighted the danger, in exchange for new red sun.
  when the treasure, forever red rivers and mountains, when old.
  written motherland autumn song

 wind sent curl subtle fragrance from
 cream in Xian Ju
 piece of the Fang Fei kiss quarter

 sunset afterglow of love overflow gentle eyes
 look fieldwork peaceful
 passionate fly line
 Hyo bubbling
 contains numerous historical suffering of view of river sand

 dark accumulation of the number of memories

 devastated is the face of your old childhood

 hard left imperishable imprint

 wind, frost, snow and rain for half a century fighting
 flow long
 five thousand years of civilized history footprint
 long river roll the old heroic times waves

 strings playing and singing was brilliant today Melody
 "Ode to the motherland," draft
 reading in the East, there is an ancient country, beautiful and broad,
 in the Orient, there is a great nation, hard-working and strong;
 surging Yellow River is her blood,
 majestic towering mountains are her backbone,
 This is our motherland - China!
 1949 year, waving Jubi a great man, I heard a declaration, to disperse the haze of Shenzhou 5
 1978 years, a giant with superhuman courage, size up the situation, the dust of the door opening
to the World !
 1997, she ushered in the Bauhinia flower fragrance,
 1999, she added to the water lotus fragrance!
 century of wind and rain came, the Great Wall as the dragon in the clouds shuttle,
 river across the years, eagle standing proudly in the world Mount Everest as the highest slope.
 republic that we do not like this from the mighty powerful
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