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					Mayor of the city's economic development will be at the speech of the Mayor

  mayor of the city's Economic Development Council
  mayor in the city's Economic Development XXX Speech
  This year, the city's economic development, a good start. First, rapid economic growth. A quarter
of the city's gross domestic product, completed 4.446 billion yuan, an increase of 11.3% increase
year on year increase of 2.1 percentage points. Agriculture, early spring harvest just around the
corner, is expected to stabilize in early spring growth of grain, rapeseed can grow 6-8%; Spring
orderly production, planting well, all the end of the transplanting of maize, rice has been planted
120 million mu, accounting for planning 48%; the steady development of animal husbandry,
1-April, the city's total output of 156,000 tons of meat, an increase of 6.6%. Rapid industrial
growth, 1-April, total industrial output value 8.056 billion yuan, up 18.1%, of which 2.25 billion
yuan industrial output value of scale, an increase of 30.3%. Fixed asset investment continued to
maintain strong growth, 1-April, total fixed asset investment 1.856 billion yuan, an increase of
34.4%. Steady growth in the consumer goods market, 1-April, total retail sales of social consumer
goods to achieve 2.855 billion yuan, an increase of 15.5%. Sound financial operations, 4 at the end,
the whole society deposits of 24.909 billion yuan, 15.357 billion yuan loans, respectively, an
increase over last year 1.935 billion yuan and 639 million yuan. Second, economic efficiency has
improved significantly. A quarter of the city's above-scale industrial enterprises profit tax
123,120,000 yuan, increased 28.87 million yuan over the same period last year, of which 27.29
million yuan profit a year earlier and increased profits by 3.89 million yuan. From January to April,
the city's general budget revenue 149 million, up another 31.3%. Third, accelerated restructuring.
Agricultural and rural economic restructuring towards the depth. The city more than 200 new
varieties introduced, integrated high-quality agricultural products the rate has increased
significantly; rapid progress of agricultural industrialization, Daxian Chi Peng, Otake Jinqiao,
Otake Fidelity, West Tower dairy and other leading enterprise in the municipal development in
good shape, new the development of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises 68; new
agricultural cooperative economic organizations to flourish. Intensified technological
transformation of enterprises, 1-April, the city completed renovation investment 191.47 million
yuan, an increase of 180%, to further improve their overall equipment level; the six pillar
industries of the city's role in supporting industrial development significantly increased 1-April
realize the output value and sales output value accounts for the city's above-scale industries and
the total 62.26% 61.61%; up steel, Hua Chuan, Eastern Sichuan Cable, City Power Company,
Sichuan ring companies as a group of key enterprises of the city's industrial drive dominant force
growth. Non-public economy have been strong, 1-April the city's non-public enterprises output
value 1.458 billion yuan, accounting for scale enterprise value of 64.81%. Foreign investment
enterprises to promote industrial development in the city has steadily increased. City Management
has made new progress.
  this year, the city economic performance shows that the overall quality of Florida's national
economy is gradually improving, showing a good momentum of economic development. But we
must fully understand and value the work in the current economic disadvantages. On the one hand,
it is necessary to evaluate fully the impact of SARS on our city the potential negative impact on
the economy. SARS is a sudden occurrence of major disasters, whether in the country, province,
or on the city's economic development has brought great impact, especially on travel, food,
foreign trade, foreign investment so have a greater impact, its negative effects will be further
revealed in the second half to maintain sustained and rapid economic growth will face even
greater pressure. On the other hand, we must fully understand the economic and social life in our
city there is some deep-rooted contradictions and problems. Mainly: structural problems and
institutional obstacles are still prominent, industrialization, urbanization, agriculture, low level of
industrialization, economic development, lack of stamina; some enterprises mechanisms, and the
core competitiveness and the ability to respond to market risk is not strong; employment and
reemployment contradiction; urban low-income groups to expand, farmers increase the difficulties
and so on. These issues have an impact on the economy and restrict our city an important factor in
accelerating the development. In this regard, we attach great importance to rely on reform and
development, gradually resolved in advance.
 face of the current situation, we should calmly observe, scientific judgments, it is necessary to
address the difficulties and problems, see a variety of negative factors and influence, but also see
all the favorable conditions, to seize all the development opportunities; to strengthen their
confidence, calmly, to estimate the difficulties and adverse effects were more serious cases, to
solve some of the measures to prepare more fully to some of the work in a more solid; to control
the situation, work in a firm in accordance with the the central requirements, from an overall and
strategic perspective, properly handle the work of SARS prevention and control and economic
work of the relationship between the anti-SARS to go all out on the economy in a firm, to
maintain the good momentum of economic development, strive to achieve throughout the year
economic and social development objectives of the mission.
 present, we should focus on the following four aspects.
 1, mobilize the whole society, and strive to win the fight against atypical pneumonia disease,
 comprehensive victory in the city at all levels, departments, and the joint efforts of medical staff,
our city, "SARS" prevention and control effective. So far, no one confirmed SARS case. However,
the risk has not been eliminated, the situation is still grim. We should fully understand the
difficulty of the work of SARS prevention and control, complexity, and repeated, determined to
overcome the paralysis of thought and fear of war-weariness, do not keep things to chance, firmly
establish the anti-epidemics, anti-repeated ideas, develop the fighting spirit of continuous fighting,
relying on science, relying on the masses, one mind, united, according to the State Council and
provincial. Arrangements and requirements of the provincial government, determined to win
control "SARS" tough fight, to win the fight against atypical pneumonia disease-round victory.
 First, we must earnestly atypical pneumonia prevention and treatment monitoring. To the
localization of management, to establish and perfect five-linkage, the rapid response mechanism to
control the outbreak. Strict quarantine for examination relations, enrich and perfect testing
equipment, key personnel in affected areas to Florida each registration investigation, and
effectively "as early as two four-no" immediate early discovery, early reporting, early quarantine
and early treatment, none of the patients missed, without a doubt who leak investigation. Around
the inspection stations to continue to carry forward the special ability to endure hardship, to fight
and spirit of continuous fighting and build a great wall of steel against SARS, prevent sticking
doors east Sichuan, resolutely prevent the spread of atypical pneumonia spreading in the city.
 second is to do good work of SARS prevention in rural areas. Urban and rural areas is an
inseparable whole epidemic, SARS prevention work in rural areas is the important part of disease
prevention, not only the health of farmers and rural economic and social development, but also
directly related to the success of the epidemic prevention work. Rural economic and cultural
foundation is weak and poor health conditions, lack of technology, disease detection system is not
perfect, farmers generally lack the necessary scientific knowledge of disease prevention, disease
prevention awareness is weak, the majority of SARS spread in rural areas there are hidden
channels and than the city more vulnerable to infringement of the disease. Therefore, the SARS
prevention work in rural areas, difficulties in rural areas. We have a very clear understanding, must
not have the slightest effect. Currently, migrant workers in our city has reached more than 100
million people, outside the province, nearly 70 million workers, returning overseas, nearly 5
million people, rural SARS prevention and control of the situation is very serious, very arduous.
Therefore, the current continues to do well in schools, hospitals and other key sites of SARS
prevention work, to further increase the intensity of the work of SARS prevention in rural areas, in
accordance with the "rural SARS prevention and control," the "Public Health Emergency
Regulations "and" census, discourage, registration, reporting, assistance, training, "12-character
principle of the request, firmly implement the measures. Health personnel should conscientiously
implement local prevention, contact the person in situ observation of history, has been confirmed
in situ treatment of the "three-in-place" principle, to cut off transmission of the epidemic; to do a
good job through various channels, the idea migrant workers stability and discourage return work;
to further improve the return of staff quarantine reporting system to ensure smooth information
channel; to rural health care in the existing basis of power as soon as possible to establish the city
and county level emergency rescue team, to do a good job rural SARS prevention and control, and
resolutely prevent the spread of SARS to rural areas and spread.
  third is to increase funding for SARS prevention and control inputs. Deadline May 12, City
Finance has allocated funds 1.5 million for SARS prevention and control work, the provincial
finance additional 5 million SARS prevention and control of funds, has been allocated to the
counties (cities, districts), parts must be used for other purposes. At the same time, raise funds
through multiple channels to further increase investment, must ensure timely and full funding for
SARS prevention and control in place to ensure that medicines, medical equipment supply and
reserves, to ensure the smooth progress of the work of SARS prevention and treatment.
  2, persist in "doing" full completion of the economic and social development this year is
expected to target
  country's economic development is to overcome all difficulties, and promote overall social
progress of the foundation, at any time under any circumstances To grasp the top priority in the
development of this ruling, always grasp the center of economic development does not relax
efforts to maintain economic stability and development. At present, do a good job against atypical
pneumonia, while, according to the State Council "doing" requirements, seriously implement the
provincial government's work plan, focusing on the year, pay close attention to the current, solid
do all the work of reform, development, economic and social development this year to ensure
completion of all tasks.
  (a) of the spring plowing summer harvest, stable agricultural production,
  First, make great efforts to current agricultural production, now is the rural "three grab" critical
period, to rush in the harvest rush timely planting, timely breeding breeding. A spring crop to
mature, harvest 1, so that particles classified positions. Spring production should be at least
Zaiman species of rice to the end of May before the end of the transplant, and strive to not plant
seedlings in June. Departments at all levels should take the responsibility, those who lack labor
migrant households, to organize teams to help support farming season by rush-rush-planting, not
false farming, they can stabilize out workers to give them the peace of mind out workers.
  second, efforts to improve the level of industrial management of agriculture. All localities should
develop characteristic agriculture as an important part of agricultural restructuring, vigorously
develop high-quality, high yield, efficient, ecological, security agriculture, efforts to promote
structural adjustment grades. One is to optimize the regional distribution. In accordance with the
professional production and the requirements of large-scale operation, the staple agricultural
product quality tune, features a large agricultural scale adjusted to enhance ramie, tea, grazing
livestock, high quality cooking oil and other commodities Base. Second, we should be on orders.
Encourage more leading enterprises, food companies and farmers through the purchase and sale
orders form a community of interests in the form of agriculture, agricultural products are difficult
to solve the problem, protecting the farmers produce. Third, we should vigorously support leading
enterprises. On the mechanism of living, good market prospects, driving strong focus on leading
enterprises in financial, policy and other key aspects of support. Develop new agricultural
cooperative economic organizations, trade associations and rural brokers to improve the
organization of farmers into the market level. Fourth, vigorously develop tertiary industries in
rural areas. Speed up the restructuring of township enterprises, technological innovation, the pace
of industrial upgrading and institutional innovation, to develop agricultural products, enhance the
capacity to absorb surplus rural labor.
  third, really good job in disaster prevention and reduction. First, we must attach great importance
to prevention and control of animal diseases, improve disease focus compulsory immunization,
and vigorously implement "assured milk, safe meat" project, to ensure the city's no epidemic. The
second is to strengthen water conservancy construction, and enhance the ability to withstand
natural disasters. The current flood season comes, we must attach great importance to the
regulation reservoirs with the implementation of flood control plan, do, "Fang Daxun, Kang Da
disaster" ideological preparation and materials preparation, and strive to minimize disaster losses.
Third, we should conscientiously do a good job Spring pest control work. Agriculture and plant
protection departments should increase monitoring efforts, good prediction, prevention and
treatment well, to minimize pest damage. Fourth, forest fire prevention work earnestly, earnestly
implement the responsibility system for forest fire prevention, strictly wild Huoyuanguanli,
increased supervision and inspection efforts, effective way to eliminate the occurrence of major
forest fires.
  (b) do a good job of industrial speed efficiency, deepen the reform of SOEs
  first, fully grasp the current production and management. Party and government leaders and
relevant departments Di key people, to take personal charge of industry, the main energy is put in
industry, timely coordinate and solve problems occurred in operation of industrial economy, the
problems and 困难, especially the capital, power production operators Deng Qi Ye critical issue
to increase the coordination of efforts to ensure the smooth market, enterprises with good returns
at full capacity, full capacity. Electricity, gas, water and other departments to enhance the overall
awareness, enhance service awareness initiative for the industry may not be easily blackout, stop
gas, water supply and to ensure normal production and business.
  second pillar industries and key advantages to speed up the development of enterprises. To speed
up the metallurgical, textile, machinery, building materials, medicine, food, etc. of fostering the
growth of the six pillar industries, particularly steel up to grasp the technological transformation
projects of the year and strive to iron, steel, coke production capacity of 1 million tons each.
  third, continue to increase the intensity of state-owned enterprise reform. City to implement
"strong city" strategy since the counties (cities, districts) and further increased the intensity of
state-owned enterprise reform, many companies turn for the better by restructuring glow of new
life and vitality. However, from the current situation, as difficult placement of workers, reform is
difficult to raise the cost and other reasons, have also left some parts hard to change the
"indomitable." Municipal government requirements, enterprises should fully complete the
county-year restructuring task. Over to the difficulties, subjective initiative into full play, and
mobilize all positive factors, because of corporate facilities policy, prevailing circumstances, to
take a variety of reform initiatives, continue to unswervingly push forward reform, the maximum
revitalize the idle assets. Municipal enterprises in China to Sichuan car, the new pump to reach a
breakthrough, do a good job of property rights reform. Reorganization of assets through
investment, through great by strong outside help to promote changes in the structure and
mechanism to achieve greater business development and overall revitalization.
  (c) pay close attention to investment-led, to ensure steady economic growth
  first, well a number of the overall situation of the major key construction projects, and strive to
launch a number of projects. Planning Commission in accordance with national and provincial
requirements must be neatly completed within this year into River City Airport, State Highway
318 within the Section Quxian transformation of Florida State Road 210 to the 10000 line of the
Reconstruction of the source blacksmith Ya, municipal waste treatment plants, drainage, flood
control river Florida City Remediation and a number of key projects. Chongqing Expressway up
to 3, Xuanhan State River Bridge, Quxian Hope Creek to Daxian Danti Gong Road, Otake
Longtan Reservoir, Xuanhan gas development, Urban Network, Huayingshan 2 × 30 万 千瓦
plant expansion and a number of To speed up the construction project. Strive to start the
construction of dams to chicken singing Xuan Hannan Road, Airport Road, "15" on the village
road and the open river, Dazhu County waste disposal plant. Florida to do a good job of Shaanxi
border highway, Pakistan to Liangping Highway, Huayingshan Tunnel, 10 000 plant source of 2
× 30 万 kW thermal power project and other previous work, for project. Actively promote the
development and construction of the West outside the new district. New East West roads outside
the grasp things spur line north-south trunk road north-south extension, municipal centers, sports
centers, Station Square, and other infrastructure. Speed up the Old Town Square has been started
in the city center, day state commercial buildings, urban gardens and other construction projects in
progress. Of the grasp of these key projects, the municipal government made the 35th executive
meeting of the clear division of labor, all localities and departments must step up implementation
to achieve results.
  second, do a good job training projects and reserve. County, city, district and municipal
authorities, according to the direction of national industrial policy and investment, organized and
planned reserves for some time a group of current and future economic development on the city's
major supporting role in key projects to change the I City reserves the relative lack of status of the
project. Reserves to achieve the depth of the project "Feasibility Study" above, for mature group,
reported a group, project group.
  third, the implementation of construction funds, to strengthen project management. One is to
increase the intensity up for money, for the central, provincial greater support to the city. Up for
the project, to seek funds for counties (cities, districts) and local authorities to take personal charge
of the main leaders in charge of the leadership in charge, so that project to the people, responsible
to the people, to ensure that our city this year for 550 million yuan treasury bonds objectives. The
second is to actively seek the financial sector credit. On the one hand we have to take the initiative
to maintain close contact with the financial sector take the initiative to coordinate funding; on the
other hand, the financial sector should change the concept of in-depth research, identify the entry
point to lend. Third, efforts should effectively increase investment and expand the investment area.
Investment are not confined to real estate projects, all different investment, should the current
industrial and agricultural industrialization projects as the focus of investment. To intensify efforts
to track projects have been contracted, especially in the coastal investment projects should focus
on tracking, so that the agreement the project into a contract project. At the same time, to
strengthen project management, fully implement the "five system" and "four management" under
the target responsibility system to ensure the organization and the responsibility to implement the
project implementation, funding to implement and ensure the quality of work, improve investment
 (4) new ideas to speed up the development of non-public economy
 need to conscientiously implement the province, the city's private economic development
conference, and unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public ownership economy to
accelerate development . Thought to be more liberated, the policy should be more realistic and to
be more relaxed environment, working to better the implementation of efforts to create non-public
economy booming city in Guangdong. To take various measures to remove institutional obstacles
for private capital to enter the market to open access to the private sector capital flows, and to
realize value-added private capital. To relax the private capital market access, reduce and phase
out all non-public ownership economy development restrictions and encourage them to enter the
energy, "transportation, water and other basic industries and infrastructure areas. All state-owned
economy out of the field, all foreign investment to enter the field, allowing non-public economy
should be lawful and orderly manner. to perfect the policy system and establish a comprehensive,
multi-level service support system of non-public economy. through efforts to make our city
development and growth of private enterprises as soon as possible up efforts to improve the
non-public economy in the proportion of the national economy.
 (5) do a good job flow of commerce, active urban and rural markets
 first major expansion of urban and rural markets to increase immediate consumption. trade
circulation enterprises to efforts to broaden the channels for buying and selling goods, particularly
the need to vigorously develop the rural market. To speed up the restructuring, and actively
develop a continuous operation, logistics and other modern means of circulation and circulation of
forms of organization, improve the flow of the core competitiveness of the industry. the circulation
departments should actively cooperate with the prevention "atypical pneumonia" in a highly
responsible spirit, do a good job related to medical products and supplies reserve supply of work,
must not be interrupted out of stock.
 second, deepen the reform of circulation, and promote the rapid development of circulation
industry. to increase trade enterprise reform, reorganization efforts. years to complete the reform
of grain marketing enterprises, personnel diversion goal. actively promote the supply and
marketing of institutional innovation and mechanism innovation.
 third, strengthening the market building, consolidate the logistics base. City should focus on
grasping Good 8 large commercial facilities and commodities markets, construction and
development. Tung Chau commercial buildings to strive to put into operation before the end of
September. counties, cities, and districts to cultivate 1-2 of the key commodity markets.
  fourth, to develop foreign trade, increased export processing zones. to take effective measures to
overcome the adverse external environment, the impact of increased efforts to target efforts to
complete the annual foreign exchange earnings.
  (6) mining income potential ensure financial balance
  this year. To complete the full year revenue growth of 10% of the target, heavy and arduous task.
In this regard, departments at all levels to strengthen tax administration, adhere to "strengthen the
collection and management, plug loopholes, punishing corruption and clearing up overdue taxes
"approach, to further deepen the reform of tax collection system, consolidate the taxation order to
improve the collection and management methods, and strengthen tax collection, to take effective
measures to ensure the completion of annual revenue tasks. At present, special to the following
  first is to strengthen ownership of enterprises of various tax collection work. all kinds of
enterprises have to be law-abiding, pay taxes according to law. no matter what kind of business tax
evasion should prosecute.
  second is to strengthen all types of commerce city, bazaars and other business activities, tax
collection, special work earnestly and comprehensively strengthen the management of these
  third is to "city management" as highlights the financial income. do a good job the city-owned
land, public resources, the city, intangible resources, management, and strive to the city's operating
income reached 500 million yuan over the city.
  fourth is to further adjust and optimize the expenditure structure, strict expenditure control, to
ensure budget balance. strict budget constraints, adhere to live within our means and capabilities,
and do have to maintain pressure to ensure that key expenditures, reduce general expenditures to
ensure against "SARS" the expenditure necessary to ensure that wages and social security funds
the release time and in full. at all levels and departments to carry forward the hard work, diligence
and thrift in the glorious tradition, must not be extravagant, extravagance and waste.
  3, continue to rectify and standardize market economic order and create a good development
  according to the "solve temporary and permanent" approach, focused, and intensified efforts,
grasp the safety of life and property and economic development environment, the outstanding
issues, focused fashion, to ensure effectiveness. thwarting the system sale of fake and shoddy food,
medicines, agricultural and tax evasion, tax fraud, tax evasion and other criminal activities,
strongly reflects the strong public regulation of real estate, building materials, communications
products, immunization supplies, quality and service problems. it is especially necessary to
resolutely stop the outbreak by minorities selling fake goods, price gouging violations, prevent
excessive price increases of medicines and supplies.
  4, efforts to protect social stability, consolidating stability and unity of social and political
  localities and departments should attach great importance to SARS Type pneumonia adverse
impact on society, strengthening of public opinion, in a timely manner to the central, provincial
and municipal work of SARS prevention and control arrangements and requirements to convey to
the masses in a timely manner in the society progress in prevention and treatment. to press
speculation is prohibited, serious news reporting discipline, is strictly prohibited to create tension
and affect social stability. to pass the correct guidance of public opinion and guide the masses of
the right treatment, establish confidence, to eliminate panic. the party members and cadres,
especially leading cadres, should the overall situation, set an example, take responsibility for
effectively and timely processing and resolution of disease prevention and economic development
problems of the buck-passing, causing losses and adverse effects are severely dealt with. on the
community to mislead the public acts of public order, severely punished according to law and fast.
At the same time, we should conscientiously do a good job safety and a good job to mine
underground, road transport, water, etc. focusing on ship safety inspection and thorough
investigation and hidden dangers, and effective rectification, efforts to maintain social stability.
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