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					Partnership investment company partnership agreement template

 partner company investment

 company's internal investment partnership agreement format
 partnership investment agreements
% D % A partner investors :____________

 Name Age ________, ________, ____, address ________________。 Sex

 partner investors :____________

 Name Age ________, ________, ____, address ________________。 Sex

 mutual benefits of reciprocal, mutual development, after full consultation, unanimously decided
jointly financed jointly operated ___

_, Inc. (Enterprise) (hereinafter referred to as the company ), conclude this agreement.

 first partnership investment purposes:

 second partner of investment projects and business scope:

 third term partnership investment in a partnership investment period

 to ________ years from ________ ____ years ___ months _ date of ________ to ________ on

 fourth capital contributions, methods

, Partnership investors ___________ ____________ approach to investment, namely
____________ RMB yuan.

, Partnership investors ___________ ____________ approach to investment, namely
____________ RMB yuan.

, Partnership investors ___________ ____________ approach to investment, namely
____________ RMB yuan.

, Partnership investors funded, in ____________ ________ years ________ months prior to the
date paid in full, overdue or not paid in full, the outstanding amount payable should be paid the
number of banks interest and compensation for the resulting losses.

. The Partnership funded a total investment of RMB yuan ____________. The partners during the
partnership investment in the investor's contribution to common property, not free to request split,
after the termination of a partnership investment, the investor's capital contribution of all partners
is still privately owned, to be returned when.

. Zeng Jian funds by the decision to report to the consultation, reasonable adjustments under the
capital Zengjian the ratio of the relevant provisions of the agreement.

. Property shared by all members of any party does not unanimously by all members of a pool may
not dispose of all or any part of the property, assets, equity and debt.

 Article surplus distribution and debt obligations

. Surpluses allocated to ________ as the basis, prorated.

. Debts and liabilities: Partnership Investment Partners investment property initially to repay debt,
partnership, investment property is insufficient to pay the debts, to the partners of ____________
as far as investors in proportion to bear.

 of Article VI of the occupation, withdraw from the partnership to fund the transfer of

. Occupation: ① need to recognize the contract; ② investment subject to the consent of all
partners; ③ the implementation of the rights and obligations under the contract. 2. Withdraws:
① must have legitimate reason to be withdrawal from the partnership; ② not bad investments in
the partnership when the withdrawal from the partnership; ③ withdraws ________ advance on to
the other partner investors and investors agreed to by all partners; ④ withdraws after the
withdrawal from the partnership when property status of settlement, regardless of how funded, are
money settlement; ⑤ contract without the consent of the self withdraws from investment losses
to the partnership, it should be compensation.
. Funded transfer: allows investors to transfer their partnership investment. Transfer of partners
have priority in acquiring the right of investors, such as the transfer of a partner than a third
investor, the third treatment by the occupation, or to withdraw from the partnership deal with the

 Article Investment Partners and other partners responsible investor rights
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