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					                                  The Breadwinner

Chapter 1
peddlers (pg. 10)-people who travel around from place to place selling things
labyrinth (pg. 10) - a place that is arranged with small passageways, and blind alleys,
making it hard to find your way around, designed like a maze
militia (pg. 11) –a body of citizens who group together to form a military
relented (pg. 16) - to give up or ease up
        - Parvana – age 11, may not speak, shouldn’t be outside, 6th grade
        - Nooria – sister, age 17
        - Mother (Fatana) – writer at radio station
        - Maryam – age 5
        - Ali – age 2
        - Father – lower leg blown off when the High School where he taught was
bombed, often tired so needs help walking
        - parents believe in education for everyone (not like Taliban rule)
        - at market – sit on a blanket on the ground for hours, sell stuff for $$, read and
write for illiterate people (no mail service because of war)
        - families moved to Pakistan and around country – Page 9 “Afghans cover the
Earth like stars cover the sky” [simile]
        - Parvana liked history best because everyone had come to that area of the World
– Persians, Alexander the Great, Greeks, Arabs, Turks, British (ruled until 1938), Soviets
(invaded in 1979, until 1989), “Tamerlane from Scotland” who was a torturer – all kicked
out by the Afghan citizens
        - before Taliban took over (bombed the area) the family had a big house with
many bedrooms, courtyard, servants, TV, refrigerator, car – now live in 1 room
        - Dad sold false leg to raise $$ like many people

Chapter 2
rouse (pg. 26)-to wake up or become active
        - lived on 3rd floor – apt mostly bombed out (unsafe)
        - Parvana had to go for water – 6 trips to neighborhood tap because it was too
hard for older sister whom had to wear a burqua
        - room 10 steps X 12 steps, platform toilet, no running water, propane cook stove
        - older brother (Hoossain) killed by land mine at age 14
        - Afghan style of eating –around cloth on floor
        - father has a long beard as ordered by the Taliban
        - 4 Taliban soldiers broke into home, grabbed father, attacked mother, kidnapped
father because he was educated (empowered) in England, ransacked apt, attacked
Parvana because she didn’t want them to find father’s books (they would be taken)

Chapter 3
fortress (pg. 40) - a place that is heavily guarded, hard to get into or out of
            - cleaned up apt (been there 1 ½ years)
            - “You can’t be truly Afghan if you don’t know someone who’s been in
                prison” (p. 35)
          -   Taliban ordered all windows painted black so no one could see the women
              inside – Father convinced them no because the window was up high
              enough (they had sunshine sometimes – others did not)
          -   Go to jail to get Dad, women cannot ride buses so must walk
          -   Need note from a man to be outside – photo illegal
          -   “I’m here for my husband” (p.41)
          -   beaten by guards

Chapter 4
          -   “If all the educated people leave, who will rebuild the country?” (p. 45)
          -   feet torn up, bloody – couldn’t walk for a few days
          -   Ali “sick” because Mother not moving – sore, tired, sad, heart broken,
          -   4th day – apt stinks (dirty diapers), ran out of food
          -   Nooria making Parvana go for food – Mother won’t

Chapter 5
          -   not allowed in shops – had to call out order from door
          -   bought nan
          -   Talib approached her because of her clothing
          -   Mrs. Weera – friend of Mother’s; saw at market; Afghan’s Women’s
              Union; former PE teacher; made Parvana go for water; getting life back to
              normal (7 trips with water)
          -   Mrs. W and granddaughter stayed the night

Chapter 6
          -   change Parvana into a “boy” so she can move in and out of market –
              pretend she’s cousin from Jalabad
          -   pretend she is at an aunt’s home in Kunduz
          -   wear Hossain’s clothes and cut her hair [disguise like Ponyboy and
          -   keeping the hair with a ribbon – Parvana said no
          -   no one noticed her in the market – walked into the store [opposite of page
              55] bought tea, rice, onions
          -   Mother depressed again – Hossain’s clothes, Mrs. W leaving
          -   Parvana thrilled that she did it!
          -   Going to be a boy inside and out in case someone comes by

Chapter 7
decree (pg. 75) - an order or a decision given by people in authority
           - “breadwinner” – is the person who earns salary/pay/wage for the family
           - Parvana goes to the market to sell things, read and write for money, like
               Dad did (learned pricing and skills from him)
           - pretends Father is “ill” and takes on the name of a nephew, Kaseem, who
               comes so there is a man in the house
        -   Talib soldier came (spoke Patsu) and told her to read a letter for him from
            Germany addressed to his dead wife – Fatima Azima –this was among her
        -   Pg. 78 - Letter is from Aunt Sohila, former Afghan, speaks of “arranged
        -   Pg 80 – “Could they have feelings of sorrow, like other human beings?”
        -   bargained her shalwar kameez
        -   saw a flicker of movement in a nearby window

Chapter 8
        -   Mrs. Weera and grandchild moving in – going to start a magazine with
        -   Mrs. W and grandchild only ones left in their family – “bombs killed
            some, war took others, pneumonia took last
        -   Used a Karachi to get her things including a medal – fastest runner in
        -   Took Maryam to the water tap – 1st time out in 1 ½ years so weak and
            curious about everything
        -   Played in the water
        -   Bought shoes for Maryam since she grew since last time outside – saving
            old ones for Ali
        -   Parvana realized she could escort everyone now – freedom, exercise,
            sunlight, etc
        -   Bathed at the water tap when possible
        -   Saw Father at market – WRONG person, but he encouraged her to believe
            he will come home
        -   Found a small square of embroidered cloth on her blanket and a beaded
            bracelet another day
        -   Saw a woman in the window looking out
        -   Saw a “tea boy” who was really her “girl” friend from class

Chapter 9
        -   new character Shauzia – known as male name Shafiq – disguising as a boy
            a way of life since many families without a male – at war, dead, missing,
        -   Shauzia gave her dried apricots as a treat, had more for her family
        -   Shauzia’s brother went to Iran 6 months ago, Dad died, 2 little sisters
        -   Be business partners? Sell stuff off a tray in the marketplace to make
            better money
        -   Living with Father’s parents – don’t believe in education
        -   Mrs. W wants to start a small “secret” school for girls
                    Nooria – history and math
                    Mrs. Weera – health and science
                    Mother – reading and writing
        -   Mrs. W and Mother to begin a magazine published in Pakistan, smuggled
            back in by other women and husbands
        -   Window Woman threw an embroidered handkerchief on blanket
Chapter 10
           -   dig bones to make extra money, put on Father’s blanket
           -   cemetery destroyed by bombs
           -   bone broker – weighs amount, buys and sells them later (what use?)
           -   found skulls in tact
           -   “pg 108 “Kabul has more land mines than flowers”
           -   money = 3 days for Parvana in market
           -   Why not tell families? Why not give all the money?

Chapter 11
Wares (pg. 119) - merchandise for sale such as: articles of clothing, food, blankets etc….
       - told Mother about grave digging
       - bones used for chicken feed, cooking oil, soap, buttons, - usually animal bones
       - Mother wants her to quit – won’t happen because they need the money
       - 2 weeks later – had enough money to buy trays to sell cigarettes, gum, matches
       - received a wooden bead from the Window Woman
       - went into stadium to see “soccer game” [foreshadowing] – actually public
       torturing – Taliban claims they are thieves so cuts off their arms – happens
       weekly – kind men forced to be hid them and gave their selling items back to
       [American history – witch trials; old West hangings; Colonial stockades; current
       death penalty – not forced to watch any of these in America]

Chapter 12
Nomads (pg. 126) - a person or a group of people that have no fixed home but wander
around from place to place
Ceased (pg.130) - to stop or come to an end
Fertile (pg. 131) - an area that produces plenty of crops or vegetation
        - did not want to work – horrified at what she had seen
        - Shauzia secret – saving money to get away (leaving her family) to France
            because “the sun is shining, people are smiling and flowers are blooming”
        - Willing to leave family for a “normal, boring life”; gets Parvana to think about
            the same, but could not leave family
        - Plan is from Afghan to Pakistan (led by shepherds), down to Arabian Sea, get
            on a boat to France – wants Parvana to go too
        - Parvana’s secret – gifts from Window woman - single red bead
        - Tourists come to the city (summer) – from Bamiyn (Registan Desert region)
            and Wakhan Corridor
        - School began – 5 girls around Maryam’s age - going ok (no books or
            supplies), sometimes in their place, sometimes home schooled
        - Gifts from the Window Woman keep coming – embroidered piece of cloth,
            handkerchief, beaded bracelet, single red bead, candy; “I’m still here” – pg133
        - Heard commotion in Window Woman’s apartment – angry man’s voice, thud,
            screams – “What goes on in a man’s house is his own business.” Pg134
        - Nooria’s getting married
Chapter 13
Glowered (pg. 137) - to stare angrily or scowl
- Nooria will live in Mazar-e-Sharif and go to school – maybe university
- does not need to wear a burqua there since Taliban doesn’t rule
- Nooria happy to go – change in current life is worth no-love marriage
- Pavana doesn’t want to go to the wedding – Father may get out of prison; “boy”
disguise secret may get back to Kabul
- bought Nooria a wedding present – beaded pen to use at school
- left in mid-July to be back in mid-Sept
- Parvana missing family, but began reading Father’s books
- hid in a building because of rainstorm, fell asleep
- woke up to hear a woman crying

Chapter 14
Heroine (pg. 148) - A brave, daring woman of courage
       - introduced herself and explained “boy” disguise
       - wants woman to go home with her, but does not have a burqua
       - tries to leave, but woman grabs her arm
       - agreed to wait until “very, very dark”
       - pg 147 “Kabul was the hot spot of Central Asia”
       - 2 crept through town – ran when they got closer
       - woman’s name is Hama – escaped when Taliban came to Mazar-e-Sharif –
          shot father, mother, brother in front of her and hid in truck to escape
       - Parvana going into a depression; Shauzia came by to help
       - Went back to work in market

Chapter 15
       -   father was found outside prison after being released but too exhausted to get
       -   earned money for Father’s medicine
       -   Shauzia to be married (arranged) – wants to run away
       -   visitor said Mother may be in refugee camp; Dad wants to go
       -   Mrs. Weera going to Pakistan with Hama
       -   Parvana wants her to take Shauzia too to escape marriage
       -   Final gift from Window Woman – tiny beaded camel
       -   Wanted to show the woman she cared so dug up wildflowers to put in place of
           her blanket in the marketplace and know she was gone; something pretty to
           look at
       -   Old man helped as others scoffed
       -   Mother’s magazine came – going all over the world to let people know about
           happenings in Afghanistan
       -   Shauzia and Parvana promised to meet again the 1st day of Spring 20 years
           from now on top of the Eiffel Tower (like O’henry’s story “After 20 years”)

Author’s Notes
Refugee (pg. 167) - a person who flees their home for safety, usually go to a foreign
Restrictive (pg. 168) – severely limiting
Literate- to be able to read and write
        - central Asia
        - Hindu Kush mountain range
        - Fruit, wheat, vegetables
        - “gateway to the Far East”
        - been at war throughout centuries, recently since 1978 when American helped
            defeat Soviet government
        - 1980 Soviet Union invaded
        - 1989 – civil war erupted; various groups wanted control
        - refugees fled to Pakistan and Iran; millions killed, maimed, blinded, hunger,
            disease from malnutrition
        - destroyed roads, bridges, waterways – clean water rare
        - land mines placed – too dangerous to use fields to grow crops
        - 1996 – Taliban took control of Kabul – began rules
        - 2001 – Taliban driven from Kabul – supporters remain a threat