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Humorous birthday messages messages against candles make a wish candles

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					Humorous birthday messages - messages against candles make a wish candles

 birthday message candlelight

, Facing the candle, make a wish, a promise: never like at the moment, the young and beautiful; a
happy birthday, get a harvest: always like at the moment, happy and happy!

, In this graceful silent the Page point, only two people we love, when the world belongs to us,
divergent testimony to our love of snow tonight to give you my deepest love, Jiao Yang bless our
love of laughter, the Ming sent to all my blessings. To my friends a happy birthday.

, Sing the birthday song softly, gently send birthday gift, faint smile on his face, lingering blessing
in mind, here and now this situation is the only happy birthday! Wish you a happy birthday!

, You know what I would like to you? Today is your birthday, I sing in my heart for you, send the
first message we wish you: Happy birthday to temper to be easy-going, physical health, everything
is all wishful ah!

, A pound of peanut pounds of dates with you good luck always runs, four kilograms of apples
pears catties luck and you are not isolated, jin jin banana financial resources 6 oranges roll into
your pockets, 7 pounds 8 pounds grapes Orange would like you thought that things would become,
nine pounds ten pounds of melon mango flowering wish you happy birthday!

, 【Health】 Japanese cake really sweet, 【Japan】 sub-US feeling intoxicated. Fast】 【grown
doubled at this time to keep, enjoy life】 【Good Love music. I wish all the best!

, Fulin the house down with hi, such as crying fairy extraordinary light. Dongsheng s un shines in
the Sea Cheung step. Birthday I went to drink, than the silver than gold are rare. Northern and
southern Qi blessing the mountain year after year than the courage!

, Quiet night, candlelight shining; joyful scene, sweet cake; the same thoughts, the eternal wish,
wish you happy forever; Happy birthday to you!
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