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  resume is the gateway to the workplace must file. Resume how to write it? In fact, writing a
resume may seem difficult, in fact quite simple, so long as you resume the main points, you can
write a good resume and a. Below specialize in teaching how to create your personal resume.
  1. Basic personal information: a brief but complete
  Name: You can use a larger number text (hard to read the words on the best note Hanyu Pinyin).
  Gender: necessary.
  photo: Standard ID photos (unless relevant to the post with a job, try not to paste photos artistic
photos or life).
  Age: specify date of birth (day), and parentheses indicate "xx years old." Do not just write "xx
years old" and not written date of birth.
  Account and origin: The best write provincial (city) County.
  degree and professional: professional, listing the name of the specialty.
  Contact: Telephone landline to indicate the area code, such as Beijing (010). If mobile phones,
it's best to write the phone number, and indicate whether the city numbers. Email address is best to
use a larger text label. Current address and Zip code: if write mailing address, Zip code must be
  2. Abroad: the core resumes
  job candidate resume must indicate the intention. Writing job should be as clear and focused
intent, and with their expertise, interests, etc. consistent. Such as: computer software engineer,
network systems engineer; sales engineer or marketing researcher; administrative or office clerk
and so on.
  complete Abroad avoid vague (eg: I want to engage in challenging and give play to their
potential and expertise to work to realize their values) and too many and too complex.
  goal of their intentions in the job should be to advance a few more people with work experience
(preferably an expert, employment supervisor or HR manager) consult and reflect on how to make
job search intentions and the combined expertise of school up.
  focus of the entire contents of your resume through material choice, the center should be the
intention to start writing job. Job has nothing to do with the intention of the material (knowledge,
skills, hobbies, training, etc.) as much as possible omitted.
  3. Through narrative: in order to achieve reasonable convergence rigorous, if necessary, increase
the appropriate notes
  to maintain consistency and coherence time is filled through the basic essentials. Date should
generally be filled to the month.
  internship and work experience should be distinguished.
  if possible, to the practice unit to make a brief introduction of background information. Such as:
"The office for the Group's subordinate units xx, xxx million investment, staff xx people, mainly
dealing with mobile communication terminal products," and so on.

 4. Skills, practical experience and social representation: to be recognized or accepted standards to
measure the definition of skills; with concrete actions and results indicate that the process of
experience; to harvest and the significance of introducing social activities% D % A for skills, not
just "very good", "General," "proficient," "proficient" statements, preferably in the back of
explanation or definition of these terms what they mean. Of course, the best use of recognized
certificates, qualification level representation.
  certificate and accepted without qualification, it is best to have done the results, the facts
described. Such as: proficiency in Korean, in the XX session of the World University Games
tennis team as the travel with the team for the Korean translation; in XX years, our school hosted
the Asia-Pacific University Presidents Forum, as the Korean translation of such and such a
university president's speech. Such as: good computer ability: 200X Summer, who has XX
designed and installed the company's internal network (the company has 60 employees, 40
computers); arrogant two years, has served as school campus technical support and maintenance
work. Another example: "Japanese General, technical data can be read with dictionaries."
Qualification certificates are recognized when the level of expression obtained directly. Another
example: "Japanese: The ability of a qualification certificate"; "computer ability: through the
National Computer Rank Examination 1 and 2."
  positioning statement should not have allowed internship or exaggerated. Such as: "at the XX
Forum" - those who read your resume difficult to obtain accurate information from is not clear
candidate as a general audience, staff or the Forum Forum, attended by speakers. Again; "involved
in the XX cell in the design of water treatment system", what is the overall design or partial design?
Is calculated, the drawing or the organization and coordination? The outcome of the design, the
user is how to assess it? This gives the left a lot of questions.
  description of a better expression internship example: "Participation of atomic force and
scanning tunneling microscope developed (National Natural Science Foundation), has passed the
appraisal. Some of which I am responsible for system design and test components and the
development of a system of imaging analysis for this process, and has published papers related to
three. "
  description of social activities, many people in the resume, only that "as the Student Union
Vice-Chairman", and other content are not. He did not know what good student organization
activities, what results achieved. No wonder there are reports that once a university out of nearly a
hundred, "Student Union Vice-Chairman." Therefore, the important thing is not whether you as a
student cadre, but you have done what useful for the student organization activities, and what role
you take and from what has been harvested, learn what skills, and understand what reason.
  5. Introduction interests, hobbies, expertise, avoid "more", "Miscellaneous", "false"
  description interests or hobbies you can just list the major interests. Hobbies, it means nothing
special, not fine. From hobbies can also be found candidates in the values, aspirations, and
personality characteristics of a lot of information, sometimes from the office found that the
adaptability of the candidate. Such as: good movement, and character and simple; those who love
playing chess, thinking well and good strong; regular tourists, witnessed open and forthright; like
to read those, focused and ambitious aspirations.
  lot of general interests to list, as the 12 best, hobbies or interests may be more precise
, such as: "Go, amateur 2"; "like reading Economics and Management Books ";" love basketball,
is the main guard one of the school basketball team ";" I have no particular hobbies, in addition to
playing once a week, football, basically the rest of the time chatting, playing computer games or
watching a computer class books ", etc..
  6. Self-evaluation is a general resume content summary
  generally speaking, if the other elements of the resume, write a more substantial,
"self-evaluation" can be omitted, to those who can read evaluation.
  if it must write, write on your resume are recommended to the rest of the facts stated in the
abstract to make a generalization. And closely Abroad (candidate positions), do a final match and
echo. Note that here each summary (conclusions), the best basis can be found in your resume (CV
if necessary, increase the content of projects), rather than dry use general words, adjectives, it will
make people feel a little boast .
  parrot is not necessary to say "Give me a chance, I will give you a surprise; give me a ray of
sunshine, but also you a brilliant", it is important that you have created a "surprise &
rdquo ; and "brilliant"; there is no need to say, "Maybe some people will care about the schools I
have read, but ... ...", because if you self-confidence, afraid people do not believe you? In addition,
graduates do not always stressed that he did not experience. To know that as long as employers
recruit fresh students, already considered this. In fact, the recruitment of units needed is to test
your ability to solve basic problems, potential and experience. Therefore, no work experience does
not mean that experience does not solve the problem.
  7. On the job of written submissions
  cover letter is best specialized units for specific candidates, candidates write posts. Generic cover
letter is sometimes better not to write.
  serious way of writing a cover letter by hand, often give people a deep impression. Before
writing a cover letter, response units and the applicants have some knowledge about job
candidates. To understand the candidates the basic information unit, such as: the registered capital,
business areas and direction of the main products, corporate culture, recent events took place, etc.;
on the candidates positions, it is best to read job advertisements carefully, if possible, to the
experts (you can also candidate units to the personnel manager) advice about the position of the
specific work content, working conditions.
  usually college students in basic knowledge and working capacity will not be much difference. In
this way, a good job motivation and the applicant with the integration of unit values of corporate
culture, it is very important to be concern. Therefore, the cover letter may wish to talk about their
views in these areas.

 cover letter with it is long, no words are short, but there is no need to repeat the content of your
 8. CV of length, font and font size, and resume the "packaging" and
 resume control of the body length as far as possible within 2 ~ 3. Necessary to attach copies of
certificates, etc., can also be indicated in the resume or interview when required to provide. In
addition, to reduce the length of your resume is no need to cover a single production.
 resume should not over-used font, font and more, the clutter; font size should not be too small,
size small is more than four-year-old who does not wear the eye is more difficult to read.
 Personal resume of "packaging": CV is the CV is important that the specific content efforts. In
addition to any excessive packaging and modified in the eyes of hiring managers are worthless.
 small suggestions: bright color with a small card - such as commodity shops for sale color of
reported incidents post or message card - make a return to live off the cage resume, stapled with
staples, write their names and contact information. So doing, the finishing touch to make your
resume quite different from other, but also future candidates for the unit to facilitate contact with
  Binding: The binding stapler what is necessary. Resume after the delivery because, once regarded
as important and will go through a lot of manpower and passed around very easily scattered, lost.
  9. E-mail resumes Precautions
  message straight to the point locations specified the name of the theme: "XXX XXXX job
  message capacity should be controlled within the 1.5G. Message is too large may cause trouble
for candidate units.
  Try not to send an attachment in the form of resumes. Add accessories such as insist, they should
be in the message body briefly describe your situation - write a letter of recommendation. Avoid
text no greeting, forcing the reader directly at Annex. It is just like "without knocking into
someone else home," is very rude.

  Foreign mail sent candidates, pay attention also to themselves, "Bcc" a, to confirm that the
message is not garbled.
  precaution, sending mail, to the recruitment of competent candidates units a phone call to
confirm receipt. Of course, you can also send pre-set messages, "Request a read receipt."
  10. Other
  salary request: write a range of the best, not a number. Best to investigate in advance the position
of the market price, not to mention too far off the mark. Can also write "interview" or not to write.
  Professional and training courses: Only candidates listed the major job-related subjects, and the
remaining can be omitted. General requirements for recruiting companies to provide learning
  Start Time: best time to indicate the work of the official attendance. The students can work part
of, the work might also be the time to write clearly. Because some units may wish to
pre-determined final year students working at the time may be familiar with the work
  driver's license and other qualifications: If the driver is not a candidate or job recruiters special
requirements, does not matter whether the driver's license.
  parents, relatives and other information: usually (foreign) are not required to fill out.
  final check: read a few times, you can let other people help to check. CV must avoid typos, do
not words. Common problem is when the words transform the computer typing error. Do not
checking on their own negligence, to the applicant unit left a sloppy, hasty impression.
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from the production point [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the
original author. / Center>