Grid Corporation of China to 2 × 300MW unit first phase of chimney fires in the report of the construction site power unit

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					Grid Corporation of China to 2 × 300MW unit first phase of chimney fires in the report of the
construction site power unit

  power company in Unit 期
  1, Project Overview
  This project is located * * Tuoketuo County, the construction unit is able to power the country **
limited liability company, design and supervision units were Beijing North China Power
Engineering Co., Ltd. and Hebei Electric Power Supervision limited liability company. Tianjin
Electric Power Construction Company constructed a # unit, chimney, 1 # towers and underground
pipe network and other projects, including construction of chimney work by the Jiangdu limited
liability company (hereinafter referred to Jiangdu Construction Company) sub-, sub-contract in
October 2006 10 signed. Chimney project was October 10, 2006 start to construction time of the
accident to 25.7 meters.
  of the accident through the
  1 月 7 at noon, Jiangdu chimney construction companies a total of 23 construction workers, of
which 18 officers 25.7 m level in the chimney construction, 4 fire at the 24.2 m level care, 1 at
zero meters. 13:20 Xu, head of Jiangdu Construction Construction Company discovered high × ×
southwest Department chimney construction insulation curtain caught fire, evacuate immediately
call the chimney and the organization of fire 3 to zero meters. Tuoketuo Power Squadron also
arrived to the fire, due to wind, the fire spread quickly, about 13:40, insulation curtain has been
burned. Construction workers were evacuated in the course of four trails through the safe
evacuation; nine people evacuated from the scaffold, in which a man jumped from the scaffolding
falls to death two people burned to death; five people trapped in the chimney at the top, where
three people were rescued, 2 people burn to death. 14:30, the fire brigade will all fight over, **
253 injured taken to hospital.
  3, emergency response (slightly)
  4, follow-up treatment (abbreviated)
  5, Accident in
  after the accident, ** Municipal Government set up a leading group dealing with accident
investigation , ** Fire Brigade fire investigation team was set up, on Feb. 1 announced the
decision of the investigation and handling.
  recognized chimney fire is due to poor management of construction of heating stoves, fire fall to
the southwest side of the chimney ignite cotton curtain, causing a fire.
  recognized Jiangdu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is directly responsible to the fire accident;
** States Power Co., the company can fire bear indirect responsibility; Tianjin Electric Power
Construction Company bear indirect responsibility on the fire accident; Hebei Power Management
Co. Indirect fire company held responsible. The above units and related personnel for fine
processing. Relevant staff not to pursue the criminal.
  6, accident lesson
  sub-units: one chimney in winter construction site, using fire for heating insulation measures
inherent fire hazards; 2 is due to the fire insulation measures for heating in winter construction
methods commonly used in insulation First, the development of Emergency Plan is also a routine,
not comprehensive or targeted; Third, security checks in place, chimney safety construction
management and inspection personnel did not use fire for heating insulation fire hazards existing
high degree of attention; Fourth The lack of fire protection construction site security self
awareness and ability, thinking paralysis of luck.
  contracting unit: one to strengthen the sub-unit of the qualification review, improve and
standardize the management system; second is to strengthen the sub-project contract management,
contracting parties shall be clearly defined responsibility for security; third is to strengthen the
sub-projects the safety of the oversight and management to ensure safety regulations and measures
are in place; fourth is to strengthen the emergency management organizations to develop a
comprehensive, targeted, operational contingency plans, and make contingency plans for the
  7, preventive measures
  after the accident, North China Power Grid Infrastructure Security thematic analysis now will be
held on the infrastructure of the problems and hidden dangers were combing the diagnosis, puts
forward the countermeasures.
  (a) conscientiously implement the "State Grid Corporation of security advice in 2007", combined
with the actual development of the company issued the "North China Power Grid Co., Ltd. in
2007 safety advice," do the work safety in production in 2007.
  (b) comprehensive rectification sub-project contract management, contracting parties shall be
clearly defined responsibility for security; strengthening qualification review, contract
management and performance assessment, implementation of safety performance and project
bidding linkage mechanism; strengthen the sub-and Association for the safety of the foreign
management and strict supervision and guidance to fulfill duties; strengthen the ranks of foreign
co-supervision and inspection of safety education and training; to eliminate the "escrow package"
  (c) strengthening the infrastructure construction site fire management, and levels of responsibility.
To carry out the fire, transportation, machinery, safety, measures the preparation and
implementation of inspection, in-depth look there's construction site hazards and develop
preventive measures, and standardize inspection priorities and standards, so check the real role to
play against.
  (d) organize training for all staff fire safety, especially for fire safety knowledge and training in
fire cases, should the initial stages of fire prevention and fire fighting and escape as a priority,
improve all the staff through training fire safety awareness. - This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. / Center>