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 business administration graduate CV Pham Van

 basic personal CV
 Name: Miss Zeng
 Nationality: China
 current location: Guangzhou,
 Nationality: Chinese
 Exit: Zhuhai
 tall: 158cm    45kg
 Marital Status: Single
 Age: 26 years old% D % A

 Job intention Talent Type: General Job
 Position: Administrative / Personnel Category: Performance HR, Business / Management, ERP
Application Implementation Engineer:
 Work Experience: 3 Title: Title
 Job Type: Full-time available date:
 two-week salary requirement :3500 - 5000, hope that the working area: Guangzhou,
 Personal experience
 Name : Aviva International Trade Company beginning and ending years :2007-05 ~ 2009-06
 Nature: Foreign-owned Industry: Business Services
 positions: part-design and network management and shipping and electronics with a single Trade
Commissioner and Purchasing Manager
 Job Description:
, Website Design
, network management work
, shipping work
, with a single
, received the Middle East customer
, online Booking air ticket
, motorcycles and spare parts procurement
, domestic and international advertising work
, general assistant work
 0, management motorcycle purchase the entire team (men 2)% D ? 1, looking outside the single-
 2, apply for business license examined
 3, special products and talent search, etc.

 Company Name: Guangzhou Jin Xin Hardware Company beginning and ending years: 2004 - 08
~ 2005-01
 company's property: Private Industry: metals and minerals, metal products
 positions: business clerks
 job description:
, to help handle hardware store, general manager of routine administrative Office Services
, on the internet to find customers, the possibility of customer data sorting
, send our products to potential customers information
, e-mail communication with customers

 Name : CCTV CSM Research, beginning and ending years :2002-05 ~ 2003-05
 Nature: joint ventures Industry: Business Services
 positions: Assistant to the interviewer and the work of the Steering
, every Saturday was to visit the family to a designated collection of TV ratings, visit the table
, verification of the respondents fill home visits table, and to ensure that the forms meet the
standards, if the form fail, then being visit family training
, when some of the families interviewed near the end of the duration of the visit, the search for
new families interviewed, and were filling their training
, not conducted investigations on the designated areas specified number of families one-time
access to television ratings
, training interviewers short-term projects, distribution of tasks assigned to them, check their
access form, pick out valid data, statistical access data, upload to the headquarters of statistical

 background of education School: South China University
 Degree: Master's Degree received: BA Graduation date :2009-07-01
 is a specialty : Business management Professional 2: E
 by the education and training experience: the school years starting end years (instit utional)
professional to obtain the certificate certificate number
 001-092004-07 Zhuhai Institute of Computer Education and college 137131200406000069
 005-022007-01 South China University of Electronic Commerce degree 1056142006005091
 007-092009-07 South China University of Management-the-job postgraduate
 009-032009-03 Peking aspect of management consulting firms in the Guangdong Office of
Internal Audit auditor certificate CCC-IA-09007

 language foreign language: English Mandarin well
 level: good Cantonese: master

 working capacity and other
 expertise in personnel matters:
 1, to make the recruitment and training of preparatory work (to inform the recruitment site layout,
interviews and training notice, training, conduct of business arrangements and the related form of
the transceiver, etc.) ;
 2, to help pay performance-related charge of the completion of performance management,
including "performance planning and appraisal forms," "satisfaction survey" and the design, send
and receive and statistical work;
 3, for new employees go through the entry procedures;
 4, handle employee social insurance declarations, change, check and other related work;
 5, responsible for the maintenance of human resources management system;
 6, salary;
 7, handle a variety of industrial and commercial affairs;
 8, complete the superiors of other work;
 9, combined with a measure of class in the graduate data measurement tools.
 in the network:
 1, computer maintenance and management;
 2, site design and management;
 3, the network extension (at home and abroad);
 4 , file conversion;
 5, Document Management;
 6, network layout installation;
 7, graphic design.
 in the foreign language:
 1, reception of foreign clients;
 2, a simple English translation;
 in marketing:
 customer-centric will analyze the product or the pros and cons of things, to the marketing theory
of product experience, etc., create stories, build brands,
 marketing study and other similar products, the advantages far from homogeneous, according to
the actual situation, creation of self-style, use of the terminal block, small culture methods, so that
customers become more loyal customers.
 company in the process of ISO certification:
 business license in case your company has to find the lowest prices in four months under the
company to help handle a good range of procedures.
 detailed autobiographical
 on July 4, 2009 to complete two years of postgraduate courses. In these two years inside.
Conscientiously study, combined with practical matters dealing with corporate and individual
career planning. Maybe my years of working experience for many people it is negligible. But I
hope in a good company.
 1) products with high added value, business is good, and its line of business perspective,
sustainable development with the ability and background;
 2) have a professional, smart, talented, experienced, and the man realized management, in the
control of the company, and has strong control of the company;
 3) have a strict financial system, budget, cost and profit is equal to the input-output-related
elements, sensitive and has to control company;
 4) rigorous and comprehensive process of professional and systems, and its implementation will
help promote the sound development of the business, with both controlled and practical operation
of the characteristics of
 - sum up is the one with the capacity for sustained profitable growth are cattle company
 hope with a good boss,
 Thank you.
 personal contact
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